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1 Nintendo GameCube

I know the wii plays gamecube games but the wii doesn't have nostalgia...well not yet...the gamecube was a small console and was overshadowed. Personally that is crazy cause this video game console has the best racing game, best mario game, best mario parties, best sonic games, great kirby spinoff, great legend of zelda game, and could appeal to a lot of demographics. - spodermanfan1000

With games like super smash bros melee - redmrex

I swear that if you say that one more time I'm gonna - jwaughtal

As much as the Wii deserves that top spot this console had a more engaging average level of games... but the Super Mario Gaklaxy games on the Wii are still my two favorite games. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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2 Nintendo Wii

Its dead what can I do with it now

The Wii is just my childhood. It had awesome games and motion controls which xbox 360 and ps3 didn't have.


Gamecube has the best lineup (best 2 racing games, best first person game, best partyg ames, etc) but the wii plays gamecube games AND gamecube games! Plus, Super Mario Galaxy is my second favorite game ever and super Mario galaxy 2 is my all time favorite game ever - HeavyDonkeyKong

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3 Nintendo Wii U

I used to always want this. - MasterHand

I sneak this all the time before bedtime - Toptenanimallovers

First off, the comment at the Wii said "Wii U crap shouldn't be first. Why the heck is it above the Wii?! Wii was revolutionary! Wii U is garbage." Of course Wii U is better! Come on! Who is with me?

Why do people hate the Wii U so much? There are awesome games, like Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros! And to that comment that said that Wii is better than Wii U, FOR GOD'S SAKE, WII U CAN PLAY Wii GAMES!

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4 PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 is way more FUTURISTIC than PlayStation 1, 3 & 4 because when you turn the console it has this really good Startup Sound & Animation unlike the other three PlayStations. When you thought it was going to be better for the PlayStation 3 & 4, but you are very wrong. Not that they have a bad startup animation or sound.

I have no idea why it isn't on Number 1. It also was one of the best selling consoles around the time. The PlayStation 2 had a lifespan of 13 years. This doesn't mean there are no other good consoles, it is just that I think the PlayStation 2 is the best console ever made.

More Superior than the GameCube in my opinion.

This is a great console.

One of the best

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5 Super Nintendo Entertainment System

With games like super Mario world, super Mario kart and donkey kong country - redmrex

Best game lineup ever

3rd best console ever

WE KNOW THAT MISTER! - jwaughtal

6 Nintendo 64

Games are so ugly on this thing. - pepezh

With games like super Mario 64 and Mario kart 64 - redmrex


SO OVErrated.

7 Xbox 360

Anyone who says Xbox just has shooters is just a plain idiot specifically the 360 this has so many options there is so much that can be played on it. Also shouldn't be number one just higher on the list.

Come on it is the first!

Xbox sucks it just had shooters shooters abd more mature rated games get a wii ibstead it's so much better

OH COME ON! TOP 7 ARE ALL Nintendo? I MEAN I LOVE Nintendo BUT COME ON 360 WAS REVOLUTION RY - thedeadthebadandthedexter00

8 Nintendo Entertainment System

With games like super Mario bros, super Mario bros 2 and super Mario bros 3 - redmrex

Y'know, only the savior of the video game industry. Nothing special.

9 Sega Genesis

With games like sonic the hedgehog - redmrex

Correct Mr. red - jwaughtal

10 PlayStation 4

It has infinite warfare

I can understand Nintendo consoles and PS2 being above, but the 360? No.

PlayStation is better than Xbox in every way


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The Newcomers

? New Nintendo 2DS XL

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11 Sega Dreamcast

Sonic adventure and Sonic adventure 2 are OVERRATED. But, it had online gaming, so, I forgive it. - PugLlama

With games like sonic adventure - redmrex

First home console with online gaming. - Skullkid755

Best console ever made by a mile - PCgamer98

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12 PlayStation


I still prefer n64 but ps1 is impressive


13 PlayStation 3

hell yeah

14 Xbox

First Online Multiplayer Console.

15 Sega Saturn

Not the best cause it has a mix of good and bad games. Good games like Sonic Jam & Nights into Dreams and bad games like Sonic R and The Crow. - spodermanfan1000

Has very little shovelware, and tons of hidden gems. Super fun to collect for. Also has the best name to any console ever

With games like sonic 3d blast - redmrex

16 Nintendo Switch

Should be over Xbox 360. - pepezh

Why is this so low? - Floxoll

Pretty awesome

Why number 19? - Dominicmgm

17 Xbox One

This is my future console. I am getting it soon after the Xbox 360 discontinues. (Late 2016/Early 2017)

18 Nintendo DSi Console - Blue

I use to play mario kart ds in 2012 Man

They had to make this blue I mean come on if it was colour blue it would make a HUGE difference!

It's not a home console, it's a handheld console - ShaunFan04

Let me ask one question- Why blue? Blue does not make a console better LOL - PugLlama

19 Sega Master System

With games like sonic the hedgehog - redmrex

You already said that - jwaughtal

20 Neo Geo CD
21 Atari 2600
22 Turbografx-16
23 PS4 Pro
24 Xbox One S

It is so goof

25 HyperScan

NO. - railfan99

26 GameBoy Advance

I like the oldies has good graphics and awesome games

27 Ouya


28 Vii

LOL... Vii - pepezh

You spelled "Wii" wrong.

29 Nintendo 3DS
30 PlayStation Portable
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