Top Ten Reasons Why the Coronavirus Should End

The Coronavirus is actually stupid. It has practically broken society and it need to end. This list will go over some reasons this virus needs to end.
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1 So normal life can continue

earth is more than what it is, I'm more than astonished the average stereotypical individual/collective has no idea what earth is, everything occurring with us & this world has happened before, ancient texts/books has explained it before. normal never exists

They are shutting down schools. They are shutting down restaurants and bars. They are even shutting down churches. This needs to end.

This virus is awful. I can't go to the mall or go to place that has a lot of people because of it. I just hope that it'll end soon.

2 So people would stop panicking

The people who overreact to COVID-19 in a nutshell:

But here's my reaction: 'We can work it out!'

The panic in the world right now is crazy. Listen everything will be fine. Stop overreacting.

All of this panicking is making me panic even more

Except for anti masks Karen's!

3 So we can all go in public

I'm sick of being stuck in home. Feels like a maximum security prison.

I want to go to places without getting worried

That would be nice it sucks if you can't visit places without having the vaccine

4 So sports will come back

Sports are STILL going to continue, but behind closed doors.

Having no sports freaking sucks. I need sports back.

I want to watch live tennis again

So soccer returns

5 So the loss of life will be stopped

It is clear that people are dying from this. Granted, it is limited and it's really only older people and people with disabilities, but still every loss of life hurts someone and it needs to end.

I feel bad for people who lost their loved ones to the coronavirus

It's the Chinese people's fault for spreading the virus!

6 It is killing the economy

All to hurt the presidency and steal the election. I can easily tell what's going on.


I fear we will go into another Great Depression

7 So people can be employed

Lots of people are losing their jobs

8 So we can go back to school

If I am doing schoolwork, I at least want to do it in a classroom with other students to socialize with in person instead of being alone by myself on lagging Google Meets!

My teacher: "guys you all overreacting, it's not like we are gonna stop going outside because a virus *laughs*"

1 week later

*the whole country is under lockdown*

I'm in grade 12 this year I hope I get to graduate this year, it would suck if I couldn't graduate if school got cancelled until september

I hate school especially online classes. One of the good things the virus did is class suspension.

9 So the annoying commercials would stop.

Too many commercials about coronavirus and I'm constantly changing channels until the commercials end. I understand they're trying to help, but constantly rattling people's nerves over and over is going to make things worse.

I can't listen to the radio they have too many commercials about coronavirus I tried listen to it today and they mentioned it 5 times in 10 mins I had to turn off the radio

I swear a coronavirus commercial pops up every five seconds

The NFL tells us to stay home...
Me: Hits the mute button.

10 So we can have toilet paper back

Honestly not having toilet paper sucks. I don't get why people are getting so much toilet paper. It makes no sense at all.

Yeah, people are exaggerating with hoarding toilet paper.

One of the best reasons. Make it happen.

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11 So our government can calm down again

I, quite frankly, believe a conspiracy is going on.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY THERE ARE 7,000 DEATHS AND COUNTING IN THE UNITED STATES SO QUICKLY UNLESS PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY BEING STUPID. I have no current relatives or what not who have died or even got tested positive for the virus, and for a virus that seems to be deadly for senior citizens the most, YET THERE ARE STILL SURVIVORS OF THE VIRUS WHO ARE ELDERLY LIKE PRINCE CHARLES.

So what do I think? I think what has happened in China COULD be happening to some particular areas in the US. Some people are dying either in quarantine or by other means, and the government is adding their deaths as a statistic for coronavirus deaths. Some of the elites in power are perhaps doing some things behind the scenes, after all, everyone in quarantine is basically forced to stay indoors, forced to note spread or socialize, and while justified in many ways, I cannot help but thing there is SOMETHING AMISS out of this entire thing and ...more

I cannot stand witnessing some of the mayors on TV having an arrogant, unprofessional attitude. I understand they're trying to do the best they can to slow down the virus, however, being classless is not the appropriate way to go!

12 So we can hang out with our friends

And not in some weird, cheap knockoff of the opening credits of "The Brady Bunch" on the same stupid screen we've had to stare at for six months now.

13 So we can breathe without wearing face masks

Actually, jokes on the coronavirus, I like wearing them because it makes me look like Kenny. So I have to wear them until 2027. My mom made these rules for me.

Face masks can be a pain at times...

14 So TheTopTens won't shut down

Gosh, this list is so unnecessary.
It's pretty obvious all outbreaks should end.
"Reasons why Coronavirus outbreak should end" ...Seriously? For real?
"Because a new incident gave us more list ideas!"

If this gets too bad TheTopTens may temporarily shut down.

TheTopTens won't shut down because of a virus...

15 So we can go to the park

I saw people go to the park recently

I want to go to the park again

We all need exercise.

16 So we can get along again

"We're all in this together" Oh yeah? Wouldn't know it the way everyone's being even more judgmental of everyone else than ever.

There's just too much hatred going on and we all need to settle down and help one another through this challenging time.

I go for walks often and when I wave to people on the street, they just give me dirty looks and stare. It’s like the whole world has turned against each other and I hate it

17 So schools can stop sending annoying emails to parents!

My school is often sending emails and it more dictatorship rather than helping.

18 So we can hug and shake hands again

That will be amazing.

I want to do this

19 So no more public events are cancelled

It's not just sports. Anime, scifi, comic, etc conventions have been canceled.

20 So we can stop hearing news about it

The only thing on the news non-weather related is coronavirus. I'm sick of it!

21 So the Disney theme parks and resorts can reopen

Right now, every Disney-anything (Land, World, Euro Disney, Tokyo Disney, etc) is completely closed. At most, one park would close due to major natural disasters (e.g. an earthquake or hurricane) in the area or the American parks closed when 9/11 happened, but this is the first time they all closed at once.

22 So we can go to amusement parks

My family was planning on going to Universal Studios this year. Guess what? CANCELLED >:(

23 So people can visit family members again

I want to see my cousins!

24 So walmart employees can rest
25 So we can go on vacations again

Actually go, not just watch videos or put posterboard and construction paper all over the house and call it wherever.

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