Hardest Guitar Hero Songs

Hey!!. Anyone who knows the site ScoreHero will, and most surely know what I'm talking about. Don't go all Through the Fire and Flames.

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1 Through the Fire and Flames - DragonForce

The solo is only readable with hyperspeed on. Any way else, this song is hard. I always get to the very end of the solo, but I'm already so close to failing that I mess up on the easy part.

If you've ever played this and the devil went down to Georgia, you could probably understand why this song is #1. On the devil went down to Georgia you can make it to at least 25% into the song before you die, and on thorough the fire and the flames it takes a lot of practice to beat the the "hammer on's"( only 5% ), then once you beat that you're not home free. There are more death solos that will tear you apart ( unless you're a real legend ). And last but not least, there's one more death solo at the end of the song. "You Rock", which is just like the beginning, but not as long and not as much notes. Easily the hardest song. - Gideon

Not only hard on guitar hero, playing it on real guitar can make any day a bad day. The frustrating solo really is a nightmare.

By far the hardest song on guitar hero/rock band. I can play most songs on expert some even 5 crimson stars on brutal mode, but I can’t even survive hard Through the Fire and Flames. There is no reaction time. The only way to play this song is by muscle memory.

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2 The Devil Went Down to Georgia - Charlie Daniels Band

In my opinion, this is much harder than Through the Fire and Flames. When playing Through the Fire and Flames, after the initial hammer-on section, which is easy once you get the hang of it, most of the song isn't really that difficult until you get to the solo. And even the solo, most of it has a pattern, and there are only a few difficult parts that require Star Power to get through. The Devil Went Down to Georgia, however, is a different story. It's not difficult to get to the solo, but once you get there, you will realize how much harder than Through the Fire and Flames it really is. There are three very difficult sections in these solos, all of them in the second one (not like the rest of it is easy). Victory Solo G has a very fast snake that may require double tapping, Victory Solo K has a chromatic-sounding passage that WILL require double tapping and I have absolutely no idea how to play it, and Lou's Death Drain solo, for obvious reasons. It should also be noted that there ...more

Many GH songs seem very hard, and TTFATF is a real candidate for hardest GH song. But when someone learns the tricks of that song it becomes easier. "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" has no tricks. Only pure hammer-ons, pull-offs and very nasty solos, not to mention some parts of the music where the number of notes per second is incredible. I have beaten TTFATF and I believe TDWDTG is harder. That's why my vote goes to this song.

When playing The Devil Went Down to Georgia, you have two options. Either practice this song into oblivion and become a legend, or have the balls to tackle it head on. Both ways, your ass will be kicked so hard that it might wind up in Georgia. You can't cheat either of the solos with Star Power because they last half the song, and if you bomb on the last part, you're completely screwed, as that's where the items needed to defeat Lou are. If you somehow manage to defeat Lou, you then have to shred through one more hand-immolating solo before it's done. I will concede that Buckethead or Fire and Flames are probably harder on a technical scale, but this is the one that is the most painful and downright nasty to play.

Through the Fire and Flames overrated.

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3 Jordan - Buckethead

Why is TTFAF the hardest? None of it's fast but not complex. Solo B and C give NO CHANCE OF LETTING YOU LIVE. I know, I've beaten Jordan 4 times, each just barely. I've beaten TTFAF like 10-20 times, every time I never even hit the yellow. Jordan has only been FC'ed because they've had about 2 extra years of practice on it. - SonicCoilWound

Not sure why Through the Fire and Flames is on top. All in all I do think Through the Fire and Flames is harder than Jordan, however this is only when playing them on a equal game engine. On the guitar hero 2 game engine Jordan is next to impossible to beat. I can fairly easily pass every and any song on guitar hero, but Jordan is always a struggle and I fail almost 60-70% of the time.

To me, Jordan is the most difficult song in the history of Guitar Hero. It is the only song that I can't beat. I can five star almost every song. The other day I got five stars on both versions of Raining Blood on expert. I just can't beat Jordan. I fail halfway through the solo.

402k and 4 stars on Through the Fire and Flames.
Never beat Jordan. I fail every time in Solo C

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4 Fury of the Storm - Dragonforce

This song starts off relatively easy, but once you get to the solo that's about 3 minutes into the song, it becomes the hardest song I've ever played. However I haven't played Jordan so I can't speak for that. Harder than Through the Fire and Flames. Got my vote. Rock on Dragonforce!

