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41 George A. Romero's Trilogy of the Dead
42 Madagascar Trilogy
43 Apu Trilogy

Pather Panchali, Aparajito and Apu Sansar are 3 of the most humanistic movies ever made. The humanity of this trilogy touches everyone's heart.

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44 The Man With No Name

A Fistful of Dollars. A Few Dollars More. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. - corebare32

Also known as the 'Dollars trilogy'

Isn't this list already on

I grew up watching these spaghetti westerns w/my mom who loved Clint Eastwood! It was then I first became a huge fan of his. Wow! Nothing better than cuddling up on a lazy Sunday afternoon and watching/enjoying these again!
(mom Geraldine & daughter Rene)

45 Rugrats
46 Kung Fu Panda

Great animation,story telling, comedy, fighting sences and heart all for dr dreameorks animation

47 The Lion King
48 The Omen Trilogy

My favourite series..devil rules

49 Three Colors Trilogy

Masterworks of filmmaking.

47? what

50 Underworld

Can't believe its not in the top 20 at least

Agreed! One of my favorites!

51 The Human Condition
52 Ocean's Trilogy
53 The Chronicles of Narnia

Best books/ movies ever! I can't wait for the silver chair to come out next year!

54 Divergent Trilogy

You can't predict that a trilogy that hasn't even fully come out yet is going to be good

First two are awesome!

No divergent is completely crap like the rest of lionsgate - ikerevievs

55 Ingmar Bergman's Trilogy of Faith
56 High School Musical

Beautiful trilogy from start to finish.

57 Blade
58 Riddick
59 Friday Trilogy
60 Scary Movie

Not a trilogy

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