Top Ten HBM Heroes In Castle Clash


The Top Ten

1 Vlad Dracula

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Vlad is the dedicated hbm hero. With high stats overall, extremely efficient heal, high damage and the fact that he is a flying and ranged hero he is the core of any hbm team. He was the hero that made corner bases efficient as he can easily take flying enemies down. It was because of him hbm 2 was introduced as challenge 1 was laughably easy with him. The reason he is higher up on this list than pd is that, a pd at one lv barely can take down J with a good team to support, whilst vlad soloes at the same lv. Hands down the most vital hbm hero. - CeresHaumera

2 Pumpkin Duke

Incredible buff which makes everything easier in hbm. From wiping out backpops to slowing down bosses, he is the one. There is not much to say about him - he is the one and only pd. - CeresHaumera

3 Santa Boom

Simply wipes waves out in an instant. The debuff is very useful when slowing down high hp enemies and the fact that his proc is global makes it easy to wipe out 2 waves simultaneously when meeting a backpop. - CeresHaumera

4 Destroyer

When he procs, everything is instantly wiped out. He can support himself and gets additional buff from his own proc. - CeresHaumera

5 Druid

Survivaibility starts with a heal. High heal for all your allies and has a stackable buff that becomes really useful when combined with pd. - CeresHaumera

6 Moltanica

Extreme -90% debuff at 10/10, high damage and is flying & ranged. Extremely useful when facing bosses and slowing down entire waves. - CeresHaumera

7 Cupid

Really good buff. Damage for wiping enemies out and energy to proc early. Key to any high hbm. He is ranged & flying so it is easy for him to proc. - CeresHaumera

8 Immortep

First real AoE hero. He made it much easier to take down J for both p2p and f2p as he is a shard hero. High damage and stun makes him able to wipe any wave out. As he is melee and ground, it is hard for him to take down certain waves. - CeresHaumera

9 Gunslinger

Auto proc, area damage, energy reduction, and a one shot Massive damage skill, there is no replacing Gunslinger a on off the best heroes for almost all game modes.

10 Anubis

Huge stats, 3 Revives, and a massive damage dealing 100 target skill, this is your front line HBM Hero.

The Contenders

11 Athene
12 Angle
13 Minotaur Chieftain

High global proc with a long stun makes him capable of wiping out all grounded enemies in an instant. - CeresHaumera

14 Thunder God

Really high damage to a lot of targets with no cooldown and 1.5 seconds of stun makes him really useful for any f2p player. - CeresHaumera

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