Top 10 Most Powerful Organized Crime Groups

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1 La Cosa Nostra (Italian Mafia)

My father was a top member of the Gambino family. He taught me their way of life. Rule #1: Never rat out! Those who are weak, get out! This is real life, not a movie. You need to understand this. You know what you're getting into before you do it. Don't give another a life sentence for your mistakes. Shut your mouth, admit to nothing, and do your time like a real stand-up guy. We are gangsters, not gangbangers. This is our way of life. It's us against them. It comes down to who is smarter. We have something they don't. We live the life they can't. If it wasn't for rats, they would never catch us. So, if someone out there wants to be a gangster, think about what I'm saying. It's all about money and respect. You have to be an earner.

The Italian Mafia is still strong. They just changed their way of doing business. They're not as strong as they once were, but then again, who is? They had more power than the US President. No one in this day and age will ever come remotely close to being that powerful. So the next time you hear someone say the Italians are finished, tell them they're either naive or clueless. They still have a stranglehold on much of the criminal underworld, believe it or not.

2 Japanese Yakuza

They are vicious, strict, and fast. If any other mafia would enter Japan, the Yakuza would simply kick their asses.

The largest mafia ever.

3 The Russian Mafia

Considering the vast membership of the Russian Mafia, they must be top dogs with all those troops.

Organized and extremely violent. Considered as the most powerful mafia in the world.

Russian Mafia top dogs.

4 Albanian Mafia

One of the most ruthless mafias. They have taken over the organized crime underground of Milan.

Hellbanianz. Albanians are like people from a different planet. Don't mess with them!

5 Mexican Mafia

El Mayo is the biggest gangster in history. The Mexican cartels run the criminal underworld. Everyone works for them. They are number one. The Italians, Yakuza, whites, blacks, etc., all work for the cartels. No one is bigger. If you think differently, just do some research on Mexican cartels today. You'll understand.

They sell a lot of drugs and make a lot of money. Very strong worldwide.

6 Chinese Triads

Hopefully, with all the new anti-corruption campaigns, they get screwed soon.

The Triads are the founding fathers of all organized crime.

7 Colombian Drug Cartels

The leader of the Medellin Cartel, Pablo Escobar, was alone responsible for over a thousand deaths of law enforcement officers and civilians. The Medellin Cartel bought off almost all law enforcement officers and also had countless officials in the Colombian government on their payroll. They dominated the world's cocaine trade for years with no worthy contenders from outside nations. The Medellin Cartel alone generated close to $10 billion. When Escobar was killed and the cartel was diminished by Colombian law enforcement and the DEA, their rivals, the Cali Cartel, immediately took their place at the top of the cocaine trade and thrived.

8 Israeli Mafia
9 Serbian Mafia

Many Serbian Mafia members are ex-military. They're dangerous and ruthless. Think of a smaller, more organized Russian Mafia.

I think everything is true.

10 The Five Families NYC

Also, the Italian Mafia. The New York Mafia was the most powerful organized crime syndicate in the world since 1931. They dominated crime in the US. Just the five families in NY were the strongest crime figures in the United States. NYC was Mafia territory, and all other gangs knew that. They owned illegal businesses all over the city. There were no such things as gangs when they were around. Gangs started gaining power after the fall of the Mafia in the city. They ran NYC. They had more power than the president, and even the president said that about them. They bribed cops, and they did whatever they wanted. Never paid for drinks and had a lot of territories in NY. They were just unstoppable, but today, they're not as well known.

This organized crime group has the best resources and can take on the United States.

They could take over the U.S., then another country, then the world.

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11 Ndrangheta

Controls 70-80% of cocaine in Europe, grew bigger than any other Italian mafia, has close links to Colombian and Mexican cartels, and operates in Northern America, Mainland Europe, and Australia.

Who controls more than 3% of Italian GDP, has 10,000 members, and over $60 billion in yearly revenue, and is a global player in crime and drugs? Not La Cosa Nostra.

12 Bloods
13 Ku Klux Klan The Ku Klux Klan (also known as the KKK) is a secret hate group formed in 1866 and is located in the United States of America. The group is notorious for their political ideologies, which include white supremacy, white nationalism, anti-immigration, anti-communism, Christian terrorism, Anti-Catholicism, Antisemitism,, Neo-fascism, Neo-Nazism and Anti-Islam. Each member of the group is characterized by wearing a white robe and a pointed mask.
14 Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)
15 Aryan Brotherhood
16 ETA
17 Los Zetas

They are sadistic killers who perform the most inhumane torture possible for the sake of pleasure. If you're not convinced, just visit "" Warning: disturbing content.

18 Gay Mafia
19 Crips
20 18th Street Gang
21 Hells Angels
22 Comando Vermelho

They're the scariest.

23 Black P Stones

Well known in Illinois.

24 Latin Kings
25 Georgian Mafia
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