This song is just underrated. It's almost just as hard as Through The Fire And Flames, and Devil Went Down To Georgia.

People, get Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock and play this song.

I think this song is more difficult than Through the Fire and Flames, but not as hard as Jordan and TDWDTG. The song is more consistently strenuous on your strumming hand during the verses (I always find myself more tired than in Through the Fire and Flames) and in my opinion, the solo is harder, and does not give you as many easy parts during the solo itself. Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock had some really fun and really hard songs on them, and I suggest anyone who hasn't gotten it should get it.

I found this one was the hardest for me instead of through the fire and flames-unknown

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5 Raining Blood - Slayer

Raining Blood is tied with Jordan for hardest standard, non-boss song in my book. This song will make blood rain from your hands as they shred open like the solos in this song.

The first issue is the breakneck speed. This is one of the fastest songs I've ever subjected myself to, and it's very hard to keep up. At least Through the Fire and Flames has an excuse: the song is that fast because it's epic and you feel like you're killing a dragon going that fast. This feels like you're getting carpal-tunnel.

The second issue is the innumerable snakes. My God, the snakes. I can tolerate double tapping and scattered notes and all kinds of crap, but snakes bring me to my knees.

Finally, there's the sections Mosh One and Flood. I have failed in these sections more than any other section in any other song. Might as well throw that beast of a green hammer-on into the mix, as that's murder to play as well.

This song is not just hard, but I don't even like how it ...more

I think one reason this song is so difficult is because of the lack of Star Power throughout the song. There are only seven Star Power phrases in the entire song; one of them is in the middle of the very difficult Mosh 1, and another is the entire green strumming section before the final section of insanity. This means you can't use Star Power to get through the difficult sections unless you manage to hit all of the Star Power phrases, because you will most likely need Star Power for Mosh 1 and then again for the ending Flood.

I can't do Through the Fire and Flames on expert but that is a bonus song anyway so to me it does not have as much importance. It is so frustrating that this is the only song I need to complete expert career. Also free bird on guitar hero 2 I can't do but I am so close. But raining blood no chance I even get star power before mosh 1 and I fail with star power. I don't no why I can do black widow of la porte, one, eruption and devil went down to Georgia but this just takes the piss!

This song is Easy But The Solos Are So Hard

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6 Eruption - Van Halen


How did I beat this song, one, sudden death, raining blood, black widow, play with me, but can't beat free bird

WOW been playing the game and MASTERING IT for like 5 going on six years! 3 stars!

Seriously. This song is actually really easy if you can properly tap (which you should have learned in the previous games, especially with extreme hammer-on sections, like those in Through the Fire and Flames), and the strumming isn't bad either. I actually 4-starred this on a sightread, and I fail to complete BWOLP, so I'd say this is pretty easy. - HeavyMetalHero

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7 Sudden Death - Megadeth

This is by far the hardest song, whatever anyone says.
on expert it starts with about a million hopos and the bad thing is that they are descending (which I seem to find hardest for some reason) harder than ttfaf because in that you just need to keep a finger (or a clothes peg) on green the complete the intro... but in sudden death, if you get the first 2 bits of star power you should have a chance of pulling through

Waay harder than One. The difference between songs like Sudden Death and Raining Blood and songs like One is that there's always one section that kills everyone (i.E. fast Solo A). In One the fast solo is near the end, where you can easily store up max Star Power, but in Sudden Death, the killer is right at the beginning, so you can't bluff your way through.

The difficulty of this song is way overrated. It is difficult, yes, but not nearly as hard as Fury of the Storm, Black Widow of La Porte, or hell, even This Day We Fight.

Megadeth just needs to chill for a second.

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8 Black Widow of la Porte - John 5

I never had that much trouble with most of the songs on the games other than Raining Blood. But this was the last song I had to master in order to beat Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock and I played it more than 30 times before I finally got 40 stars on it. It is way harder than the Dragonforce songs.

I'm not very good at guitar hero and generally play on medium and hard this is the only song that I've attempted and can't beat even on easy I can play through the fire and flames and fury of the storm and both of them are easier to play than this

I'm pretty good at playing on easy and when I first attempted this song I sucked but I got better and mastered it then I advanced to medium difficulty and it took me 2 weeks to complete this song on medium!

Extremely brutal, I FC’d it once on Medium. I tried again and failed miserably.

