Top Ten Worst Things About Going to the Doctor

The Top Ten
1 Male doctors checking to see if you're circumcised
2 Having to strip to your underwear in front of nurses

Especially when the doctor is the opposite of your GENDER!

3 Getting needles inserted into your hand

Or other places.

4 Learning you have a serious disease
5 Posters of people smiling and staring at you
6 Prostate exams
7 Long waiting time

We hate waiting

It's worse when other patients cough and don't cover their mouths

8 The creepy diagram of the human muscular system
9 Getting your finger pricked
10 Being forced to pee in a cup when you don't have to go

I actually can pee on command but most people can't

The Contenders
11 The cost
12 You get more shots on the same arm in different areas
13 Blood pressure measurement
14 Having to take an influenza test
15 Getting a prescription for antidepressant pills even though you don't have depression

These pills are just a cash grab. They don't even help the person who takes those pills. A lot of people have committed suicide or murder because these pills messed with their brains.

16 Getting weighed
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