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181 Cretin Hop - Ramones

Undeniably punk and a song for cretins everywhere. Slashing Johnny guitar, Joey's adamant vocals, and makes you feel like going bonkers! - shawnwalker

182 Down On the Street - The Stooges
183 Boredom - Buzzcocks

Classic Buzzcocks

184 You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory - Johnny Thunders

Saw Walter Lure live in Leeds last week and he did this song. Beautiful and very emotional. Great gig, anyway. Love Ronnie Spector's version too. "Don't try".

185 I Don't Wanna Know - New Found Glory
186 Here Comes the Summer - The Undertones

What a summer song indeed!
The band's lead singer - Feargal Sharkey - had a couple of UK Top Ten Hits later on, but performing a significantly different kind of music! - Gulf5

187 Death of Me - Red
188 Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll - Ian Dury & the Blockheads
189 Atomic Garden - Bad Religion
190 I Was Wrong - Social Distortion
191 Salvation - Rancid
192 Minimum Wage - Fenix TX
193 Peaches - The Stranglers

I cannot believe that the Stranglers first entry is number 153! There is no better band in the world, this track is one of their best.

Come on people... "Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches"

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194 Dumpweed - Blink 182

Awesome Guitar, Awesome Lyrics, fast rhythm, Purely genius

195 Banned in D.C. - Bad Brains

I can't believe that half of these are bands such as Paramore, they aren't even punk! Go back to the true punk attitude like Hardcore, Bad Brains are the kings of this and this song is my ultimate number 1 punk song!

196 Flavor of the Weak - American Hi-Fi
197 The Patient Ferris Wheel - The Gaslight Anthem

How is it possible to forget about the gaslight anthem? Great song, great band! Should be at least 9th or 10th! That's such an inspirational song, you can't help listening to it again and again. I've been a fan of Green Day, but now Gaslight is the best for me without any doubt!

198 Streets - Avenged Sevenfold
199 Helena - My Chemical Romance

This song is amazing and it actually has a true meaning. You can tell by the way Gerard gets emotional when he sings this song (which he wrote about his grandmother who passed away R.I.P. ). He loved her very much, and when his parents wouldn't support his music career and creativity when he was a child, she did.

200 The Crusher - The Ramones
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