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1 Cookies N' Cream

whats better than cookies and milk, well you know. COOKIES AND CREAM!

Cookies and cream is the greatest ice cream I've ever had. It's vanilla ice cream and crushed Oreo cookies mixed together. Put them in a blender and enjoy. Thanks for letting me give out my opinion.

Its tasty even as gelato! I will eat it anywhere any time just so so so tasty and yummy and a great snack for movies and parties and dessert wow I love this flavor very much.

Its just so good

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2 Chocolate

Chocolate ice cream makes me happy!

I LOVE CHOCOLATE it is the best ever it is good and tasty yummy sweet.

Milk, dark, swiss. It doesn't matter all chocolate is good. It's awesome with toppings but still great without.

The best but hard to get

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3 Mint Chocolate Chip

Way better than pistachio! I don't know why it is tenth! It should be in first! Best flavor ever!

My personal favorite! Refreshing mint combined with Chocolate... How can you go wrong.

Mint always makes me happy. I always can count on Mint to cheer me up if I'm EVER upset

Mint Chocolate Chip in my opinion, is the best ice cream flavor of all time! It really should be number 1

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4 Vanilla

Vanilla. The ultimate flavor of ice cream! It has this basic flavor which you are almost always in the mood for. I found this site which shows the flavors of ice cream which were bought most, and vanilla was number 1! I hope it can be number 1 on this site too!

Vanilla is the original ice cream flavor, you can find it anywhere in the world, it's worth every bite, and a crowd pleaser

Vanilla is the best flavor, it's so creamy and delicious, tastes better than chocolate in my opinion.

Vanilla is so ultimately creamy and smooth! Hits the spot no matter if you eat it in a dish plain or with chocolate syrup and whip cream and nuts or as a milkshake or as pie ala mode! It is always delicious and refreshing!

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5 Cookie Dough

Best ice cream ever! As a kid who didn't love eating raw cookie dough and vanilla ice cream? It's the perfect combination of cookies and ice cream without having hard chunks of actual cookies.

yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy! ah... cookie dough brings back memories...

Cookie dough is sweet and delicious! Even better in
ice cream! I vote it #1!

How is Cookie Dough not number 1?!?!

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6 Strawberry

Strawberry ice cream is the best there's no other flavor's that I would choose its got a creamy taste with sweet strawberry's to make it better!
Everyone else in my family like different flavors but really strawberry's the best!

Strawberry ice cream is so refreshing and flavorful, but simple and timeless.
Its not that bad for you and yet maintains a flavor as good as cookie dough. Lovely!

deserve the top 3 spot, legendary - roblist

is good

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7 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

I love chocolate chip cookie dough. It is just so delicious. The flavor is so sweet. What's better then vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookies dough?

I still don't understand how CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH would be less popular than cookie dough. Its like putting love into love which= MORE LOVE! All the other kinds (except for chocolate) suck compared to chocolate chip cookie dough.

Chocolate chip cookie dough is the best. Please vote. Lots of chocolate chip and cookies. M. I always eat it. Lovely.

This is one of the best ice cream flavors in the world.

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8 Rocky Road

Chocolates getting old vanilla just leaves me cold there's just one flavor good enough for me for me don't give me no crummy taste spoon saying I loved rocky road

This taste like the like best like ice cream ever

This is so good. With marshmallows and everything. It's not my favorite but still so delicious it should be illegal. I love it so much! It should be second.

Why choose anything else but ROCKY ROAD it is filled with chockalott goodness!

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9 Neopolitan

I love the mixture of strawberry vanilla and chocolate.


Isn't it NeApolitan?

SERIOUSLY! How is the smuggly crap cotton candy ice cream ahead of neopolitan!?!? Neopolitan has chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. So you can get your rich, smooth chocolate. And your very open to toppings vanilla. AND the creamy fruitiness of strawberry. Neopolitan is better than 18. NEEOPOLITAN FOR THE WIN! - bubbles1111

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10 Coffee

This should be number 1!

a caffeine addict's best friend - Queen-aholic

IT BETTER THaN your MOM - XplodingTomato

Coffee and ice cream! Best! Star bucks needs this!

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11 Chocolate Chip

It is great in all of its simplicity

Best flavor! Move it up!

I love chocolate chip because it's mostly vanilla, with just enough chocolate to make it perfect!

One of the most classic flavors of all time. Gotta love Chocolate Chip.

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12 Birthday Cake

Birthday cake ice cream is amazing. The kind I get is this delicious vanilla ice cream with cake frosting inside. It is DELICIOUS. I suggest you try it man it is amazing!

it sucks.

Uh, Hello?! Ever heard of birthday cake? Only the greatest kind of ice cream (closely behind Cheesecake) of all time. The taste has the perfect balance of sweetness and coldness.

Chocolate is overrated, as well as vanilla. Think of the flavors that actually taste good; not what everyone else picks!

It's the best - Kubbelstone

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13 Mint

How is this number 5!?!?! Mint is the best of the best! It's so refreshing! Unlike chocolate, you don't have to have a glass of water after eating it. It's so good, I have to hide the Mint Ice cream, or else it will be gone the next day. Mint cheers me up when I'm upset and I eat it all year round!

