Top 10 Types of People Who Get Offended Over Everything

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1 Feminists

I swear to God, those Feminist annoy me to no end. They are under the crazy delusion that they are getting oppressed by men, when really, they are calling men sexist, violent, and evil. But of course, women are perfect little angels made in Heaven. And the double-standards are so stupid. For example, when a man hits a women, it is horrible and a crime against Humanity, but when a women hits a man, then it's perfectly okay for some damn reason. What they should be doing is creating equality between BOTH men AND women, not making women the superior sex.

These people are retarded. Every Movie with a Male Hero and a Female Antagonist, They call sexist, but when it's Vise Versa, they Act like it's the Second Coming of Jesus.

They are SO annoying! They assume that all straight cis white men are sexist and they overreact about EVERYTHING! Even though there are actual women's rights issues going on elsewhere in the world, they would rather focus on "sexist" air conditioning and "man-spreading"! Instead of degrading men and throwing fits, they should help women who are actually in need and make sure that they don't go too far with what they say about men; But sadly, they don't do that.

This is about modern feminists. Feminists in the past like Susan B. Anthony (one of my favorite historical figures) and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were the kind of feminists who advocated for equal rights for women, especially the right to vote. If it wasn't for people like them, women wouldn't be who they are today. Modern feminists are whiners that are misandrists and are always whining when women get abusedsexually harassed or assaulted, or even body image issues (ALL of which can happen to men too). These kind of feminists ruin women.

2 Social Justice Warriors

This should be number one, they are most likely to call you a racist for wearing WHITE SOCKS.

The term "Social Justice Warriors" means "gets offended by everything".

Get this to number one. They are so annoying

Deserves to be #1. Way worse than feminists

3 Anti-Vaxxers

They're awful. They literally think that if they get their children vaccinated, the kids will get autism. First of all, there's nothing wrong with being autistic. Secondly, better to be autistic than not to be vaccinated.

We should kick all the crazy anti-vaxxers out onto their own island so that they can be happy being idiots with each other and leave the rest of us in peace.

Anti Vaxxers and Pedophiles are scum of the earth. Anti Vaxxers are not only anti-intellectuals who get triggered over facts and science but they also deliberately out their children in danger.

Anti-Vaxxers should be Also known as child abuse. You want your child to be safe but you're not vaccinating them? Great parenting...

4 Overprotective Parents

They're horrific! My friend and I both got 90% in an exam, my mum congratulated me while my friend's mum yelled at her because she thought I had copied her when she mentioned that we got the same results. Of course, I didn't! We weren't even sitting next to each other! Honestly, these parents need some common sense.
P.S. I like that you used triton as the pic lol.

These parents make me sick. They think something completely harmless is a nuisance.

Thank god I didn't grow up with them. I feel sorry for the ones who did.

Nothing wrong with that unless they are invading your space.

5 Homosexuals

They act like complete idiots and think they are gods among men, and if someone even implies they are not the greatest thing in the history of everything, they explode and dismiss all criticism-even if legitimate-by calling the sane man "HUMMERFUBIK". Why? Because they cannot believe anyone could possibly disagree with them, no sir. So they use nonsensical accusations to mask their own underlying insecurities. And before anyone thinks of calling this entry "HUMMERFUBIK": if you dismiss any and all criticism with a single term to attempt to debunk your critics...who is really prejudiced here? Who is really ignorant?

This is super unpopular, but I really don't like the LGBTQ community that much. Most of them will bash you if you don't support LGBT (even if you accept them as human). I don't support LGBT but I accept them as humans and still will be friends but just because you gay or lesbian or whatever doesn't mean you can treat straight people like crap. Also, so many people are forcing themselves to be gay, if you come out as gay then its okay, I'll still be your friend but it can't be forced or anything. Yall get what I mean, right?

