Top 10 Most Misunderstood Types of People

People unfairly stereotyped. It's irritating to me. We should all accept each other.
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1 Religious People

We all have heard of Osama bin Laden. He is the exact opposite of a Muslim even though he identifies as that. Islam is basically a submission to God and to peace. If you go listen to the Azan, it sounds really good. There are some good Muslim people like Malcom X. If you watch the great British bake off, season 6, the winner is Muslim and she is a nice lady. Nadya Hussain is a nice lady and she is Muslim. Subscribe to Islam channel and you will learn more. It is extremely sad that the people identify Muslims as isis and terrorists. You think that all terrorist attacks are caused Muslims. Wrong. The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting was caused by a white supremacist and there are some terrorist attacks on mosques. Learn about Islam.

2 Autistic People

I'm a guy on the autism spectrum (also has OCD). Most people make over-generalizations about people with autism as these socially retarded rage monsters, but that just isn't true. I don't get easily offended and I often chuckle at the memes (autistic screeching). Most people don't know that autism actually constitutes a wide spectrum of behaviors and disorder classifications, from high-functioning aspergerish types to the low-functioning severe autism that is often the stereotype. I am very high-functioning and most people wouldn't know I am on the spectrum unless I told them.

3 Nerds

I am very intelligent and artistic and I'm a nerd because apparently in modern society having more then one brain cell makes you a nerd. I do have problems with acne and I don't appear athletic despite the fact I can crush more then half the people in my grade

Nerds are very smart, they won't end up flipping burgers, but actually changing the world, inventing something. They study, and don't party all the time.

You nerd haters can hate all you want, but wait for them to get a good job while your stuck working in McDonalds with a one bedroom apartment.

4 Emos

Emo isn't about self harm or loathing life or depression. These are qualities of people with depression. Emo culture is about being in touch with your emotions, it's like goth culture, but less angsty. It is also is music genre, emocore. It also has subgenres such as emo pop. It is about life. Actual real life. Pop sings about how great everything is, while emo sings about real problems and what makes life sucks.

I hate how quick people are to judge me just because I wear black and have side swept bangs that cover my left eye. I hate how ignorant people assume negative stereotypes about a subculture they aren't even a part of.

5 Introverts

I am an introvert, and I can definitely see the miss conceptions. Let me clear things up, just because I spend most of my time alone, it doesn't mean I'm lonely. Also you probably heard the description that at parties our energy drains, and after some time talking to and hanging out with other people, we need sometime to "recharge" and I just want to say that that description is entirely accurate.

This is true. The difference between introverts and extroverts is that extroverts get energy from being around people while introverts get energy from being by themselves. It doesn't mean that all introverts hate people and want to be alone all the time. They just need their space. Some people find this rude or think that the person is being shy. But, most of the time, that isn't the case.

6 Conservatives

I mean we have serial killers on this list, so we might as well have Conservatives right?... As a Conservative I am nowhere near as hateful or as crazy as the media says I am, and without a doubt people judge me before they even meet me. Even you reading this right now, you're probably judging me. Everyone here saying that they are misunderstood should know exactly how I feel. Even if I disagree with you, I'll still defend to my death that you have a right to say it. Not everyone gets along or agrees, I understand that, and that's why life is so amazing...we should appreciate our different opinions instead of trying to shut each other out. I feel like this is going to fall on deaf ears but I'll always be me.

7 Shy People

Okay, I have a really weird thing about me, and it's that I'm stubborn, arrogant, and SHY at the same time. Literally.

Shyness is fine. No need to think of them as social isolates.

8 Goths

Gothics are not depressed people who practice worshipping Satan. As a Goth, people have asked me,"If you are Goth, then how are you Christian? " And "How are you still alive, since you were Goth I though you committed suicide". Comments like those hurt me. The real meaning of Gothic culture is to find beauty where others typically don't. Gothic Culture is beautiful, where as for some Goths, Black is more of a formal wear. And now with religion,they are classified to be Satan worshippers is what people tell others. But they are all different religions.

9 Atheists

I am an Atheist, and despite the fact that all it means is tat we don't believe in God, somehow theists confuse that for "we hate God" or "we really believe deep down inside, but we don't admit there's a God to ourselves". Also to Theists and Atheists alike, not believing in God doesn't necessarily mean believing that there's no God.

When I came out as Atheist, lots of people said "You hate God? What?", which is not the case. I just don't believe in him. I have my own thoughts, and I personally think God doesn't exist, but Elitist Christians think I hate God since I'm Atheist. It does get annoying.

10 Furries

This is from my personal experience with them.
I have many friends that are furries and they are all so nice, kind, and can draw very well, even one of my best friends is a furry. i've never met a furry that fit into any stereotypes and do weird stuff, (so far) because i tend to stay away from the weird or crazy furries, and i stay away from crazy people in general.

