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41 How Could This Happen to Me!!
42 Gaben

run - PeeledBanana

43 Scumbag Steve
44 Caramelldansen

Was this ever that big of a deal though?

Cameramen is catchy but annoying

Yep, definitely.

Carmell dancing I mean

45 The Almighty Loaf
46 pauljac3
47 Bed Intruder
48 Freddie Mercury Meme

Almost there... So close

Greatest meme ever

Freddie does deserve this, and the correct name, my friends, is rage pose.

49 Rage Meme
50 Numa Numa V 3 Comments
51 Sanic

A really bad drawing of Sonic The Hedgehog. - EastZombie

I really like it - sanichedgeho300

By far the fastest meme with the speed of 8.047399e10 times faster than the speed of light

Gotta go fast, b*t ches.

V 3 Comments
52 Trololo

Such a catchy and nonsensical song. Way better than the Rick Roll if you wanna annoy someone.

The national anthem offal trolls in existence. - ethanmeinster

So cringe it's good - Absol

53 Nostalgia Critic



54 LOL cats

I can haz Number One? Lolcats are the funniest (Including Grumpy Cat)

V 1 Comment
55 I Herd U Like Mudkips V 2 Comments
56 I Lied

Actually, it's: THE CAKE IS A LIE! By the way, if this is the case, are cookies the truth?

57 His Name is John Cena!!!

I hate this one but it somehow makes me laugh anyway - Enderninja327

This meme has gotten out of hand as of late and should definitely be higher on the list - TheYaoiTitanic

Is this Paul no and his name is JHON CENA!

I like this

V 3 Comments
58 Shoop Da Whoop

I voted for this one becuase this one is actually a meme. f*** tunak tunak tun is not a f**ing meme and its misspelt here even lol people nowadays

Imma Firin' Mah lazzor!

this is just epic meme I've ever heard.


I'm A FIND MY LAZA BLAA - Narutomaster5000

59 Weegee

If you don't vote for this than weegee will stare into your soul.

I voted because if I didn't, Weegee would stare into my soul. - LordDovahkiin

The second best meme of all time - mrmariofan20

There was a Smash fan game that let's you play as Weegee

V 4 Comments
60 First Comment!


No, you're 27th

EDIT: I really am first. I commented before anyone else. - LordDovahkiin

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