Top Ten Honest Company Slogans

What if companies had honest slogans? What would these look like? Well, here's some ideas.

The Top Ten

1 The bane of your foot's existence (Lego)

We've all done it one time or another, you're just walking along and then you get a sharp pain of stepping on one of these... Insert swear words here. - Cazaam

2 Your number one browser for downloading other browsers (Internet Explorer)

Just the only purpose this browser is left for now. - Kiteretsunu

That's why I used it... Oh wait I had somebody else do it because I didn't want to touch Internet Explorer with a bargepole. - Cazaam

3 The Aliens Channel (History Channel)

Nothing but World War 2 on how America saved the world (Which they didn't), Pawn Stars... What? And Aliens.

Why? Because: Aliens. - Cazaam

The "History" Channel is such tripe nowadays.

4 For when they don't have Coke (Pepsi)

It's true, they either have Coke or Pepsi but never both. - Cazaam

5 Pay twice as much to have it wrapped up really nice (Apple)

Apple in a nutshell. Paying more than you need to, to have it look nice. - Cazaam

6 Just watch all the people you've hated fail at life (Facebook)

When you see your schoolgirl idiot "Friends" get over 2000 friends... you know they have no life. - Cazaam

7 Helps you poop (Activia)

Laugh out loud! This should seriously be their slogan! :D - Wolftail

8 Skip the ad after 5 seconds (YouTube)

Don't read the comments

Still not patient enough? Just use Adblock. - Cazaam

9 Google Wave 2.0 (Google+)

Dear Google
Please kill Google+
Yours sincerely
The YouTube Users. - Cazaam

10 A great way to ruin friendships (Monopoly)

Monopoly: And you thought CHESS was a tough game

Some people when they land on Mayfair with a hotel will go bonkers. Sore losers... - Cazaam

The Contenders

11 Sega does what Nintendon't (Sega)
12 We just want your money and nothing else (YouTube Red)

Hmmm... Sounds kind of like a scam.

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1. Your number one browser for downloading other browsers (Internet Explorer)
2. The bane of your foot's existence (Lego)
3. The Aliens Channel (History Channel)


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