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1 Comanche

I find this article fascinating because my father's mother was part Apache and his father was part Comanche. We should be grateful to the Native Americans for preserving this beautiful country we all enjoy and Some take for granted. Try to put yourself in the Native Americans shoes. Wouldn't you fight to your last gasping breath to save your home, your children, your parents and all your relatives from Invaders stealing your Homeland, starving you out and worse? They were such a beautiful, proud people who respected life-giving Mother Earth, wildlife and honored their treaties with the foreign Invaders. It's a shameful chapter in the European Conquest of Native American sovereignty. Don't take America for granted. Preserve it for future Generations like the Native Americans did. Henry Reedy, Cary, beautiful North Carolina.

I have been exposed to much literature that would lead me to believe the Comanches were, by far, the most fearsome adversary for the expanding United States, and as mentioned in other comments, the fledgling Mexican Army as well... I have been made aware of their superior horsemanship, their renowned ability to fight from horseback, and their practice of "Counting Coo " was certainly a testament to their bravery and fearlessness in battle. I personally am in awe of the Native American cultures, and find many of the Nations and Peoples both fascinating and equally as fearsome as the Comanche. It must have been a great time to live, prior to the White mans extermination of the Native Americans cultures. A shame I couldn't have seen the wonders of this great land before so many were destroyed. But I digress, as stated, Many Native tribes were quite fearsome in battle, and as I am just starting this top10 list and haven't peeked ahead, I'm hoping to see the Sioux, the Shawnee, the Ottawa ...more

The Comanche were by far the most aggressive and fiercest. For nearly 150 years they ruled NM parts of Texas and northern Mexico by robbing, killing, and plundering. They had trade routes with other tribes and seized land and cattle from ranchers. They were an imposing force to deal with as the US government found out. Several things contributed to their demise in the late 1870s. Buffalo hunters nearly decimated their main source of clothing and food. Diseases dwindle their population. And they themselves were responsible in part because they controlled a large area that was not allowing them to sustain life as they once knew it. Plus, the encroaching white settlers, ranchers, and army found out that it was easier to control their trade routes, food sources and supplies rather than actually fight them. When the Comanche realized all of these issues and that they relied on government subsidies for sustaining life, they gave in... along with other tribes that had joined them. ...more

When the US Calvary says the Comanche are the best light horseman in history (they say this after the Civil War, Mexican American War, and Indian Wars) I think you have to listen to their opinion. The Apache outlasted the Comanche but the reason the Apache lived in the mountains of NM and AZ is because they were kicked off their lands by the Comanche. When a raiding party can go all the way to Mexico City or farther every October, what else can you say?

2 Apache

I'm very interested in learning about my heritage. I've heard some crazy stories about the tribes. Definitely the most dangerous group out there.

It is sad cause now us modern day Americans now feel and see how life was for the various Indian tribes as they had their lands woman and children and their lives taken from them... We as Americans are watching it unfold again. As the strip farmers lands and ranch lands from families. We to will see the day of destruction over come us just like the Native American Indian tribes did. So I apologies for the pain the loss and the depth of the anguish both the great past generations felt and also for what my younger generations will feel and go through as America is transformed once again. Everything has it's course. But we must learn to respect the land love the land and become one with the creator of all. I can't help but feel that the way I feel in 2016 in March is the same pain and anguish. The same since of loss and watch hope walk away for the future of my kids and grand and great grand kids. Just as generations before me great warriors were forced to watch everything change as new ...more

I'm part Apache and when it came to fighting an Apache warrior you better have skills to defend yourself in a knife fight. Apache warriors were master knife fighters and always carried many.

My biological father is half apache Indian. My grandfather was full blooded. I'm learning about my heritage. I know my ancestors were very brave they weren't scared and I look up them. I'm still learning. Hoping to find out more about my ancestors.

3 Lakota

I have waited a while to say this but the Lakota (Sioux) are the most violent. Apache and Comanche are possibly part of the "Na Dane" culture, Asian-Central Siberians who migrated here in the last 4000-6000 years. While Comanche and perhaps Navajo peoples were ruthless and functionally imperialistic, the Lakota were "savage". Not unlike the plains war tribe in Game of Thrones (the Dothraki). Tales of horrific rituals, sacrifices and brutality is known about the Lakota, who terrified many peoples around them (the White Man was drown in under the assumption his people would defeat the Lakota). I believe they are the most violent and the most historically menacing.

