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1 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Hey get off of my back! And into my game! Get outta my way! No rider, not tame! Get off of my back! Oh give it your best shot! You think this train is coming off this track!?!? Get off of my back!

The animation and the characters, the music and the songs, the amazing and heartwarming story. SPEECHLESS

This movie is absolutely BREATHTAKING! I can't find any bad thing about this movie, I absolutely love it!

God I hate this movie, terrible actors, terrible singer. Not only is this movie predictable, it's a terrible Horse flick. Just every movie has to be about a Horse being captured, well sorry, that idea was taken already 1000000000000000000000000 years ago. Literally a 2 year old can think out this movie's plot.

God, not to mention Bryan Adams. Jesus Christ his voice is so horrific that I nearly went deaf listening to him. I really don't know why any one would want his voice in any movie. And you can't ignore that overrated comments, they always say "This movie is the best Horse Movie ever! " That is so not true. I mean, has anyone actually knew the "point" of this film? Can like anyone notice the unpredictable flick? I hate movies like that. A lot.

The soundtrack is so beautiful, every piece of music done by Hans Zimmer is just breath-taking. The stupid songs done by Bryan Adams are terrible and just so wrong. Like his voice is dreadful! I would like ...more

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2 Flicka

I love this movie its awesome I loved all of them - rocknrollhorselover

I really love all the flikas 1,2, and 3 - rocknrollhorselover



3 Secretariat

I loved secertariat it was a good movie to watch - rocknrollhorselover

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4 Hildalgo

I love Hildalgo my friend doesn't believe it is based on a true story about a horse winning a race in the Arabic desert but I said to her it is its about this wild paint horse with his owner winning a Arabic race then turned wild and free - rocknrollhorselover

I love this movie its based on a true story and I love it to death I can watch it everyday if I wanted to. - rocknrollhorselover

5 The Black Stallion

Oh, come on! How is Flicka higher than this? The Black Stallion is the best! The story is told mostly through gorgeous cinematography and music, with minimal dialogue. And Cass Ole, the horse who played the Black, is one of the most beautiful horses I've ever seen.

I loved the black stallion it was a good movie its on of my favorites - rocknrollhorselover

I love the movie to it was my second favorite movie I liked to see - rocknrollhorselover

lovely - spirithorse

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6 The Silver Stallion: King of the Wild

I love this movie it was a good movie to watch - rocknrollhorselover

7 Black Beauty

I love this movie it was kinda sad but it was very good movie. - rocknrollhorselover

It's so sad, but definitely a classic!

8 Seabiscuit
9 Dreamer

I love this movie its really cool movie I watch when I was very little thow but I loved it. - rocknrollhorselover

10 Phar Lap

I love this movie too it was a good racehorse movie - rocknrollhorselover

I love phar lap it was very sad but very good - rocknrollhorselover

Best racing movie I've ever watched

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11 Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
12 The Horse Whisperer

This one is definitely an interesting movie, it's more focused on romance really.

I loved this movie thow it was sad but I still loved it that's why its 10 because it is one of my favorites - rocknrollhorselover

13 War Horse

I was never one for war movies or horse movies, but after watching this I can say that it is one of the best movies I have ever seen.

14 Racing Stripes

I love this movie it is really funny - rocknrollhorselover

Love it! So funny and unpredictable!

Racing stripes is way better than Flicka.!

15 The Man from Snowy River
16 International Velvet

I haven't seen it yet but it looks like a good one!

I always liked International Velvet much more than National Velvet. Probably because I prefer eventing, lol. And Tatum O Neil's acting was better and her character was more complex. This movie is what made me decide to switch from Western to English riding.

17 Ruffian
18 The Last Unicorn

Does this count as a horse movie?

19 National Velvet

This book is so exiting! I will never read anything other than a horse book!

Oh my gosh I love this movie about a girl wanting a beautifull horse named pie and the girl loved the horse so much and finally so got pie. - rocknrollhorselover

20 Red Fury

I love this movie

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