Top 10 Greatest Hackers

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21 Yousef Hacker

#1. Yosef Hacker
#2. VallaH
#3. Xtam4
#4. Kevin Mitnick.
#5. Dark Dante.

22 Kevin Poulson / Dark Dante

Phreaked his way to a new Porsche with a radio contest on an LA station. Arrested and jailed and went on to become a journalist and editor at Wired.

23 HMEI7

Just a defacer, but not like Mauritania Attacker who is Doctor!

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24 D3VIL 1337
25 Mr.G
26 Electron / Richard Jones
27 Berg Hakeman

He's probably the best hacker in the world and great white hat because he hacked and reported it
He's the youngest most talented hacker till now

29 ROGERS 1921

Greatest of All time.

30 Desert Eagle
31 Rock India

Great Indian patriotic hacker.

33 Rahul Tyagi

Best hacker in the world

34 Eddie_HaXoR V 1 Comment
35 AnonGhost Team

Worst hackers ever - original_the_Creator

Best Hackers ever!

36 Kashif HaxOr

I Am Fan of kashif haxor, because he hacked only targeted websites, the most genius hacker, he is from death adders crew, I like his team.

37 Donnazmi V 1 Comment
38 alg0d
39 cosmos
40 Mr.Bhenchod

I'm good choding mothers & sisters specially.

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