The Lakota Defeated the army not once but TWICE! Comanche natives are famous only because they ran around down In Texas. The Lakota or The Sioux was not afraid of death, they kept fighting with bravery. The American Flag was taken by this tribe. Not anyone could just do that.

I think there's a Cree proverb that says it all. (Remember that Lakota is what they called themselves--outsiders referred to them as "Sioux.")

"When the Crow were coming to fight, we sent our little boys to fight. When the Mandan were coming, we sent the old men. When the Sioux were coming, we painted our faces for death and prepared to die."

Remember Gall, Sitting Bull's half brother (Hunkpapa) who had his entire family murdered by the 7th Calvary that hot day in June. Gall rode through the entire battle with a hatchet fuelled only by his anger and grief. Black Elk (Oglala) rode through the battle at 12 yrs. of age. Countless others. A people who would be pushed no further.

4 Cherokee

I've been told that I'm one tenth Cherokee, that my great great mother was full blooded. For some ungodly reason my family doesn't talk about our Indian Heritage and that's so sad to me! I want to know more all I can about my Cherokee Heritage, I'm very proud to be Cherokee! My husband is Choctaw

I am a Cherokee princess... I was kidnapped by white folks and what they called adopted into their family along with my half brother.. because of them I no longer remember my native language fluently. I miss my family.

My great grandmother Grace was full blooded Cherokee Indian and I couldn't be more proud to say that I am part Cherokee. Thanks to her I bear not only her name but her physical features as well.

My Great, Great Grandmother was full Cherokee, and I to can say Iam proud of being part of the cherokee Indian. Would love to know more about my Cherokee heritage, so I will start researching. did not find out till my brother did a Family tree

5 Dakota

I came from the Dakota tribe and I use to live in Montana. They were mean to me I think these guys are the most deadliest in the world! And I mean it.

These guys are so cool

I'm just doing research

The tribe I learned a bout is the Dakota and they are not deadly

6 Blackfeet

My grandmother on my mothers side is full blooded Blackfeet. I carry my Native American blood line with great pride and honor. I have been blessed with the honor of sitting down and having a conversation with the former Chief Long Standing Bear. He was a great man and would have made our forefathers proud of what he has done for our people today and how far they have come from the rickety shacks on the old reservations to the beauty of what they have now up near Yellow Stone. Never forget where we come from and that regardless of what any white man says, this is and will always be OUR LAND and OUR COUNTRY. "Ours" as in The American Indian, regardless of tribe.

God's children keep him #1 priority in our life's. Real warrior's provide for food, clothing and shelter for his family and all our relations. We keep God, the creator of this universe our #1 priority each and ever day, and he provides for all our needs for eternity!

I am of Blackfoot Descent, and personally, after doing loads of research on my Great-Grandmother's family, I have discovered that many other tribes were afraid of the blackfoot tribes.

I too, am Blackfoot decent. My Grandmother on my Fathers side was a Blackfoot. I do have a temper and find it hard to forgive, I find myself not afraid of anything will tackle anything.

7 Iroquois

Not to counter or belittle any opinions stated here, but the Iroquois confederacy, or league, was a union of 5, then 6 tribes, that dominated the upper Norteastern portion of what would become the United States for at least 2 centuries before the onset of early white settlers encroaching. The tribes included in this league were the Cayuga, the Mohawk, the Oneida, the Onondaga and the Seneca. In 1722, the Tuscarora joined this league, and thus it became known as the Six Nations. There can be no doubt, or serious argument made for that matter, that this league was truly feared like no other at the time of the White mans early expansion West, Many tribes surrounding this league simply complied, and cowered, to every demand made by the Iroquois. The early White Americans found their ability to wage war far in advance of the surrounding Native Americans. Certainly their advanced political structure was also a great advantage for them. In not sure that this Confederacy counts as a tribe, ...more

Still one of the biggest Nations, despite earlier contact with whites. Their tomahawk is still used in the military. Integrated defeated Nations into their own to compensate with constant warfare. We're the British peoples in America and Canada's best weapon against the French and the Americans. Even in modern times, they resisted in the oka crisis.

Seriously? The Iroquois ruled an empire that stretched from New York State down to Virginia and West to Illinois. They forcibly moved several tribes (including the Dakota, Osage and Shawnee) westward and our ot their original homelands. Not to mention the total annihilation of the Huron, Neutral, Erie and Tobacco nations.

There was no nation of Native Americans that were more feared or respected than the People of the Longhouse.

