Top 10 Most Discriminated Groups

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1 Blacks

The most discrimated group. There were discriminated due to their color. They believe black symbolises evil. The most notable cases of it is the apartheid. This is the separation between Africans and Whites in South Africa. Whites can only vote and become a leader. Blacks have no rights for voting and being a leader. Fortunately, Nelson Mandela end this. I hope the discrimination against blacks will end especially the killing of George Floyd.

Even with slavery and segregation gone, it seems like society still wants to discriminate blacks.

2 Homosexuals

This should not be number 6, Asians are seen as smart people, those who are gay are treated like they have a brain defect. People kill themselves or get killed for being gay, those who aren't even gay are afraid to show affection towards male friends because of society's actions towards homosexuals. It's disgusting. People say "you aren't gay unless you've don't stuff with another guy", um no? It's not all about sexual intentions, if they feel love for another man in their heart, they're gay, they don't need to prove it to you.

3 Transgenders

Trans people have Attempt suicide at a rate of 40% prior to transition. There is a direct correlation between social acceptance and successful transition and a reduction in this rate. Currently trans people are having their rights stripped away in healthcare and civil rights protections. The chances of being murdered as a trans woman of color are over 1 in 10. Trans people often endure bullying, physical and mental abuse, and homelessness as teens. As adults transphobia, sexism, racism, and homophobia can combine to make barriers to housing, healthcare, education and employment. Trans people represent all races, religions, genders and ages. People are born trans, they do not chose it. Who would chose to be treated this way?

4 Autistic People

Autistic people suffer discrimination in almost all areas. They have the highest unemployment rate of any demographic in OECD countries. Yes, that's right! It can range between 30% and 60% depending on the nation.

The autistic suicide rate is 9 times higher than national statistics, and they have a life expectancy of roughly 54 years (40 if they also have an intellectual disability).

Autistic people are more likely to suffer from domestic violence and are more likely to be murdered and abused than other people.

The only area they don't seem to have problems with is with prison and the police. But I'm sure BIPOC autistics would have that on top of everything.

5 The Mentally Ill

There are so many people in this country with mental illnesses that are persecuted by asinine intolerant people and no one cares! The schools and the government don't care because they're insensitive bastards!

6 People With a Physical Handicap

Uneducated people really make life hard for people with disabilities. They will refuse to give us access to necessary equipment for us to live like regular people or to just flat out live.
Its also still legal to pay us under a dollar an hour some places (including the US.)

7 Women

How is this not in the top 5. For years, the law has this rule that when a man dies, his property has to be given to his oldest son, not his wife. That is just cruel.

It's hard to justify the whole gender pat gap argument. While it may be true that men are payed more, and I'm not saying it's wrong, the statistics that they show for gender pay gap never takes into account If the people are actually working, if they are the same job, and if they are at the same level in the job.

Countries such as India and Saudi Arabia are under this problem. In Saudi, Women are not allowed to drive and wear any clothes besides abaya. In India, they have female infanticide. Female didn't allow to have education and only men does. These scenarios are making struggles on women. I wish it stops.

8 Asians

Asians are indeed discriminated against, especially according to the university acceptance rates...
Blacks and whites can get into universities with much lower academic achievements than Asians, just as somebody said here. It is simply requires more effort for Asians to get into the exact same university.
In fact, there's this Indian person who was rejected by all the medical schools he applied for. Then he applied again, pretending that he is black, and this time he got ACCEPTED, even though everything about him, except for his race, remained the same. He got accepted simply because the school thought that he is black.

9 Atheists

Not allowed public office in 9 states.

10 Men

Just because misogyny is common doesn't mean misandry isn't. Again, can't we all just get along?

Priests have tainted the reputation of all Catholics.

Should be number one. it feels like its illegal to be a straight white man in this modern age

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11 Hispanic People

Especially the Hispanics on the lighter side of the skin tone scale. Speaking as someone who is on that scale, I get told, "You're not Hispanic enough", or "There's no way, you're just making that up," but then they see my dad and are like "oh..." I can trace it back to my great grandfather, so it's not like it's a two percent amount. White Hispanics exist, too lol. Like, come on.

