Hottest Masterchef USA Women

The Top Ten Hottest Masterchef USA Women

1 Krissi Biasiello
2 Jessie Lysiak

She is the hottest chef in Masterchef and a good cook! I wish she went into the finale. - ndog

3 Whitney Miller
4 Monti Carlo

She looks sow vintage.. like Anna Hathaway vintage realness plus her femmy attitude

5 Becky Reams
6 Christine Ha
7 Natasha Crnjac
8 Felix Fang

Only hot Asian to step foot in Masterchef kitchen

9 Ahran Cho
10 Eboni Henry

The Contenders

11 Ashley Mincey
12 Shanika Patterson
13 Chelsea Sargent
14 Lindsay Haigh

To Be Honest, I didn't think she was a woman.

15 Olusola Ogbomo
16 Sheena Zadeh
17 Stephani Syfax-Shepherd
18 Katrina Kozar
19 Jenny Cavellier

She looked pretty good to be honest.

20 Esther Kang

She reminds me on Lily from Modern Family - Murphdog405

21 Adriana Guillen
22 Avis White
23 Caitlin "Cate" Meade

She is gorgeous and a great chef. Eboni Henry is also very pretty, but Cate was stunning. I have no idea why none of the men fell in love with her.

24 Brittany Craig
25 Bri Baker
26 Sarah Faherty

She was older but her hair was really pretty.

27 Paige Jimenez

I cried when she got sent home.

She looked stunning!

She was so beautiful.

She was beautiful!

28 Dorian Hunter
29 Katie Dixon
30 Olivia Crouppen
31 Courtney Lapresi
32 Caitlin Jones

She was pretty, but I totally think she didn't deserve to be eliminated. She should've made the top 8, not Jeff.

33 Brianna "Bri" Kozior

She kinda reminded me of a barbie doll, but she was pretty

34 Darah Carattini
35 Brandi Mudd
36 Taylor Waltmon
37 Alecia Winters
38 Christine Silverstein
39 Helene Leeds
40 Heather Dombrosky
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