Top 10 Misconceptions About Autism 

Note: This list is for educational purposes only and is not meant to be messed with. Thank you.
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1 Autism is caused by vaccination.

The myth has already been debunked many many times. If you choose to not vaccinate your child, you're not helping your case any further and instead using ignorance as an inefficient tool to carry out solutions which you are obviously causing more problems than fixing them. If you don't clearly see that you are causing more problems than having a simple solution, you're delusional if you see that the problem is the solution.

This along with everything else on this list, especially as someone who has Autism, I find it to be possibly a segment of the dumbest things I have ever, EVER heard.

Not really. There's really been no scientific evidence to support this kind of claim so to all the parents and anti-vaxxers out there, please vaccinate your kids.

Even if it was, so what? Autism isn't something to avoid or be scared of.

2 People with autism can't learn.

As a matter of fact, people on the autism spectrum can have remarkable talents in specific areas. A lot of them even learn to think in a certain way that enables them to visualise concepts and systems such as mathematics and logical reasoning as an additional sense.

I've known many people with autism in my school's special class for gifted students. They really are smart in certain subjects. Some of them looked like they don't learn in classes but actually, they learned fast than the others.

Of course they can! Like I already stated, some autists are actually very intelligent and have really high IQs. They jist need some time to learn faster (but no need to worry, there's way more faster learning autists than slower learning ones).

They all can. It's called different styles of learning.

3 People with autism don't want to make friends.

This isn't always the case. Some autists have been proven to wanna socialize with others and even make more friends of their own (I just simply try to be more careful of who I try to socialize with because there are a lot of weirdos out there).

They do, they just have trouble doing so.

4 Autism is a mental illness.

It really isn't, at least not in the negative sense. Yeah, people on the spectrum have different thought processes, but it doesn't negatively affect them (unless they are bullied for it or something), so I wouldn't say it is an "illness" at all. It's just a part of some people, and it makes them unique. I find that really cool.

It's NOTHING like a mental illness. It's actually more of a communication disorder. Autists are actually very intelligent and my autism does not affect my intelligence whatsoever.

I see it mostly as an advantage. My Aspergers served me very well upon the whole binding journey of my life. There are only a few cons I can see of myself.

5 People with autism lack empathy.

This is wrong on so many ways. If anything, autists actually feel more empathy as others, but theu may express it in ways that are harder to recognize.

Definitely not. I just have a bit of a problem showing empathy at times

I have a ton of empathy

6 Autism affects intelligence.

Albert Einstein has it and is the smartest person. Enough said.

7 Autism only happens in children.

A little lower because it's already obvious that it happens in a lot of adults too.

I'm an autistic adult

Autism occurs in adults too, but the sad truth is that it's often overlooked

8 Autism causes people to be more violent.

Although there have been news stories relating autism to violence, those kinds of acts usually arise from sensory overload or emotional stress and it's actually very usual for autists to act out violently or pose any real danger to society. Many autists actually prefer to limit their exposure and interactions with others because of social situations.

I'm not violent at all

I'm hyper pacifist

9 Autism makes people more aggressive.

Not necessarily. There have been lots of autists who have been proven to be calm and non-violent. It's actually really rare for an autistic child to intentionally cause harm to another person.

I do not really think my autism is correlated with my anger issues, it is rather much the tainted past that makes me have other mental illnesses other than autism. I am still a nice person.

I have anger issues, but it isn't that bad though.

10 Autism is caused by bad parenting.

It's not. Bad parenting shouldn't be encouraged by any means but it definitely doesn't cause autism.

My mother knows I have Autism, but loves me and wants the best for me.

No, bad kids are what is caused by bad parenting.

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11 Just like Rain Man, autists have savant skills.

Not all of them do really. Not all are extremely good at math or can recite a phone book. This isn't to say that they're dumb though, it's just that they're not that perfect at certain things just like how many non-autists aren't either.

It is called savant syndrome for a reason, people. Also, real-life savants barely fit the "Rain Man stereotype". Look at Daniel Tammet for example.

My primary skill lies in art.

12 Shock therapy cures autism.

No. If anything, it's probably harmful

13 Milk causes autism.

Milk? Who the hell said milk causes autism?

14 Autism is a disease.
15 Autism only happens in boys.
16 Dyspraxia is not autism.
17 Stress causes autism
18 Screen time causes autism
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