12 People with a Mental Handicap
13 Arabs
14 Elderly
15 Muslims

As a muslim myself I have faced many discriminating and threats. People make a joke out of us thinking we don't have feelings,calling us terrorists bombers and etc. It's like you can't pass a day without a terrorist or discriminating joke. More people need to be aware of this because a lot of people people just let it slide by like it's nothing but no. Us muslims are also humans, we have feelings too. All I feel is just that we need to be seen more.

They are being discriminated against greatly. I know because I am a muslim. It is not fair. When there is any kind of bombing they say that if the person is christian that they have a Brain issue. When the person is a muslim then they say it's terrorist attack.

16 Native Americans

Natives were literally purged, 95% were killed after colonization and thousands of years of culture were lost. Today they are statistically more discriminated against than even black people. They've contributed so much to the world and suffered for it (Corn, Beans, Chocolate, Vanilla etc) This goes for natives everywhere in the Americas.

At least in the U.S. this should be above black people. These are people who lived in America all their lives along with their ancestors and were enslaved, evicted, and killed in cold blood. To this day their culture has no respect, they live in secluded ghettos, and the government ignores them.

17 LGBT Community

The LGBT community is constantly being ridiculed and discriminated against. We can still be legally killed in 9 countries. We're illegal in 72.

18 Overweight People

There's a difference between being fat and overweight. Someone can be overweight and not be fat. But some random mukbang people such as NikoCado Avocado should be stopped.

Fat people can scoop each other skinny people can't! fat people can call each other fat skinny people can't! fat people have sports that wont survive without us! fat people don't get cold fast and we are just awesome!

Most people say Pacific islanders are sure the fat people in the world and that is why we shouldn't eat what they eat. They will eat your food so don't go near them.

19 Christians

This should be #1. Lots of countries don't have the "Freedom of Religion" Ammendment like we do in the US, so lots of countried will put you to jail or kill you if you are a Christian. Sad reallity, but luckily those non-Christians will pay the price one day!

The Liberal Western world is growing to hate Christian values, and much of the rest of the world strives to kill them. So maybe they're being discriminated against?

True. Many people think all Christians are homophobic bigots who force people into their religion. As a Christian, I will have to disagree.

20 Jewish People

You'd never know this from listening to the "social justice movement," but religious hate crimes are highest among Jews—4.5 times that of Muslims. Jews were indigenous to Israel since 937 BC, were deported to Babylon by Assyrians, and upon their return in 1948 (after enduring an ethnic cleansing), violence and riots broke out for them simply immigrating there, which made Arabs and Palestinians angry. Before Israel was even established, they were "welcomed" with violence. Never hear anyone talk about it. Left OR right. They both hate Jews.

21 Whites

Should be higher than blacks, because black people aren't really discriminated anymore, but people are trying to forget that white people ever existed. People are putting more non-whites in the media, and if a black makes an accomplishment, everyone celebrated it, when a white makes an accomplishment, nobody accnoleges iy.

Now that I think about it, they do seem to be more discriminated, at least more than they were. White people aren't allowed to be proud of their race (though black people and really anyone else are) without being called a Nazi. Primarily white nations are expected to harbor tons of immigrants, which they have been doing to such an extent it's become a crisis in Europe. It's all about "Black Lives Matter" not "White Lives Matter" because white lives DON'T matter

22 Bronies A brony is an adult male fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.
23 Catholics

I have been told by friends that my bible was bad and that catholics were evil. I remember others whisoeribg "he's catholic." I'm not joking AT ALL.

Because they believe in a different god they are so mean about our god but they are not

24 Gamers

The media and boomers the world over hate gamers and try only to keep them held down.

25 Ugly People

It's horrible that in Asia ( China, Japan, Korea) you need to be good looking because if not, it will be really difficult to find a good job, the surgery is really expensive forcing man to also wear makeup or some facial surgery. In Mexico it's hard to enter to some places if you are not good looking as well, finding a job it's easier than in Asia but it still influences a lot.

Pretty people get job promotions, help when they need it without asking, everyone wants to be their friend, and better choice of partners.

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