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1 Chuck Norris Jokes

"Chuck Norris shouldn't be a player in Smash Ultimate... HE SHOULD BE THE FINAL BOSS."
"Thanos disappeared when he snapped his fingers to get rid of Chuck Norris."
"Corona Virus doesn't have the courage to infect Chuck Norris."
"Bumble bees only die after they sting something when it's Chuck Norris. Good thing that the bees are too scared to sting him."
"Minced meat was created when Chuck Norris round housed-kicked a cow."

The most important meme to the internet since anything. This defines the internet as something that can turn an unknown actor into a giant.

Chuck Norris is a legendary meme god. He is nearly omnipotent. He was mentored by Jesus, thus he is holy. If he is lower, than he will unleash his wrath by fusing all memes together, creating a meme monster which obliterates the universe. - SoongeBill

. . If Chuck Norris finds out he has only #2 instead of #1 on a meme list, then the world will END. For real, guys. I mean, if Chuck Norris finds out, he'll combine all the memes together, and defuse the Earth's core.

2 We are Number One

This is actually the greatest meme because it's providing/provided someone with funds for his cancer treatment. If that's not a great meme, I don't know what is.

It's not the music that still makes me enjoy this meme, it's the fact it got Robbie Rotten's actor more funding for his cancer treatment.

This meme helped Robbie's actor get funding for his cancer treatment. That alone gives this my vote.

He may be dead but we'll all remember him as no1. He truly did go down in history.

3 Rick Roll

Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" is the rare meme that has not only transcended being a niche internet joke, but being recognized the English-speaking world over. It is the single most seminal video ever uploaded to Youtube, and one of the most viewed masterpieces on the platform. Never Gonna Give You Up is no longer just a song; it's a symbol.

Never gonna give you up is my theme song
Every time I play this when my friend comes over to my house, she curls into a ball on the carpet

It's just hilarious when it comes on and I know it can get annoying but it makes me laugh every time.

Even though it's 2018 I still get a kick out of Rick-Rolling people and watching them freak out

4 It's Over 9,000!

It's the answer to ANY question requiring a numerical answer. "How many times will Vegeta shout this phrase? " "OVER 9000! "

Please everyone vote for this over 9000 times. Yea yea I know bad joke, but serisly make this number one.

Did I reach the homeland of all the kids on TheTopTens?

How many kids I see with paw patrol on they're shirt or shoes.

5 Doge

This spawned an entire world (r/dogelore on reddit). Tell me ONE other meme that started a whole world. Because of doge, we have characters such as puffy kid doge, Jim, Karen, and many others. Don't forget CHEEMS and walter

I like this meme because it's just a photo of a Shiba Inu, one of my most favorite dog breeds, giving the person taking the photo the "whale eye", which is a look dogs give when they're irritated or angry. Such a fluffy, angry dog.

But I hate this meme because it's possibly the one who gave rise to the "doggo speek", aka modern "Lolcat" dialogue...I detest such a thing.

Does anyone actually know how this is pronounced because everyone I know has a different way of saying it.

Look at that adorable confoozled face and tell me that doge should not be number 1 if you can do that you don't have a soul and you are just like flowey.

6 Troll Face

The troll face is the classic, and has seemed to have lasted the longest without losing popularity. I have just recently discovered memes (because I am a teenager) but the troll face really stuck out.

Troll face may not be life, but it is worth using it, because I love T.F.

Where ever you go you really hate this face

This isn't #1?! This has got to be a troll...

7 Pepe the Frog

Pepe's longevity as a meme is greater than that of any other, by far. The moments of controversy surrounding it stand as a testament to its staying power. No other meme has been quite as influential in internet culture thus far, I think.

This meme left an impact never before seen in history. It became an honorary hate symbol. While Pepe was killed off in his original comic, he'll live on forever.

Chuck Norris will roundhouse kick this monkey fighting frog out of our Monday to Friday universe.

Pop your eyes and boogie down with the greatest frog ever, PEPE.
Alex Jones insulted him though

8 Mama Luigi

That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario.

Both Luigi and Yoshi agree this.

Has to be one of my fave memes

I love this guy.

9 Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

Jimmy Neutron > Shrek

Shrek may have been born with 20" but Jimmy fed 5 horses steroids for 3 weeks before surgically removing them and adding them to his own, giving him a grand total of 55". 'This is my swamp now,' Jimmy said as he gave Shrek 55" of pure impalement.

I will demand Shrek daddy to fly through the windows of everyone who says he's the worst meme, so haters, spread those cheeks tonight, or he will for you. This meme is never ogre. Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life, Shrek is Light, Shrek is Luxurious, Shrek is Luck.

This meme is about Shrek having anal sex with a boy. It's so bad its good. Well it was from 4chan.

10 Do a barrell roll!

Damn, now I know. I was playing a game, and then this kid kept making a guy barrel roll, and said this every time.

Barrel roll! 10/10
Underwater barrel roll! 139128173975819378358/10

Wasn't this from star fox 64

Techinally, it's called an aileron roll.

