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21 Pinwheel

This boss is a complete joke. Definitely the easiest boss in the entire game. If you have a good weapon you can literally kill him in 3 hits. The path to this boss is actually somewhat difficult so you can high five yourself once you actually make it to him. - Ornsmoughstein

What, really? He's not at the bottom of the list? - KarmalApples

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22 Iron Golem

Very slow, but powerful boss. You don't want him to hit you. Fortunately, if you're careful, he probably won't hit you. This boss can be easily defeated by summoning the phantom before this boss. - Ornsmoughstein

23 Gaping Dragon

A loot of people will say this is the easiest boss in the game, and depending on your build, it might be, but jumping into this battle with no strategy will most likely end in your characters death. First of all, this boss has a TON of health. The first few times I fought this boss I got wrecked, and I just couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. Then I figured out a strategy: When he charges, stand by his side and wait for him to stop. Then get some good hits in his tail, but don't get greedy. So yeah, this is an easy boss, if you know what you're doing. - Ornsmoughstein

This boss annoyed me because it chased me the entire time but nonetheless easy but why is it at the bottomoment

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24 Taurus Demon

This boss is easy depending on the strategy uses. If you do it right, you can just plunge attack him over and over again, just run back after every plunge to give yourself time to climb the tower. - Ornsmoughstein

25 Moonlight Butterfly Moonlight Butterfly

A relatively easy boss, because it leaves itself completely vulnerable when it comes down to rest, letting you probably get about half of its health down in one rest. The tricky thing is, low-health characters might have a tough time with this boss, because its magic can be a one-hit kill. Luckily, his magic can be easily evaded. - Ornsmoughstein

When it comes down destroy it only hard part lasers

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26 Demon Firesage

For being so late in the game, this boss is kind of a joke. You've already fought two bosses almost exactly the same as him, and really, all he has that's different is more fire attacks. He can easily be killed if you know how to kill the Stray Demon. - Ornsmoughstein

This guy took me so long to beat I do not know why he is easy but I am bad at these kinds of fights

27 Asylum Demon

Probably the easiest boss in the game in hindsight, but can be tricky for new Dark Souls players, considering it is the first boss. Luckily, you get a free plunging attack which will give you a great advantage over him. - Ornsmoughstein

28 Abyss Watchers
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