Hardest Bosses In Dark Souls

If you've played Dark Souls, you are probably well aware of just how difficult the game actually is. Sure, the hoards of zombies can be annoying, and so can the spear-wielding knights. But what makes the game horrifically challenging is the bosses. Here are some of the hardest bosses in Dark Souls.

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1 Ornstein and Smough

It all depends on if you go into the NG option or not, in which these guys become even bigger jerks.

But for the average gamer who will want to play through Dark Souls to the end credits just the once, these guys are by far the biggest pain in the ass you will come across. This is all solo play by the way, no co op

It had taken me probably 1 hour and 30 to overcome Quelaag, which was frustrating as I hadn't nailed down a decent strategy until past the hour mark, this is also from someone who had platinum ed Demon's Souls.

The bosses preceding her I had felled in 1 or 2 tries, I think the gargoyles maybe .

Haha, but then I stumbled upon these guys and wow it was the biggest wall I had hit in gaming in a long time.

You have the option to summon a fellow NPC to aid you and distract one, or you can summon a fellow online player to help out, but being me and stubborn as I was in DeS, I was having none of it.

I died countless times and had to turn ...more

Lightning-Spear-Wielding knight who's super fast? Fair. Fat, gigantic executioner with a gigantic hammer that packs a devastating hit? Fair. Two bosses at the same time? Tough, but fair. All of the above in the same fight? Beyond unfair. Oh, but it doesn't stop there. It is actually completely pointless to try to fight both at the same time, because when one dies, the other gets all of its life back. But it can't get any worse, right? Oh, but it does. It gets a lot worse. When Ornstein is killed first, Smough gains his lightning ability, so his hammer hurts you EVEN MORE, even if blocked. When Smough dies first, Ornstein becomes huge. So his hits do more damage, and he's still ridiculously fast. And to top it off, he gains Smough's fire resistance. This battle shows you how unfair Dark Souls can be. There is literally no upsides to this battle. It seems as if they have no weakness. Summoning someone to distract the other boss while you kill off one would be wise. Trying to kill one ...more - Ornsmoughstein

I had a really hard time with this fight until I realized that when you kill Ornstein first, big lightning Smough can be trapped behind a pillar, and he basically can't hit you as long as you make sure the pillar is between you and him. At that point I unloaded all of my Great Soul Arrows, and Homing Soulmass at him (did almost half his health) and then after that I just swung right after he would attack, since he can't reach you anyways. Killing Ornstein with Smough chasing after you is a pain, but I just led them in circles around the room and when Ornstein rushes at you and he's far enough away from Smough you can block him and get a couple hits in. It takes forever, but once you kill him and just block big Smough behind a pillar it gets really easy.

In all DS 1 and 2, this is the boss fight where I died the most and lost the most time. It is the only fight, and only time at all, that I had to summon another player to get some help. With two players though, they are easy. I guess every other bosses would be way easier with someone else anyway. Agreed for Top1

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2 Black Dragon Kalameet

Definitely the hardest boss on the amazing add-on. It is very possible that his magic-fire breath can be a one-hit KO if you're not careful. It is suggested you come into this fight with a good shield and light armor. Staying by his legs is key, but even then you have to be careful. Don't get greedy with hitting him. His tail swipe can be devastating and so can his stomps. This fight is especially difficult if you're trying to cut off his tail for the Obsidian Sword. - Ornsmoughstein

This guy hits like a train, has HUGE range, his fire breath is usually a 1-hit kill and he's really fast and hard to keep up with. But damn he's gotta be one of the coolest dragons in gaming and I LOVE his fight nonetheless.

Kalameet had some absolutely insane damage levels and a lot of HP, this thing is next to impossible to kill without a great shield. The one time I was able to slay the black dragon by dodging, took 3 straight hours. With 53 points in stamina by dodging to the side, I was eventually able to win. My opinion, this was the hardest boss.

Ornstein and Smough are noob killers, and get way easier when you learn crowd control. This guy is hard for people even if you can crush all other bosses. the secret boss, that is secretly activated, of the secret dlc. He is the definition of a superboss. and number 0 is Kalameet with his wings intact.