Really there are two sides of this. As I furry I can definitely confirm there are some nasty things that go along with this on the dark web, but the rest of the fandom is not all like that! People just focus too much on just the bad part and don't care to see that its not all bad and there is a lot of really negative attitudes towards the furies who don't get into the sexual stuff, even if they never did anything wrong and are really often quite harmless.

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11 Art "Freaks"

I know too many of these people though, not that they are bad. Just that every girl I know has drawn enough anime girls that she could make a whole art blog website!

Being artistic ≠ being freaky. I don't get why anyone with any sort of vision gets shunned, and constantly criticized for being different, or having a little thing called creativity, and stereotyped as starving weirdos.

Because the U.S. is filled with too many idiot conformist sheeple useless eaters that only care about stupid sports and vulgar disgusting consumerist materialism.

12 Rock Fans/Metalheads

Should be number 4 to behind Conservatives, Religious People, and Autistic people. I am a member of all of these groups except the last one, and I am a victim of misunderstanding them. Just because I'm a metalhead doesn't mean I'm a sunset strip gangbanger and drug taking satanist. I don't hate gays, I hate the sin. I don't hate liberals, in fact I am friends with many, I hate the ideology. In fact, I don't really hate anybody. I find conservatism and religious societies to be more tolerant, not less. Ask a real conservative whether they hate gays or not. Ask a metalhead how many goats they've sacrificed, or what religion they are. Ask autistic people whether they understand you or not. The answers may surprise you.

13 Bronies A brony is an adult male fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

It's really not that difficult, we like a particular TV show, that's it. Yes some of us are obsessed, just like every other TV show. Yes some of us take it too far just like every other TV show.

It's rather unwholesome for grown men to enjoy a T.V. show aimed at little girls. And even more so to derive their identities from being fans of said T.V. show.

Everyone thinks bronies are gay and dumb, but we're not. What are you?

14 Suicidal People

This honestly she be higher because no one understand what that person is dealing with. Only them. And that's tough.

For me as a survivor of suicide, I was misunderstood by my parents and friends. It sucked... still does.

I feel very sorry for both suicidal people and their beloved ones (including their pets).

15 Soundcloud Rappers

I don't see the massive hate they get. I know their lyrics don't have quality but it's not atrocious or anything. Their beats are good and rap is more than just lyrics.

16 Weeaboos
17 Non-Binary People
18 Hippies

What hippies desire is for world peace, and the enviorment to be fixed. They are brave enough to protest against what they don't like. They are very kind people, and want the best for everybody.

All they want to do is make a positive environmental change.

Hippies/Hipsters are very misunderstood.

19 INTJs

It even says that in their type description.

20 Punks

Punk was a movement going against what was mainstream, punk music sings about things like unpopular views on politics. It is about being yourself, even if it isn't "perfect" in society's eyes.

First I thought they were people with spiky hair. Now I know who they really are.

21 Vegans/Vegetarians

Normally around people they treat me normally UNTIL they offer me meat and I politely tell them I am a vegetarian. First they mistake me for a vegan which I don't mind, but I do correct them, then they start talking about all the "good" things I am missing out; an example: "so you don't eat beef jerky!? What about chicken noodle soup? Roast beef, turkey, ham?! " then tell me how crazy I am and laugh. Usually I don't care but it's almost every person who cannot except that I am not like them and give me stupid nicknames that so offended me, people I am not very close to buy me "I am a proud meat eater" shirts knowing I don't eat meat.
Most people don't understand why I don't eat meat and when I explain how I feel better NOT eating meat they tell me I am wrong, but anyways it really sucks how people who eat meat cannot accept the choices I and many others make. Sometimes people just say "cool" and move on which is nice, but I hate explaining myself to people about my eating habits.

22 Band Geeks

What is so socially unacceptable about being able to play an instrument? In the media they are teased for not playing good. In reality, we work as hard as we can, learning very complicated peices, and understanding the notes and blending sounds. We practice for an hour, if you think it takes so little work, why don't you try it?

This society is stupid, they don't like them cause the instruments. But people want to be a rock star,. They want to play guitar, bass guitar, drums, electronic things. People think that its lame, now I don't like band, I'm not in it, but I do play guitar

23 Gamers

Everyone thinks they're bigoted young people on Xbox Live or something.

In the real in the real world I'm the loser but in games you're the loser

24 ADHD People

Some people may have it and may not be energetic but that doesn't mean they don't have it

25 Pedophiles

I completely agree with aj2005. Having sexual attractions towards children isn't any more wrong than liking pizza or the color blue since you can't control your sexual attractions, acting upon those sexual attractions is wrong. A person the has only thinks about having sex with children, but doesn't actually do it is morally superior to someone who actually does it, in the same way that someone who thinks about murdering someone but doesn't actually do it is morally superior to someone who murders someone.

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