The Huron should be in the Top 10. They were the only nation that could of wiped out the Iroquois, they just made a few strategically errored decisions and the French were useless in aiding them.

8 Chippewa

The Ojibwa beat the Iroquois and ran the Sioux out of their homeland and occupied more land than any other tribe ever has from Manitoba to Indiana and took over smaller tribes on their pursuit west. I still don't know any other tribe to do this and still be known as a peaceful tribe. I am a 4th generation descendant of cuthbert grant jr. Who lead the battle of seven oaks or the massacre of seven oaks. Which was a result of the massacre of a small camp of women, children and the elderly. The survivors made their way to cuthberts camp, he lead his 3000 men into battle and killed everyone of those men. The Ojibwa rarely lost a battle. It just baffles me that their not 3rd. How are we after the Sioux/Dakota we beat them my band is literally from North Dakota. Also how is Cherokee even on this list.

Little Shell Chippewa Woman from Montana, why are the government afraid over two hundred years later. They still keep us in internment camps! Are you still afraid White English? I just don't like to be classified with Blood proof like dogs and horses! We are not cannabils, that was not sacred, (although most everything went in battle)(in Vietnam they strung ears on necklaces, the US soldiers) we had creative skills, wagons, designs, horse handlers, beautiful designs in beads, children's teachings, medicine teachings, you forget are we so different? Not so...

Native American history shows ojibwe were the deadliest because they had guns, bows, canoes, and horses, food, and we dominated other tribes took their land, moving out and expanding keeping scrolls on bark we were a lot more sophisticated than people think we were obviously smart enough to know we needed the weaponry as the Europeans.

Why are we seventh we controlled most land, we won the Iroquois wars and we drove out the Dakota. We are warriors at heart.

9 Zuni

My boyfriend is Zuni and his a very mean person, but still I I'm love with this NATIVE.

By far the best tribe in the world.

Very informative... not

10 Mohawk

We use to rip people's beating hearts out then eat it as a way to gain their bravery in battle. We use to torture people in horrible ways, and force them to dance with us while we tortured them horribly. We would lock people in villages in war, then we'd burn down the buildings with hundreds of people inside of them. We also made over 12 native tribes extinct, we fought until there was basically none of us left surviving. There's a lot more

They slaughtered people without fear. They were known for the centurion hair cuts and stripe on the body. They butchered whole towns in the Mohawk Valley region of NY. They were not traveling beggars like the Cherokee. They stayed put and owned their lands.

Go tell the Warriors they wear will not get the first word out before they decorate you for Creator...with a Red Necklace!

My great grand father was part Comanche.

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11 Omaha

We once had a chief poison an entire army for questioning his commands. He also scalped them.
We scalped a lot of people.

Steak for days!

12 Sioux

General Custard? I guess his lieutenant was Colonel Mustard and the 7th cavalry was also defeated in the library with the lead pipe? Seriously, have some ethos before chiming in on you have no real knowledge about.

They didn't rip his body apart just for the sake of it. I believe it had to do with crippling them in the afterlife so their spirit couldn't seek revenge. If anyone knows more about that please educate me.

"The Sioux Indians were one of the most feared Indians. When they went to war they always won especially when they went to war with General Custard. They literally slaughtered and ripped apart Custard's body."

It is General Custer to you, not custard. What are you a product of riding the short bus to school?

13 Cheyenne

The Cheyenne were a very powerful tribe that dominated much of the Midwest all the way up to the Canadian border. They could not beat the Sioux when it came to tribal wars but were right by the Sioux's side at the battle of Little Big Horn. Everyone knows what happened to Custer and his men. Game Over...

Staked themselves to the ground. Fought to the death. And killed any other tribe that relied on white man settlements, which was every tribe at the time. The Cheyenne (Tsistsistas) is the bravest and last warrior society to fight the U.S Army. They had war parties and raids that ran from Texas to Montana. They took warriors from every plains tribe to join their society or die. The Dog men never signed a treaty.

The Dakota, Lakota and Sioux are One Tribe. Called by different names according to their location. Sioux is what the French fur traders called the Sioux but they never referred to themselves as that. I'm surprised no-one has caught that. So to be fair all their votes should be combined

The Cheyenne were amongst the most warlike and fearsome tribes of the plains, and they freely moved around vast areas of land. Based on the amount of fear they imposed on both settlers and other tribes as well, they've gotta be in the conversation for 'toughest tribe around.'