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9 One - Metallica

Try playing this song on Expert Plus. Insanely awesome. - metallicaholic95

This persons right but if you play this song on easy or medium you're gonna think this songs a piece of cake but I dare you to play this song on expert. You're gonna be dead after the song... Well you're gonna wish you were dead.

Basically if you try to play the song on expert you'll end up like the soldier in the music video for One - Skullkid755

Pretty easy song. The solo does get me 25% of the time, but star power and constant strumming gets you through. Not actually hard to 5 star, use star power at double notes and strumming notes and you'll be good, takes about 400,000 points to get it

This song ain't bad if you have star power for the solo but good luck 5 staring it.

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10 This Day We Fight! - Megadeth

Possibly the most intense song I've ever played. Constant strumming, devilishly hard mini-solos that come out of nowhere, and pretty much no rest anywhere in the song...one of the only songs in the series like this. This was the song that gave me the most trouble out of any song I've played on my initial run-through. Very hard.

This song is HARD! Take it from someone who easily beats one and raining blood on expert. They are nothing compared to this. Same goes for eruption. Just shows how awesome megadeth is.

Why is that song not on the list? This song is insane! Can't complete it and my fingers burn!

I've played Through the Fire and Flames(on smash hits at least) fury of the storm, rain blood, black widow of laporte, one,eruption, sudden death, and I still can play this song. It should be at least 7 or 6 since one is a piece of cake.

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11 Satch Boogie - Joe Satriani

I could beat it if I had rapid fingers for solo F... but I can only get to about 78 percent then fail... this is an epic game and I agree with this list 100%

The only one i cant beat on expert - Dragonfire

This should be higher than Raining Blood! I can't complete this song. I fail after 76% and lower! This should be way higher

It's never easy. Not always hard. But never easy. Even with full star power the solo is just too long. But in a good way - SomeGuy23

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12 Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

I can complete all of these songs on the list, but free bird is insane, with the patterns used in the song not many people complete this song but I'm an expert (don't mean to brag) but I've done research and surprisingly finished this whole top ten list and this is such a reasonable placement

Free Bird is easy... Gh warriors of rock gave it an intensity of 8/10 compared to songs like Black Widow and Fury of the Storm that are both 10/10. Even the makers of the game don't think it's comparable

Why the fright is this song 11th?! This should be at least 8th.

If GH2, it'd be #4 at least.

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13 Play with Me - Extreme

This song really is Extreme - gibsonrock53

This is a harder song. very fast, but I can beat it every time. this deserves to be in top 10 though.

Harder on Greatest Hits

Most brutal song on smash hits hands doen

14 Heroes of Our Time - Dragonforce

I swear either this song or Storming The Burning Fields should be at the top, not Through the Fire and Flames, even though they're all pretty difficult and from the same band anyway.

Guys, seriously. This is dragon force. This song deserves to be in the top ten.

I've only seen this song, but it's beastly.

To me the difficulty for this song is almost close to through the fire and flames, both are very very very hard

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15 Fight Fire with Fire - Metallica

Hardest song in Guitar Hero Metallica - rocker1796

16 Speeding - Steve Vai

The clear notes at the beginning, (I forgot what those were called.) have no pattern and go insane! I haven't gotten past 2% on this song, and I can do a lot of songs on expert.

This should be at least in the to ten, it's fast, fun and a great challenge to any casual gamer

This is not easy but should not be here

17 Chemical Warfare - Slayer

Never played it, but it's made by slayer, they made raining blood too, so it must be hard. There is a pattern on this list, Dragonforce, Megadeth, Slayer, and another I'd like to add if they'd released one of their crazier songs to gh, Avenged Sevenfold. These are the modern (or almost modern) day bands that shred with the craziest solos known to man.

Voting not because it's hard all the way through, but because solo 1 is the hardest section in Guitar Hero



18 We Three Kings - Steve Ouimette

This song is physically impossible to beat.

Try this song on expert I dare you.

19 Hangar 18 - Megadeth

I find this song harder then any songs in Guitar hero Warriors of rock because the Riff, where you have to hit The power chords and hammer on the to the next power chords.

Personally, this was one of the first songs I could 100% on expert, so I didn't struggle with it. I can see how others would though!

Took me a while to complete on Medium (GH2)

Wow, really? I FC'd this song with a dual shock. You guys are terrible at GH - HeavyMetalHero

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20 Spanish Fly - Van Halen

I can beat eruption without really trying, I've never finished this nylon string solo from beloved eddy

This is definitely an easier song to just beat, but for me is impossible to beat without star power, or to FC it.

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