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3 Manus, Father of the Abyss Manus, Father of the Abyss

This guy can pull some serious wombs combos, has sudden attacks with huge range that are hard to dodge, and the dreaded dark magic attacks! The machine gun magic is super easy to dodge, but the first several times I fought him I thought it was literally impossible to survive the dark rain one and the one where you're surrounded by them coming in.

The final boss of the add-on, but probably not the hardest. Still very hard, but not the hardest. His attacks can be blocked with a good shield. The thing that makes this boss hard is his stupid, nearly unavoidable magic attacks. He doesn't do them often, but when he does, you better block or get the heck out of the way. Summoning Sif makes this boss easier, but he's still a challenge. You don't want to be hit by this boss. - Ornsmoughstein

Why is Manus at 6?! The beat down this guy gives is relentless. His magic is strong as hell but easily blocked with the silver pendant. It's his melee which screws you up. Sif barely makes a difference other than as a good aggro sponge.

I'm dyning every 30

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4 Knight Artorias Knight Artorias

The only easy thing about this fight is that he doesn't have a lot of health. Everything else is eye-gouging frustrating. There's no nearby bonfire and you will probably die a lot. This guy has two heavy machetes, and he hits FAST. The only time you have to heal is when he goes to power up. And that's the problem. He powers up. You don't want this. He hits harder and faster. The key to this fight is you have to hit faster. Iron flesh could be essential for this fight. - Ornsmoughstein

Artorias will either 1-hit kill you or leave you with like 10% health most of the time. He is super fast, much more mobile than you, and extremely unpredictable. And then he gets an insane speed and strength buff on top of that. Tanking this guy is literally impossible because he takes boatloads of stamina, hits fast, does crazy combos unlike any other enemy, and he's extremely aggressive and his attacks are just ferocious. This fight will make you learn how to dodge like a champion. He is my favorite fight in the series though, he's just EPIC.

I just love this fight, so much. He definitely belongs in the top 5. Of all the bosses, Artorias is arguably the hardest to read, and he can combo you pretty easily. - MKBeast

H is super aggressive and fast but he is my favorite boss in the game

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5 Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

Unless you're good at parrying or you have Knight Solaire summoned this guy is definitely the hardest boss in the game.

He's extremely relentless, doesn't give you time to heal AT ALL, has high health and on top of that his sword is on fire. So don't think you can just tank it with Havel's set because you'll have to have a high fire resistance shield like the Dragon Crest Shield or Black Knight which both have quite low stability.

You have to be absolutely precise with your dodging and attacking because just ONE tiny mistake and the match is over. His flame sword WILL wreck you with just a couple of hits. Maybe more if you have fire resistance armour.

So do yourself a favor and become and absolute EXPERT at parrying before going into this fight. Or if not summon Knight Solaire as he can distract Gwyn whilst your healing. Despite all the other painful things about fighting Gwyn the hardest part is by far trying to heal. You will only get a few chances in the whole ...more

I died to him by far the most out of any boss in the game. I heard parrying him helps, but it didn't work for me because if I messed up he would kill me in 2 hits and he gives you no time to heal that close. Then I heard you can just cart him around the mounds of dirt but even then he can still get through. I ended up using the moonlight greatsword and dodging his attacks until he did his grab, then using the semi-ranged R2. It uses a ton of durability but I guess I had enough power to the point when it only warned me the weapon was almost broken on the last hit. If he did end up hitting me I would wait and heal instead of attack during his grab attack. This guy is a bastard but it felt so good beating him without using some cheap trick.

Unlike Dark Souls's predecessor, Demons Souls, the last boss proves to be a challenge. Once again, this boss doesn't have a whole lot of health, so you can probably kill him fast. But his fire-sword can wreck you in a few hits. And the most significant part about this boss is that he is the absolutely hardest boss in the entire game to heal against. He will not stop hitting you. Evasion and blocking is key for this fight. If you saved Solaire, this fight will be a lot easier, as you can summon him to help you. - Ornsmoughstein

His susceptibility to parrying does mean this guy has to take the second or 3rd spot to bosses with no exploitable weakness. However, if you do not rely on parrying, this boss is insanely difficult, allowing you to only dodge or hit once every infrequent window.