14 Ottawa

The Odawa not Ottawa people were true badasses, in November they would travel up to 4000 miles by birch bark canoe through Lake Michigan, Huron then down the Saint Lawrence Sea Way and enemy Iraquois territory to reach Montreal to fight with, not for the French. These are a true forgotten people in American History for having twice fought in losing efforts first with the French then the British but they were no losers. History deems them barbarians but they were more than that, they were a noble people who were known as traders and craftsman with there own written history on birch scroll's.

Odawa warriors were the ninjas of the Midwest they were part of the larger Ojibwe, Potawatamee clan because of there alliance and close bond they were a true force to be reckoned with, but more importantly they were trusted by both the French and Great Lake tribes as middlemen for trade, when to fight and when not too. People have forgotten the importance of these peoples and region in establishing the first real economy in the New World ( The Fur Trade ). I am sick of the Modern Historians failure to include these groups in there programs of Native people's they deserve better.

True OHIO tribe here. People seem to forget that they lived in the East. Ohio was in fact eh biggest native American state till they were pushed out west. The ottowa were fierce, yet the still managed to get pushed out. The Wyandot managed to stay longer though. They hid in the forests and tried to fight to stay. Nothing worked. There are currently no native American tribes in ohio. Speaking of no tribes, no animals either. When the Indians were pushed away, the animals followed.

People often forget that Native Americans originated from the east in states such as Ohio and Virginia. They became fiercer as they moved west because the were done giving up what was rightfully theirs to greedy settlers.

15 Crow

There is no doubt the Crows were among the fiercest on the Plains/Yellowstone regions. Excellent horsemen, horse raiders, great hunters, epic warriors and iconic Chiefs. They were also among the most wealthiest in terms of horse numbers. Fought every tribe on all sides to defend their hunting grounds, homelands with little to no "alliances" unlike the Lakota. And they are still the best today.

The Crow Tribe had the strongest and scariest Warriors in Montana, they would win battles without even having an army but when they did have an army, they'd easily defeat their enemies.

Harsh climate and would kill white men or other Indians just because.

Love the Crow. This is my favorite tribe

16 The Cree

The Iron Nations, with the Assiniboine and Saulteaux, controlled the Northern Plains and moved the Blackfoot, Shoshone, Nez Perce, Snake and other tribes out of present day Manitoba and SK. they controlled the northern woodlands and waterways from Quebec to Alberta. Traders and warriors both,

Adapt well to other cultures, food, integration.

Jade? I know someone named jade.

Can survive in any harse deadly conditions
Can hunt I heart jade she is so cool!

17 Seminole

Seminoles were the only tribe to not be conquered and/or relocated. This tribe fought the US the hardest; they won five out of eight engagements with the US Army having been the only people to defeat Zachary Tailor in combat.

This list is bogus if the seminoles stay down at number 20 (where it was when I voted) If all the natives were as tough as the seminoles the europeans would never have been able to found colonies.

They are nothing to mess with. They will torture you, kill you, they just don't care. they scared everyone in Florida. They are just a tribe to never mess with.

More men,money and resources where used trying to subjugate the Seminoles than any other tribe. Those who remained in Florida are the only unconquered tribe!

18 Kiowa

They were the ones who started taking pelts off white men. (Scalps) true story. Also the kiowa are a part of a band trillogy called the K. C A. Made up of kiowa, comanche, apache. And for this became immovable and their home of south Oklahoma and Texas became no mans land and home to outlaws and Indians And no place for polite white folk. Raymond Kaulaity of the kiowa tribe.

Pound for pond, of all the tribes, the most vicious.

Kiowa are by far the boldest, most fierce, undefeating warriors ever.

19 Nez Perce

The Nez Perce were a smaller tribe than many of those in consideration. However, Chief Joseph led them on the most historically successful insurrection against the US Government (besides Little Big Horn). Their traditions didn't involve as much warfare as some other tribes, but the skill of the Nez Perce warrior was revered by everyone from Sitting Bull to Gen. William T Sherman (two men that knew a thing or two about skilled fighters).

I am 1/8 Nez Perce and grew up on a ranch breading Appaloosas, carrying on the tradition.

Brilliant horsemen as well, founders of the Appaloosa bloodlines

Famous generals and warriors revered for their skill in battle

20 Navajo

I am a Native Northern or Southern America Indian by 4/4 blood Dene, it matters not to me! but what matter is how we present our identity and the choices we make. it's not your fancy clothes or how much money you have, its how you change the lives of others. To Give, help, teach and truely find the authenticity value by searching your soul for who you really are, find that character. Sure my father (USMC) and his forefathers were fierce warriors, Our family served and surely there's going to be more that will step foreward for our freedom. Your sense of diginity and self respect combine with significance faith is unlimited! We are all native family. thank you, Brothers and Sisters.