@AlphaQ tell me about it. They act like just because it's a big decision for them in their lives they can shove it down our throats. Now they're forcing it on cartoons on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, they think they can do whatever they want. Like, I can't go ANYWHERE without seeing stuff with a rainbow on it and it's driving me crazy, like we GET it, you're gay! Keep it to yourself, stop trying to force it on people and then go on this full stupid ass rant on how, "we've been picked on, harrassed because-" shut the hell up. Funny how people hate Christians for their beliefs but then these types of people can walk around however they want in public, and when we say something, "OOH, OFFENCE!"

Yeah, but there are times where I myself can't tell when it's a joke and get a bit upset. Such as homophobic jokes, but again, understand that us people are sensitive because we have gone through a lot, self acceptance, the burden of coming out, endless discrimination, self hatred, and we're just so different from everyone else, so please don't blame us for this.

6 Conservatives

All of you who down-voted me for pointing out the truth about conservatives are narrow-minded gits. If you can't stand my support for conservatives, leave the hell alone. I'm proud to be conservative and always will be. So if you don't like it, too bad.

Extremists are bad in every party. Listen to the chill people on both sides instead. The narrow minded losers don't represent any political party at all.

I'm a conservative (not the Westboro Baptist Church kind, obviously! ) with an open mind. I just get mad when people silence my opinion.

I once had a conservative tell me that I do not deserve to live solely because I don't support Donald Trump.

7 Trump Supporters

Honestly, they get more triggered than Trump haters since very few people are still sjw at the end of 2019 but there's still lot's of Trump supporters who get triggered over any criticism aimed at Trump.

Just a bunch of dead brain people who believes in his crap when he barely makes his promise.

I'm at least happy to know that they're losing their minds over the election results.

8 Atheists

I wonder why atheists are that high. I never really hear much about discrimination about them, but when they do, it's very bad (same goes to all religions). The kinds of atheists I don't like are the kind that are intolerant over other religions. I'm one of those atheists that don't believe in anything that happens in religion but respect people who do. I respect all religions (even Wiccan and paganism). As long as these people aren't bad people or people who are intolerant towards atheism or other religions (same with atheists), I'm completely fine with them. I believe everyone should have the right to believe in whatever they want.

Tell me about it. It's like they get their panties in a waste over religion. Hell, a number of them paint theists with one brush by claiming that they're bad while they (the atheists) are good. Plus, they're hypocrites in that they claim that people who are theists are closed-minded antagonists when they come as being those types of people. So pathetic.

Now I don't hate every atheist there is. But I don't want them being small-minded to theists. After all, there's room for all people in this world and that rainbows don't have just one color.

Well I know A few that I wan't expecting to overreact to something that is based on a man's view of Opinion, look people think differently I understand they don't believe in god but some of us have our different persona of type, I'm NOT really against that type I'm more so sorry for them Insert reply 3.. 2... 1...

This honestly shouldn't be number 1. Not that I'm offended or anything, it's just, to tell you the truth, most atheists don't really get offended. I'm an agnostic but I have seen a lot of atheists who don't get offended.

9 Tree Huggers

Some can be annoying,

I agree as long as you're not talking about anyone with a general college level biology education that agrees that care about the planet we live on should be basic common sense and not a political issue.

10 Homophobes

I am a christian, and I understand if you believe it is wrong. But please do not show any hate to homosexuals in a world where they already get hate left and right. Jesus tells us to love one another.

Fun Fact: The verse where it said that being gay is a sin was mistranslated. It said that a man sleeping with a young boy is a sin.

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11 Bronies A brony is an adult male fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

You like a little girl's show; of course we're gonna make fun of you.

12 The Alt-Right

Alt-Right member: Facts over feelings!
Smart person: The white genocide isn't real and women are equal to men.
Alt-right: LIBTARD!

13 Baby Boomers

Good lord, the most arrogant generation I know. Most of them are hypocrites and pretty much enjoy blaming the new generations over things that the themselves are also guilty of.
And no, stop making us respect you because you "fought" in the war, most boomers I know do this. WWII was from 1939 to 1945, boomers are born after 1945. I smell some lies here.

