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81 Burn - Deep Purple
82 Bangarang - Skrillex

In Guitar Hero Live, even the DEVELOPERS couldn't score higher than 82% on expert. - thomwim

83 Take This Life - In Flames

I beat all of guitar hero 3 and I only beat this second to last before Through the Fire and Flames and I thought this was way harder than hot for teacher, free bird, and even One this song is hard

I've never got past 10% of this song, strumming is too intensive. Way harder to beat than Through the Fire and Flames, once you'll learn the initial pattern, Through the Fire and Flames is easy to pass and I rarely fail on it. Maybe Take This Life in terms of FC is easier, but it definitelly deserves recognition.

84 Ghost Walking - Lamb of God
85 Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
86 Beast & the Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold

I love playing syn's solo in beast & the harlot on hard it is the best song on guitar hero 2

A great song that I never even knew existed before playing GH2 all the way through on Expert. Hard song, but not the hardest in the game. There are others like Psychobilly Freakout, which kills my arm with it's chorus, and DEAR GOD FREE BIRD JESUS SAVE US. Anyways, this isn't even my favorite song from GH2, because Dead! Is so amazing, but I just have to say that this wasn't an easy pass. The chorus's pattern is so easy but kills my arm after 3 times, and the solo is just so hard yet so replayable. I love this song to death, but it is not the hardest song.

Synster Gates show he can play when he pulls on this track for GHII - eddie95mufc

87 Slow Ride - Foghat

I failed this in practice mode, that is how hard this song is.

dude these songs on this list are easy. but this song is physically impossible!

This is the hardest song of all guitar hero games


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88 Rondo - Custom Song Guitar Hero World Tour

The first solo is a lot easier than the second, but the song is very repetitive and not that great, nor is it hard. Shouldn't be on here. It deserves to be this low

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89 Amazing - Custom Song Guitar Hero World Tour

Can't beat on expert very tough

90 Love Removal Machine - The Cult
91 Before I Forget - Slipknot

The best this is kidding

92 Canon Rock - Jerry C
93 The Metal - Tenacious D V 1 Comment
94 Seventeen - Winger

Going back to this song after not playing Guitar Hero for two years was difficult. You have got to be very good at hammer-ons and pull offs to pass this song.

95 Done With Everything, Die for Nothing - Children of Bodom

Way too far down the list, this song is ridiculous

Hard guitar hero song but not as hard as one big holiday by my morning jacket that shi cray cray

96 Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against
97 Spider-Man - The Ramones
98 Paranoid - Black Sabbath
99 Somebody Told Me - The Killers

Only one from Hot Fuss is Mr. Brightside.

100 Like Woah - Aly and AJ

It's pretty hard for the singer because they don't take long breaks and that "WOAH" is really hard to beat! But I love doing it! - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

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