Megadeth - Rust in Peace


Best album of the most creative metal band in history. Dave at his best. Starts with classic - Holy Wars... The Punishment Due. Great dynamics and riffs. After it comes Hangar 18. Solos are here countless. Then Take No Prisoners, I don't like it much, but also a good song. Five Magics with a fabulous bass line. One of my favourite Megadeth solos. Poison Was The Cure has great intro and then very nice song. Lucretia and Tornado of Souls also not bad. Dawn Patrol is original fine song. Only bass, drums and vocals. After that comes my favourite Rust in Peace... Polaris with great vocals and powerful riff. Best metal album for sure

This album Is INSANELY BEAUTIFUL. And the things I like the most about it are: the fact that each member is fantastic: Dave and Marty created insane riffs (Holy Wars, Take No Prisoners, Five Magics, Lucretia but also all the other ones), and solos (Holy Wars, which is insanely fast, Hangar 18, Tornado and many others), David Ellefson is a genius (Five Magics, Poison Was The Cure, Dawn Patrol etc...) and Nick's killer drumming is outstanding (Take No Prisoners, Rust In Peace Polaris). And finally, EVERY song is incredibly beautiful. There are no "weak tracks" throughout the whole album. MASTERPIECE. MASTERPIECE.

It makes me sad seeing Linkin Park on this list, never mind that people have voted it above Peace Sells... The Top 10's pretty good though.

For me, Rust in Peace just edges out the rest. Mustaine and Friedman were a match made in heaven, the songs are relentless throughout, with no gimmicks. Fantastic riffs and mind blowing solos, everything metal should be.

Not surprised to see Metallica as #1 they have the most popularity but that doesn't mean their the best. Rust in Peace is still sounds as good as it did the first time I listened to it, that was 100+ times before. I can't say that for Master of Puppets it got old sooner than RIP. I think that the guitar solos and overall guitar work is better on RIP than any other album I've listened to.

With a delay of more than 20 years (megadeth didn't seem kosher for a born again Christian then) I got addicted to it. I just can't stop listening to every single song at full volume in my car... No matter what my students may think. what a hilarious midlife crisis!

I've never found an album without a single song that wasn't that good. Until Rust in Peace. Amazing. Holy wars is easily the best metal song ever. Paranoid album and war pigs song come in as really close seconds, and it was really the origin of thrash metal, but Megadeth revolutionized speed metal and even metal as a whole.

This is most technically-and 100 percent instrument precision metal album that inspired and inspiring even this generation. RUST IN PEACE is so damn perfect and never Thrash Metal album has so much Tight Playing, mindblowing songwriting and this much Raw Production.

StandOut Tracks:
HolyWars, Tornado of souls, Hanger 18, Five Magics, Poison Was the Cure, Take No prisoners. Woot woot that covers almost all the songs, such a landmark thrash metal album.

this album takes st anger, and the rest of metallica down bellow it. this album is awesome having many great songs like hanger 18, rust in peace, tornado of souls and has had a guitar made about it... has master of puppets done that?! - lezakattack

Be realistic dude.. This album has everything it's great

Hard to choose, but Megadeth had a much better sologutarist with Marty Friedman and it is making this album so much Metal, as it could be. I just have choosen Rust in Peace above Master of Puppets, because it is intellectually superior. But if I should have to listen to an album on a long journey to whatever, I would choose Master of Puppets, it is complex, but not too much. And after saying this, I can understand that MOP is above RIP, because it is easier to handle.

Way better than Master of Puppets. Holy Wars, Hangar 18, Take no Prisoners, Lucretia, TORNADO OF SOULS. Best album EVER!

Why is Rust In Peace here? If you want to compete with Metallica, then at least bring their best album Peace the table. Talk about digging your own grave.

Tornado of souls, Hanger 18, poison was the cure, Holy wars.
Ring any bells?
Thrash metal at its best - bryney

This album is better than anything Metallica has ever made. The dual shredding of mustaine and friedman is the pinnacle of metal guitar.

Metallica is probably better in general than Megadeth. But this album is better than anything made by Metallica.

Beautiful masterpiece. I appreciate Megadeth's effort put into this album. But I'm stuck in between 'Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? ' and this wonderful album. - Zysoth

So extreme in technicality! Ridiculously progressive! Definitely deserves its position. Competition is to thank for this one.

Why is this masterpiece below Master Of Puppets? No. 1 is reserved for this gem.

Till this day there is no album that can match the technicality, creativity, intense work of Rust In Peace! But my favorite will always be Peace Sells

The most perfect metal album of all time. Each song is an absolute classic. The lineup for this album is amazing. Every musician brings their A game.

No. If Megadeth kept the stable line-up of Ellefson, Poland, and Mustaine, they would have been a band that rivalled Metallica. Unfortunately, that troubled line-up didn't work out. That's the only problem with Megadeth. Too many line-up changes and they Hall of Fame don't know what to do with them.

I think And Justice For All is the absolute best but since it's so low my vote will go to RIP. Every song, riff, solo, bass line, drum fill is awesome.

Best metal album of all time, without a doubt. I mean, look, Holy Wars... The Punishment Due is the definition of thrash metal.

It's the best metal album. It just slays all other albums. I bet no other band can create such an album ever again.

ANY of them, just one of them can't be better than Rust in Peace. This album is a masterwork, a legend. MegadetH