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61 Resist the Temptation

His most underrated song; only heard it recently, probably his best in my opinion and I have been listening to pac for my 18 years.

Can't believe this song was not on the list. Probably one of his most meaningful songs. Should be at least in the top ten! - BB4

The song just got me especially with amel larrieux version its got my life. really unbelievble

62 Wonda Why They Call U Bitch

This song really got to me..
really made me think about my life choices..

63 Ballad of a Dead Soulja
64 Toss It Up


65 The Realest Killaz

Ohh can't believe?
It’s one of the best song

66 Thug Passion

He always knew what we were thinking.

Just listen to this: Pure ART

67 Holler If Ya Hear Me
68 Str8 Ballin
69 Breathin

Definitely one of his best songs!

70 Picture Me Rollin'

One of the most sick song of 2Pac!

Banging tune


Dope song

71 Thug Love

Best Tupac collaboration - you aren't a real Tupac fan if you don't know this song. Should be way higher than 68

72 Pac's Life
73 U Can Call
74 It Ain't Easy

It Ain't Easy Being Me,
Will I See The Penitentiary,
Or Will I Stay Free

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75 Holla at Me

Best gangsta rap ever, great beat and lyrics. Kind a modern
Rap. "ya better holla at this music".

76 Only Fear of Death
77 Pour Out A Little Liquor
78 Last Mother****** Breathin'

Definitely one of his best songs!

95th! Are you kidding me?! Jeez this is Top 40 material!

79 Teardrops and Closed Caskets

Such a good song - BranDoss

80 Gotta Get Mine
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