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21 Apostle Paul

Why is Paul here? I think he should be included in the list of apostates from the religion of Jesus (p.b.u.h)!

22 Salih

Great person in Islam

Saleh or Salih was a prophet of ancient Arabia mentioned in the Qur'an, who prophesied to the tribe of Thamud. Saleh is sometimes equated with Shelakh, a figure from the Hebrew Bible.

23 Ayyub (Job)

prophet ayub ahle salam is very very great prophet allah s. w. t. his sabr is amazing and greatest

Ya allah ya allah Prophet Job has the most beautiful story, I learned to value his patience

The great parson Islam

I had read the story of Prophet Ayyyub Allaihi Salam. And I adored Him so much after that. He is a man with a golden patience. He truly inspired me with His patience and how He never followed Shaytan so many times.
He was provoked but He refused to listen to him masha Allah. That even shaytan gave up on Him. Allah gave Him the strongest heart and deen. May Allah grant Him the Highest of paradise amen.

24 Harun (Aaron)

Great person in Islam

Great person in Islam

Harun is brother of musa

Harun is brother of musa a.s

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