Not all boomers are bad but I seriously hate the ones that are hypocrites and get offended over everything. Constantly talking about how "lazy" and "sensitive" us Gen Z or Millenials are when we are much more active than these boomers and not only that these boomers get triggered over anything a person under 30 does.
Boomers also get triggered over a certain meme, they get triggered over social media(Ironically all their anti social media and anti modern cartoons are on Facebook) and they get triggered over phones.

"Back in my day-"
No. Shut up. I bet the past generations hated you boomers so stop acting like you're perfect. All generations have its downs and falls, and the own reason why you Boomers hate us Millennials and Gen Z is because you're not living in the 21st century. You act like being gay is a sin.

They get triggered over anything Gen Z kids or Millenials do. They claim we're lazy and sensitive when in reality we do more work and more exercise than all these boomers and not to mention boomers get really triggered over memes or anything a younger generation kid does.
There are some boomers who are good, but the majority I've seen are toxic to Gen Z and Millenials and are hypocrites for being lazy and sensitive but saying the younger generations are lazy and sensitive.

14 People Who Claim They Don't Get Offended Easily
15 People Who Hate Babies and Small Children
16 People With a Victim Complex

Usually SJW's but I've noticed a lot of Conservatives seem to have this too. This isn't necessarily a political item though, it can be described anyone with a victim complex.

Spoken like a true victim.

17 Politically Correct People

This should be a no brainer. Politically correct people constantly shove censorship down everyone's throats.

18 Liberals

The most intolerant group out there? Not even close. We are not the ones saying all Muslims need to be banned. We are not the ones refusing to take in Syrian refugees. We are not the ones offended when you say"Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas". Contrary to what some may tell you, we don't demand that everything be "politically correct", nor do we use that phrase to excuse derogatory words or actions. We are not the ones saying walls should be built to keep Mexicans out. You say that we are intolerant. But you never say what we are intolerant of. The word liberal means "open minded" and "free from bigotry". Look it up in that liberal Noah Webster's dictionary. Then look up conservative. By their very definition, liberals are far less offended than conservatives.

If you disagree with a liberal, you're racist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, fascist, white supremacist. The words go on. I've studied left-wing politics, I've tried to understand it. All these people are fighting for is the death of American values. Our traditions are all racist according to liberals. They won't stop until they cancel everything. They are the least tolerant people out there. I want to make it clear that I am talking about the far left. There are lots of liberals out there who are tolerant. In fact, the meaning of the word "liberal" means tolerant and open-minded. You could call me a liberal. But unfortunately, "liberal" nowadays seems to describe the entire democratic party. Including the noisy intolerant ones.

If I say the word "black", I'm "racist". If I don't agree with them, they tell me "get and education". When you actually try to help them, they turn you into the problem. I know there are a lot of great Liberals out there, but seriously, some of them are really stupid. Especially the ones I know.

There are good people and bad people on both sides. But still, it does not take very many brain cells to see that the majority of liberals get offended easier than the majority of republicans

19 People Who Don't Admit Their Flaws
20 Religious People

I'm religious and this should be much higher on the list. I am so sick of Sarah Palin and others talking about the "War on Christmas". I go to an extremely conservative church and people there get offended if you say "Happy Holidays".instead of "Merry Christmas"! I'm sorry, but in a free country you can't just assume that everyone has the same religion as you. It is perfectly legal to be Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, or atheist in America and Merry Christmas means nothing to them! Christmas so dominates Hannukah and Kwanza to the point where it's like those holidays don't even exist. Rest easy, offended Christians: If there's a war on Christmas, Christmas is kicking butt!

Religion is pointless and stupid. COME ON! What's wrong with saying X-mas? Anyone who thinks that religion is the best thing ever obviously doesn't know that god doesn't exist. They're worshiping something that isn't even real! And they get offended when you say "OH MY GOD! " Really? What's wrong with saying a non-existent being's name in vein?

I don't care what you believe in. Just don't shove it down my throat and then get all offended when I tell you I don't believe in it.

This shouldn't be on this list! Sure, there are religious people who antagonistic. But not all of them are.