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6 The Four Kings

To be honest, I heard this boss was really hard but there was a way to cheese them. I normally like trying a boss out and seeing if I can beat it mono on mono with no souls and humanity so I have nothing to lose from repeated failure, just so I can feel like a badass when I finally win. But to be honest, the run to this boss was so annoying between the ghosts (who I didn't feel like constantly using items to be able to fight) and those super fast skeleton knight things that chase you the whole run to the fog gate, so I just decided to cheese them. Just put on Havel's armor, equip the grass crest shield and swing like a madman.

These guys are practically impossible but if you use full Havel, crest shield, and two-hand the cursed Greatsword of Artorias +5 and just go to town they're really easy.

They are easy ornstein set silver knight shield lighnine uchigatana plus 4 easy one of the easiest

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7 Bed of Chaos Bed of Chaos

What makes this boss hard is not the boss itself, but how many times you will probably die before you can actually hit him. It only takes one hit to kill him. Easy, right? Wrong! You have to destroy 2 orbs, 1 on each side, while his giant branches are trying to hit you with fire, and the ground is literally caving in beneath you. You then have to drop down to the tree in the opening, get up to him, and hit him once. This is a very evasive process. - Ornsmoughstein

The worst fight in the entire Bloodsouls series. Easily. She constantly tries to swipe you down her holes, and can use firestorms to wreck you. Luckily, it saves your progress you've made in the fight. - MKBeast

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8 Capra Demon

Definitely not the hardest, but he may be the most annoying boss. He has two dogs guarding him, and if you don't kill them quickly, you will be killed very quickly. The Capra Demon has fast, powerful machetes. The only thing that makes him easy is that he has very little health. Kill the dogs, run on top of the stairs, heal if necessary, hit him in the back, repeat. Mages will probably have a hard time with this battle. - Ornsmoughstein

This boss pissed me off even more than Ornstein and Smough because the dogs would just bum rush me and pin me to the boss every time I entered the room. When I finally killed them without the Capra Demon killing me, the fight became a piece of cake because when you lead him up the stairs and make him jump off after you, his falling animation takes forever and you can get like three swings in. Rinse and repeat. But those stupid dogs. I still hate this boss fight. I think the most annoying part is either trying to run past or kill all the dogs and thieves on the way to him.

Yo dawg, I heard you like dawgs, so I put a dawg next to another dawg along with a fast and hard-hitting demon, so that you can fill your room with salt. - MKBeast

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9 Chaos Witch Quelaag

This boss isn't TOO hard, but can be a pain if you're going in with no strategy. It's actually kind of easy to get a lot of hits on her, but that's what makes it difficult. You get greedy with hits, and next thing you know, you're standing in lava. Literally. Her lava can kill you pretty quick which is why you can't be too greedy. - Ornsmoughstein

I thought she was relatively easy, I beat her on the first try. The phantom you can summon can really take a hit and distract her, and you just have to make sure you don't get hit by lava and just stick to her sides while the phantom soaks up damage.

She can't hit you if you stay by her face - CrescentArcher

Stick to the sides like glue. - MKBeast

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10 Stray Demon

Although the first boss was very similar to this one, this one can be somewhat challenging if you don't know what you're doing. You start off the battle with some health loss already because you have to fall through the floor. His hits are pretty hard-hitting and might be able to kill you in one hit. Fortunately, he's very slow. Staying behind this boss can keep you safe. Just watch out for him fire eruptions. - Ornsmoughstein

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? Dancer of the Boreal Valley
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11 Belfry Gargoyles Belfry Gargoyles

This boss is only difficult because another one comes when the other reaches half health, and this proves to be a difficult third boss. Fortunately, they have quite low health, and summoning Solaire can make this fight very easy. - Ornsmoughstein

This boss sucks, and was harder than Ornstein or Smough for me. I basically had to have my summons kick its ass while I occasionally went in for a poke or two when they were distracted.

