Top Ten Reasons Not to Hate Gay People

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1 It's none of your business who others marry

However, people tend to think that people against gay marriage is against homosexuals. They're only against the concept of "marriage".

Nobody needs to get in anyone's love life but their own. They don't need to tell people who to love. People love who they want to love!

People should be free to marry anyone they want no matter if they are the same sex or not.

I'm a Republican but come on you can't have a law to not be able to marry a man

2 Different ≠ bad

We are all different from each other. No two people are the same, some are black, some are white, we belong to different religions, we each have a different personality. Different just means your original.

Being different isn't a bad thing. It's not like homosexuality is something new either. It's been around for thousands of years.

But does homosexuality give you the grounds to be married? You can date, anyway!

The same argument can be applied against the entire conservative ideology.

3 Discriminating against others is a sin

The bible says to love your neighbor. It does not say love your neighbor unless they have a different sexual orientation then you in that case hate your neighbor.

This is the irony in religion; that the conditions under which something qualifies as a sin is discriminating in itself. It's one reason that I don't subscribe to one.

I'm against homophobia and gay marriage. Being against gay marriage doesn't automatically make you a homophobe.

Being gay is sinful towards God but he still loves others and I'm nice to them from my side.

4 Homophobia is for losers

Homophobics are entitled brats who think they are above all others, and are so much bigger than life they should have authority to decide who should marry who, and are dumb enough to think they could improve the lives of orphans by making sure less of them get adopted because that's better than getting two loving members of the same gender as parents right? No. Idiots.

So true, I hate it when people use gay as an offense

You say that because you're a winner.

5 There are a lot of successful gay people

Freddie Mercury, the dude who founded apple, Ellen DeGeneres.

Steve jobs was not a homosexual

Tyler Oakley, Joey Graceffa

MIKA. Just look at him.

6 Love is love

Love is love no matter if it be girl girl boy boy girl boy OK, everyone should just be happy with their girlfriend or boyfriend without ignorant bigots wrecking it.

We come with Peace Love and Flowers. What's so wrong about that?

I hate this argument


7 Gay marriage means more adoption

Gay people would adopt kids because they can't have their own.

Two moms are better than none, two dads are better than none.

And not procreation.

A LOT of us gay men have no desire for kids. I knew what brats me, my brother and sister were to my mom. Having a child would be the last thing I would want. There are some gays that do like kids though... But trust me, they won't raise them any worse than the str8 folks out there

8 It would make fewer people commit suicide

I want to commit suicide, but believe me, it's got NOTHING to do with being lesbian. I am WAY too young for that...

Love gay people they are cool and funny and just less Judgeful people and yes sorry to generalise

The less people the less competition.

Please don't commit suicide!

9 It's completely natural

But get this tere founded in Chimps and Gorilas and there were all alone for 5 years and lions the homo lions are that ho can't find a mate to reproduce so there go for male lions BUT WE WE CAN COMUNICETE HAVE GIRFRIEND AND SOCIALIZE

Scientists have found signs of homosexuality in many other species of animals.

Eathanmeinster: we also find canibalisam in Animals should we eat areslfs becuse some minority wants for us to do it and say its also found in other Animal species

There are more straights then gays...think about it

10 Even your best friend might be gay. But aren't they still amazing?

There is some homophobic kids on my bus and they always talking about how "evil" they are and all they gay kids and supportive straights are all like, do we say something. In the end we all started with arguing with them and we won

If one of my best friends said they were gay, I wouldn't mind at all. It wouldn't change anything.

It depends.

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11 Harmony, peace and love

We like hearts, Flowers, Peace and Rainbows. Why must I like Blood, Hate and Wars just because I am a Dude. We just want to live in a world of peace and love. We have done nothing wrong so why are we hated so much?.

I totally agree. This is one of the reasons the world is just turning to a pile of burnt ashes. People don't understand peace and how to make it happen and how important it is!

12 It's stupid to dislike someone for it

No, it is not!

You are just being a jerk and a bully!1

People have the right to hate gay people or to hate anyone just for who they are.
Unless if they are a good person.

13 It indicates that you have a low IQ

I very much disagree with bullying the LGBT community, but I doubt that hate or disagreement towards gay people is a sign of low intelligence. I bet there are a bundle of very smart people out there that want to kill gay people.

IQ is a measure of intelligence. Some homophobes are actually very smart people, but they are either uneducated or too ignorant to accept the facts. Same with racists, sexists, etc.

What does IQ have to do with this? IQ is meaningless! It just indicates that you can't be sensitive enough towards different people!

IQ is short for Inteligents Quantity (How much,how long and how fast can you store in your brain) IQ dosen't indicate how smart are you but coincidetly smart pepole have bigger and better memory

14 Jesus never said anything about homosexuality

Keep the Bible out of it, the church is what made it illegal for centuries.
If Christianity didn't exist it wouldn't be illegal and people would be fine with it.

All he said was to not cheat on your partner with anyone, not that homosexuality is bad.

Thank you, Jesus.

15 They're fabulous

Yes, indeed I am

16 They're people

So gay people are like Hitler and Stalin. Why? How? Explain? How many people have gay people killed so far since they got the right to marry?

Gay people are like Hitler. WRONG. Gays were put into the holocaust, Google it.

Hitler, Stalin etc. Were people too

We are people believe it or not

17 They can't change who they are


It is their fault for being gay!

18 It is so unfair how LGBTs in our world are persecuted against very harshly just for being themselves.
19 They're just like everyone else

Actually, we are just like everyone else.. Except we have better taste in clothes, design, and pay more attention to our bodies. We are usually highly educated,we have no kids to drive us insane and we actually usually make great neighbors. Most gay men are clean, respectful and take pride in their homes, cars and themselves

Except the fact the fact they "love" the same gender

They just have other sexual preferences.

Not exsacly but I guese if you put it that way

20 We are all equal

Yes, yes, YES! FINALLY! PEOPLE ARE FINALLY REALISING THAT, DESPITE OUR DIFFERENCES, EVERY HUMAN IS EQUAL! If only EVERYONE was intelligent enough to realise it, this world would be MUCH better.

21 Many gay people are kind, intelligent and decent

No, they are not!

This is an extremely stupid reason.

You are just being tooo nice, not stating a real fact!

22 Rob Halford and Freddie Mercury are both gay

so whay

23 Some animals are gay

If animals are gay then why can't humans.


Can you tell by their gender?

24 You should not hate a human for being themselves
25 If a black and a white person can fall in love, then so can people of the same gender
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