Navajo are Dene people in Canada's western arctic the sahtu Dene speak Dene as a first language still today. In deline North West Territories the Dene tradition is unadulterated due to their isolation. Google deline Dene prophet AYA beautiful women. A beautiful people. Southern Dene / Navajo should come to cultural gathering in August in deline. Drum dance. Hear the prophecies. Speak Dene meet your cousins in the western Arctic

I'm Navajo. I work 60 hours a week to support my family. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. That blows the commentator's blast about drunkest and laziest tribe out of the water.

They aren't dangerous but they are the drunkest and laziest. They screw friends and family for anything but more so if it has alcohol in it

21 Aztecs

Seriously... THE empire before Europeans got here! And that was for a reason. Their Capitol was bigger than London and Paris at the time, healthier and actually more advanced in some areas.

Technically, the aztecs only ate the hearts, and if you go to ancient aztecs, they would have had to eat 28 people per day, on average, in order to fulfill the required sacrafices. So, not that scary.

I mean... have you seen that Mel Gibson movie? way more messed up and aggressive than and other native movie I've seen

They were dangerous

22 Chickasaw

The chickasaw tribe was regarded as one of the most deadliest tribe, according to some or most of the tribes even here! They fought, and won all of their battles, and even wiped out full tribes! this shows how dangerous and ruthless they are, and how they are the best out of all of these. I'm a chickasaw heritage, and I want to explored a lot more about it

I learn ah bit Of history about Chickasaw Tribe. During the French and Indian War, the English nickname us the Spartan of the Southeast. Everyday I am honored and grateful to be Chickasaw

They were always at war and lived in fortified towns when at war to be better defended. I'm 1/4 Chickasaw and proud of it.

I'm chikasaw, choctaw, and creek. My great grandfather told me stories that he was told of how tough the chikasaw were. They were the Spartans of the native american tribes. They way they trained there warriors. From boys to men.

23 Shawnee

In the Ohio River country, these warriors were supreme. Their government was organized, their leaders respected, even the great Iroquois league choose to let them be rather than fight them. They were the main roadblock of western expansion of the time. Study the dark and bloody river's (Ohio) history and you will find some of the most devastation to enemies, both red and white, of any time in the young nation's history.

Tecumseh, Cornstalk, Blue Jacket are some of their more famous leaders. Look through American History and search for the battle between Indians and white's and the battle that the most American soldiers was killed in was with the Shawnee's and some of their confederate tribes. General St. Clair's defeat was the most severe loss ever inflicted upon an American army by Native Americans. The American casualty rate was 69%, based on the deaths of 632 of the 920 soldiers and officers, with 264 wounded. Nearly all of the 200 unarmed camp followers were slaughtered, for a total of about 832 deaths "the highest United States losses in any of its battles with Native Americans. They fought against white expansion along the Ohio River for longer than any other tribe managed to.

The Shawnee were known to cut off saplings about 2 feet above the ground, sharpen the end that was sticking up, and sit their captured enemies down on it (up their butts) with their hands tied behind their back. Then they would leave them to die a slow and painful death. That has to earn them at least a top 3 spot in this list.

The Shawnee were the mercenaries of the Eastern tribes of the 18th century... fighting others' wars along the way. They were never defeated by another tribe. The Miami's gave the Shawnee most of Ohio to
serve as a buffer between them and the Iroquois.

It is a joke that the Shawnee are not number one on this list, and a travesty they are number 24.

24 Micmac

I am part Micmac and would not like to battle my mirror image or other Micmac. Can be very fierce indeed. A very hardy people who could adapt and survive the elements, when even the Vikings could not.

The Mi'kmaq militias deployed effective resistance for over 75 years before treaties were created and the Burial of the Hatchet Ceremony took place (1761).

The English feared the Mi'kmaq so much they offered bounties for their scalps. Man, women or child. They expelled the Acadians because of their close ties to Mi'kmaq by intermarriage and alliance.

MiqMaq were a strong force to be reckoned with. My great grandfather was a full blood. I wish there were more of them still around. Long live the MiqMaq

25 Sac and Fox

My great grandfather was sac and fox and born on the Indian reservation

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