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41 Gupta Empire (320 to 550 CE)
42 Sumer Civilization (5th m. BC - 3rd m. BC)
43 Gojoseon Dynasty (2333 BC - 238 BC)
44 Dutch Empire (1581 AD-1950s AD)

A great colonial Empire with colonies all over the world. The Dutch Empire is also known for having the first modern stock exchange.

One of the greatest navy's of all time

Heuj we bestaan nog steeds hoor

45 Hunnic Empire (420 AD-469 AD)

Scourge of Rome, anyone? - HanWasDumb

46 South Sudan (2011 - Present)
47 Olmec Empire (1500 BC - 400 BC)

The first civilization in Mesoamerica

48 Frankish Empire (3rd century-843 AD)

The franks took down the roman empire and killed many

49 Moravia (833 AD - 1949 AD)
50 People's Republic of China (1949 AD - Present)

Since the Chinese government killed 65 MILLION civilians during the Cultural Revolution 1966-1976, presumably they left only the ones they liked best.

Soon to surpass the US and become a superpower!

You are incorrect. The United States will always prevail no matter the odds.

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51 Cherokee Indians (present) ** inconsistent formatting

They were very powerful and they could defeat any other Indians in the Countries in the US.

Not now and never were an empire.

52 Mewar Dynasty (600 AD - 1947 AD)

Mewar dynasty is one of the oldest dynasties in the world starting from around 600 AD until year 1947 it had produced 75 rulers.

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