21 People on

They attack the following Justin Bieber, every boy band, Justin Bieber, girl band, Justin Bieber all pop music after 80s, Justin Bieber Twilight Saga, Justin Bieber kids television channels when they cancelled their fave show (e.g. Nick cancelled Zim), Justin Bieber Fandom of retro Pokemon, Justin Bieber older my little pony, Simpsons after either season 8, 9 or 10. Justin Bieber. Preschool shows Justin Bieber.

All of you who can't stand everyone who whines on just get away from here and let everyone express their opinions. It's a free country and this is the Internet. I mean, what right to do you have in taking away their rights to post whatever they want? This isn't your website.

By antagonizing all whiners on this site, you're doing the very thing to them you blamed them for doing.

You people whine about those folks on this website when you're doing just the same thing. Oh the irony. Now I'm aware that there jerks on here. But that doesn't mean everyone is.

If you can't stand anyone who comments in this site, don't bother posting.

FYI, not all TopTenners lie. So do me a favor and get the hell off here if you can't stand their comments.

Also known as the most hypersensitive users on the site who take things too personally. I don't belong to this group of people, since I actually laugh at those kinds of users getting offended.

22 Obese People

Fat people communities can be very toxic. I live Australia and there is a lot of fat people there who tease me for being skinny. If I had to be really honest with you all, sometimes it's better to stay fit than to force yourself to be fat. If you a little overweight then that's perfectly fine, you've just been eating good. But if you are 420 kg and always snacking and doing nothing then its not good for your health. This is not fat-shaming and I don't have problems with fat people but sometimes we need to be healthy.

Words like fat shaming are used too much, and should be used for if you make fun of someone who is obese and I'm trying to lose weight myself and its not easy to do its going to be hard work.

Come on now. Don't take this too far

You shouldn't shame them because they're fat, they may be better than you

23 Furries

Your personal tastes and hobbies don't make you a bad person, but I still have the right to voice my opinion on things that I find stupid, like furry art. I mean, be more creative, why does everything have to be either a cat or a dog or something retarded like a dragon-fox hybrid, all with retarded neon fur...lets see something cool like jellyfish or roach furries, or if invertebrates aren't "animal enough" for you how about a hippopotamus or a hamster or something.

I actually hate most furries, if you like dressing up as hippo then fine but most furries post animal porn or something like cartoon animals having sex yuck.

I'm kind of a furry...but I'm nice I don't do this stuff, I'm not evil, and I am worth every breath I take. so ha, person who said furries are people who shouldn't exist.

Most are in for the fetish porn. A disgusting fandom full of bestiality and creeps.

24 Trump Haters

I actually wasn't going to vote on this list until I saw this on here.
With all due respect, this is true to some degree, but it's honestly a little funny once you take into consideration that all types of politics offend someone at some point.
A person could be from any party, vote for any candidate, and they could still get offended over whatever political debate that could be stirred up.

I understand why this is on the list, but honestly, politics in general should be it. Politics as a topic itself just gets people so angry and annoyed that honestly, it's somewhat funny to see how childish humanity can be.

Trump has done more for this country in 4 years than Biden has PLANNED to do in 4 decades! And yet people STILL bash him!

He deserves the hate. If not more. We can get offended easily, but we have a annoying dangerous inmature dick in the office, like what?

I don't like Donald Trump, but it's people's own choice if they like him or not.

25 PETA Extremists

Half he time these idiots don't even focusing on actual animal rights.
Instead of trying to convince the meat and dairy industry to provide better (and more humane) conditions for their animals, they focus on spreading propaganda about eating meat.
Instead of trying to stop people from overfishing, they focus on getting pissed off at the makers of Fall Cry for adding fishing into the game. (IT'S JUST A VIDEO GAME!)
Instead of getting mad at people who take horrible care of their pets, they try to stop people from HAVING pets.
PETA is stupid and I think it should be shut down!

I read this article on this site about catch-and-release fishing. one of he lines was, in these EXACT words:
"Catch-and-release fishing is just cruelty disguised as sport"
I'm all for animal rights and all that, but WHAT THE HECK?! Fishing is fun. I don't care what you say. And it's not going anywhere.

Quit whining about them! They'll always no matter what.

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