Hottest Tom Cruise Movies

The Top Ten Hottest Tom Cruise Movies

1 Top Gun

Tom still makes women swoon because he's sexy and will always be Maverick. - MissionImpossible

2 Cocktail

Tom Cruise was so hot in this movie! - MaverickRide

3 Mission: Impossible
4 Risky Business
5 A Few Good Men
6 All the Right Moves
7 Jack Reacher
8 Rain Man
9 Mission: Impossible III
10 Mission: Impossible II

The Contenders

11 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
12 Jerry Maguire
13 War of the Worlds
14 Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
15 Oblivion
16 Knight and Day

Tom and Cameron were amazing as Roy and June in this funny, action-packed spy movie. - MissionImpossible

17 Rock of Ages
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