Top Ten Worst Types of Girls

Girls lets face it, there are some types of girls we just can't stand. Some are merely annoying, while some need to just be quiet.
The Top Ten
1 Extreme Feminists

I'm a girl, I don't support this either. Soon enough, women will be superior and men will be treated worse. Light feminism is perfectly fine. But please don't make everything revolve around your gender! This is just going to lead to sexism for men.

There are plenty of extremists out there. Saying Extreme Feminists is just like saying Extremist Islamists. We hate extremism so it is a far point to hate extreme feminists. I hate extremists.

You could never even pay me enough money to go on a date with one of these toxic individuals. I would rather be single my whole life.

2 Popular Girls

Most of he popular girls care about popularity and guys more than actual life problems and being nice. They fake being friends with people, and they like to gossip. Whenever someone considered a "loser" does something innocent, they will hate them forever. I hate those snobs.

The 'popular girl' in my grade happens to be my BFF since kindergerten. I'm still waiting for that chance to whack that arm and wipe the smile off her face.

I hate them they get way to much credit unless their nice to others then I have no problem.

3 Mean Girls
4 Attention Seekers

Maybe the worst kind of human!

I like those types

5 Girls in Cliques
6 Sluts

There are such things as sluts, just like there are such thing as gold diggers. The only kind of girl that I consider a slut, is the type to cheat, and have affairs with guys who they clearly know are already taken. They're far different from a woman who just has a healthy sex life. A woman would not go fooling around with other's men since they have respect for relationships and themselves.

7 Sexists
8 Spoiled Girls

"I bought this the other day, hehe couldn't resist" "I have like 50 pairs of shoes" " My prom dress cost a lot of money" Ugh...

9 Girls Who Spread Rumors

Those are the girls who have nothing else better to spread than their legs.

10 Racists
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11 Bitchy Girls
12 Hypersensitive Girls
13 Girls with Too Much Makeup

It doesn't look natural.

14 Girly Girls

Girly girls are just misunderstood. I am pretty girly, but I don't wear makeup that often, I'm not chasing after guys all the time, I don't wear pink too much, and I eat my food. Plus, the people that hate them are worse than the 'popular' group.

The absolute WORST! Most girls are girly girls at one point in their lives, if not all their lives. They're always the same: constantly gossiping, causing drama, out over the stupidest things, always starting new cliques and leaving everyone out, saying the boys are 'gross and annoying' but constantly trying to get their attention, constantly screeching, always trying to get in the center of attention (especially around boys), getting angry at everything imaginable no matter how small, etc etc etc!
It's typically the 11-teenage years girls, but some do continue being stupid into adulthood. This is why I'm usually better friends with boys, because I'm not like that. I've tried before to act like the other girls, just to fit in, but hated it. Never trying that againšŸ¤®.

15 Girls Who Cause Drama
16 Girls Who Flirt with Every Boy They See

I want that girl

17 Stupid Girls
18 Two Faced
19 Goths

I disagree. Goth culture is not about worshiping satan. It is about finding beauty where others wouldn't.

20 Satanists

If the girl doesn't believe in God and that Jesus suffered, bled and died on the cross for our sins. Then she needs help, if she doesn't want to repent, then I don't want to be near her.

21 Gangster Wannabes

These kinds of people in general scare me out of my poo.

22 Hillbilly Types
23 Psycho Girls
24 The Ones Who Use "Like" All the Time

The best types of girls is where they respect you don't be rude and personally is your friend I need one like this I don't have one ?

25 Tomboys

Most annoying attention seekers. Constantly trying to get the mentioned by guys, they say "eww" whenever they see a girl wearing makeup, and the infamous phrase; "I'm not like other girrrllllsss". A complete disgrace to the guys.

They're annoying. Not because I'm a girly girl, I'm neither of these. But because they always use "ew" when some girly girl talks. That just shows their girly side as well.

Majority are just incredibly annoying attention seekers.

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