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? I Smell Pennies

oh I used to say this meme aaaaaaallllll the time!

? You’re Winner!

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I'm only voting for this so Chuck Norris doesn't get 1st place. Seriously guys, he's not a god.

You're absolutely right! God doesn't deserve to be compared to Chuck Norris

One of the most classic internet memes, and it's still funny after 10 years!

Describes my attempts at talking to people quite well.

I can never look at one without laughing!

12 As Portrayed by SpongeBob

Websites Portrayed by Spongebob:


*Spongebob stares intensely into the T.V.*

*Gary comes in*

Spongebob: GARY!

*Spongebob changes the channel to the Football channel*

Spongebob: I-I was just watching some football, Gary!

SpongeBob can portray anything, given the right clips.

One of the few memes I actually like


13 This is Spartaaa!

It got ruined by "This is Patrick" - Unnamed Google User Remade

This will always be in my heart

This one is a classic.

This shaped the meme culture.

14 Yee

It's actually tempting to watch this on loop.

Yee is a classic: Simple and funny

How bad can I possibly Yee?

Come on, its yee.

15 Dat Boi

Don't fall don't fall please don't fall if I fall I wont say don't fall just don't fall


And speaking of that Boi, I nearly laughed when the discipline master in my school was like,"That boy, stand! ”

When I heard this for the first time it was so funny

At least it's relevant other than the cringy memes on this list. Except YTP. The only timeless one.

16 Arrow to the Knee

I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow to the knee.
Don't lie, you read that in the guard's voice

I used to be alive like you, until I took a corona to the chest.

I wanted to make a top 10 list... then I took an arrow in the knee...

This is best just cause its from skyrim
besides its funny when you first hear it

17 YouTube Poop

From the classic Toys Gone Wild to the modern UNcredibles. YouTube Poop is one of the few online trends that doesn't die, but rather evolves and adapts.

Well, they basically are the YouTube version of memes so...

At first you may think it's cringy but the more you watch the funnier it gets.

Peppa Pig ones are the best in my opinion.

18 Ain't Nobody Got Time for That

Somebody forgot to turn off the damn BBQ

Listen to the remix and you'll see

Because Dem Dem says it a lot!

Oh lord Jesus it's a far!

19 Numa Numa


20 Pedobear

I love little girls they make me feel good
I love little girls they make me feel bad
Make up your mind bear!

Whoever said this should be number one should go to hell. Someone better remove this from the list

My white van brings all the girl to the yard and I'm like just get in the car.

Pedobear is creepy he tried to chase The Power Puff Girls!

21 All Star

I know all the lyrics to this song by smash mouth...

This should be in the top 10. It never gets old.

What? #61? Shrek digs this

What is this so low

22 Downfall/Hitler subtitle parodies

Unfortunately this meme doesn't work for german people. Not because we can't find Hitler parodies funny but because we understand what he says and the subtitles don't work for us

One of the few memes which is witty, funny and hard to kill off

The best one is when he realizes Green Day isn't considered punk

A meme about someone as evil and controversial as Hitler, and even my Jewish friends laugh at this meme

23 Why You Always Lying

Preston Garvey :
I got something different for you
Me: Why the f you lyin? Why you always lyin? Hmm oh my god stop f ing lying!

Remember when they said bears were easy in skyrim?

Your father gave me a small loan of a million dollars it hasent been easy for me. why you lyin?

24 Thomas the Tank Engine

I love this show and I still watch it and the memes are great too!

I have a friend named Thomas, and me and my friends call him "Thomas the Dank Engine".
10/10 IGN

Oh BOI dis meme is good stuff

this is such a big meme I like to play it over and over again and like to play around with it in photoshop

25 Cory In the House Is the Best Anime

As a avid anime watcher, I am very picky when it comes to picking the "best anime". I can confidently say the Cory in the house is the best, for many reasons. There are no boring fillers! Every episode has a deep and important point to the main idea of the story, and it leaves you hooked and wanting more! The characters all have great development, and you feel connected to them on an emotional level. These are just a few reasons why Cory in the house is the best anime.

I'm a fairly new anime fan. I only really got into anime when my friend Mayo recommended this beautiful masterpiece to me. I was captivated by the moving storyline, beautiful animation, and brilliant theme. Every episode is a work of art and leaves you wanting more. There are no boring fillers or unlikeable characters. Instead, every episode is packed with relevant content and the characters are deep and relatable. Cory in the House is the greatest anime of all time. 11/10 would recommend.

I am very picky when it comes to watching anime... I didn't have the biggest interest in this anime at first, but after I watched the first episode, BOY was I wrong! The art style made me poop my pants! It's drop dead gorgeous! I would be lost without this anime...Cory in the house is a MUST watch. ((the fandom is amazing as well... I cosplayed as cory at a convention and got so many compliments ^^))

Cory in the House is a brilliant look into the human psyche that shows how power can corrupt an individual. It has a beautiful art style, and no boring filler. Truly a modern classic. 11/10 would Cory again.

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