12 Sanctuary Guardian

The first boss of the add-on. The only thing that makes this boss easier is the fact there is literally nothing standing between him and the bonfire, so if you did, at least you're right there. This boss is big and attacks fast. He can very possibly poison you with his tail, which makes him even harder. His lightning attacks are almost unavoidable and he has a good amount of health. Tanking this boss would probably be a good idea. - Ornsmoughstein

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13 Gravelord Nito

This boss is REALLY annoying if you don't have a divine weapon. If you don't, his skeletons will reanimate after you've killed them and start attacking you. And trust me, you want to focus on him. He's slow, but powerful. These skeletons can easily overwhelm you. - Ornsmoughstein

This guy is a joke. Even if you don't have a divine weapon all you have to do is have him perform his AoE to kill em. - MKBeast

14 Centipede Demon

What makes this boss hard is that you have to make him come to you. There's lava around him and you CANNOT go in there. It's hard to hit this boss without being hit, but he doesn't have a whole lot of health. Having a good shield can make this boss a piece of cake. - Ornsmoughstein

This boss was impossible for me until I discovered the patch of land to the right. Then I beat it on my first try.

What's the worst part about the demon? The arena. The lava just sucks. - MKBeast

15 Dark Sun Gwyndolin

A completely optional boss, but very annoying nonetheless. He blasts magic from across the hall which is VERY powerful, and once you reach him, you can MAYBE manage two hits on him. Fortunately, he doesn't have a lot of health. - Ornsmoughstein

Maybe not the hardest boss but if you die to him you have to go all the way around again to get back to him and it is a huge pain in the ass

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16 Great Grey Wolf Sif

I don't know if it was because I was like level 70 by the time I got to this boss, but it was a piece of cake for me after watching one video of its attack patterns before going in the door. I didn't even need to heal at all or anything. I heard most people kill him a lot earlier in the game so maybe that was it.

This is a fight where blocking is a good way to get yourself killed. Wear light armor and roll for all of his attacks. Get underneath him and hack away until he jumps back. Rinse and repeat.

Sif uses fast, hard-hitting attacks. Fortunately, he tends to jump back a lot, giving you enough time to heal. Timing your attacks can make him an easy battle. - Ornsmoughstein

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17 Ceaseless Discharge

This boss can be hard depending on the strategy. Once the fight engages, you can then run back to the fog door and he will jump at you over the edge, holding on for dear life. This is when you keep hitting his hands to get him to let go, and voila! He's dead! - Ornsmoughstein

Even besides the infamous exploit where you can push him over the edge, this fight is easy. If you're by the body where you pick up the clothes, he will do the same attack over and over again. This attack is very easy to dodge and you can get a few attacks while he just rests his arm there. The biggest problem with this boss is its BS hitboxes. If you do die to said hitboxes the fight becomes much more difficult because his attacks reach ALL THE WAY across the arena.

18 Crossbreed Priscilla

Fortunately, you have to engage the first hit for this fight to begin, so take advantage of this with the most powerful hit you can think of, then keep your eyes peeled, because she turns invisible. This is where it gets hard. Fortunately, you can somewhat get a fix on her position because she eaves footprints in the snow. Don't let her hit you, because she can cause some heavy bleeding damage. Take advantage of attacks when she becomes visible again. - Ornsmoughstein

Just watch the footprints, then run up behind them, hit a few times, and run away. Once she becomes visible, her moveset is one of the easiest to dodge in the game. She does bleed damage, though.

19 Seath the Scaleless

Seath is a very easy boss. Just do your best to stay out of the crystals. However, the tail cut is very difficult to pull off. If you wear Paladin's armor and just stay in front of him, it is hard to lose.

A boss so hard, no one has ever beat him the first time lol

Seath isn't hard to beat, but he can curse with his breath.

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20 Giant Dad V 1 Comment
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