Mint is good in all occasions. It gives you a sweet cool tingly feeling attractive flavor for kids and teens

It smell relly good

Number 13? UNACCEPTABLE. Chocolate ice cream is stupid.

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14 Peanut Butter Cup

The best Ever!

Yummy, yummy, yummy I got love in my tummy


This should be number 1

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15 Caramel

The best should be higher

Caramel is amazing

This should be number 1

Best ice cream ever with whit choc

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16 Chocolate Peanut Butter

My mouth is starting to water already.

I'm not sure if this and 'Peanut Butter Cup' count as the same flavour. Either way, peanut butter and ice cream are a match made in heaven. - BKAllmighty

This is the best

YUMMY! This ice cream is the best. Try it! You will instantly fall in love.

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17 Cotton Candy

I'd die for cotton candy


Cotton candy=awesome


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18 Butter Pecan

I love it I would crap if I didn't have this

Always my goto comfort ice cream

This is the best ice cream yet... I can eat this ice cream all day with no problem. One day I had bought 60 pints and ate them all in one day and didn't even throw up not even once. But then the next day my mom got mad at me because I made and mistake in her restroom...

I didn't see this one on the list. How could that be?

Butter Pecan or Butter Pecan? Whichever way you want to pronounce it, your tongue will dance in your mouth. Get some!

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19 Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Whoever hates this hasn't got a life. Whoever loves it is epic. C:

Ben and jerry sells the best

Yep the best

the best

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20 Moose Tracks

LOVE THIS ICE CREAM SOSOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH! I have liked it ever since I was a little girl and my family and I used to go to this amazing ice cream place. I would point to it even though I didn't know what it was called! I guess I was a young girl with fantabulous taste

Can't be put into words

It's the best, no doubt about it - crazycat99

I used to eat this when I was a little kid, and that trend has continued into my young adulthood...

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21 French Vanilla

Vanilla, except French

Vanilla: Meh.
French Vanilla: Oh, yes! - Gg2000

Always better then vanilla and will be

Tastes like vanilla... BUT BETTER

That's because it is vanilla. But it comes from France. Which means,10 times better than regular vanilla. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

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22 Cake Batter

I am completely in love with cake batter ice cream because it's made from batter and I love Vanilla flavor batter! The place that I would eat this flavor is at Marble Slab!

Cake batter or birthday cake, what ever you like to call it, is by far the best ice cream I have ever tasted in my entire life. Marble Slab and any other place that sell it is the place to go. Perfect perfect perfect. My sis worked at an ice cream place during the summer and I told her to tell me when they had birthay cake ice cream in, that stuff is seriously the best! - dragonfly99

I LOVE cake batter cookie dough. Who didn't love licking the bowl of cake batter after mixing it? This is perfect when topped with sprinkles. Or you can ask them to make a milkshake with it.. HEAVEN! It is the best no matter how you have it

Cake Batter is #1 for me however it’s only made perfectly at so few places - CGolfer12

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23 Banana

Love this flavor in a lot of things like candy milkshake


This is a very weird flavor and will probably never get to the top 10, but what the heck it's an awesome flavor. Besides, chocolate ice cream is boring. Let's go unique!

I had fresh made banana ice cream at the beach and I almost died it was so good, I wish they sold it in stores

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24 Mango

Mango + Ice Cream = Bliss and one happy person - ImNotEagle

Mango is just plain delicious. I mean who couldn't like it? It's so sweet fresh and so delicious! GO MANGO! It does deserve to be on the top!

I LOVE Mango! Especially Mango Sorbet. It's such a exotic just melts in your mouth. delicious

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25 Lemon

Now this is something I've really enjoyed. - illusion

Hooked on lemon ice cream since I was a child.

I love lemon ice cream

This is really good in Europe.

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26 Double Fudge Brownie

So good?

best ice cream flavor in the world!

Yum! You can't top that! So much chocolate in one bite!


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27 Strawberry Cheesecake

It is SO good with peanut butter

I had this in a gourmet shop with my friends and it was creamy and sweet with swirls of strawberry in it. There were four of us and three had that flavour. I usually don't like cheesecake, it's a bit too cheesy, but you couldn't even taste it and it was DELICIOUS

Strawberry �" chesscake

As if cheesecake was not enough. Now it’s an ice cream with strawberry!

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28 Cherry Vanilla

Great combination of black cherry halves and smooth vanilla ice cream

Great fruity and chunky flavor of ruby cherries in velvet smooth vanilla ice cream. Also, known as Whitehouse.

It is not available any more in Federal Way, WA

29 Brownie Batter


best ever


30 M&M's

I love M&M'S flavior ice cream so much! It reminds me of my childhood if you love regular m&m's then your love M&M ice cream.

I love me some m&m ice cream every now and then but I like chocolate more

M&M are amazing. But even better in ice cream!

Yummy so yummy ohmygod.

31 Cherry

Very nice especially when it has real cherries in it. It's also great with chocolate ice cream.

The kind with big black cherries! Yum!

Muero por la cherry

32 Bubble Gum

Bubblegum yum!

THIS best flavour ever! This should be at 1st place but instead it's just 35th place please plsplsplsplspls make this change.

I love bubble gum brings back so many child hood memories! Hands down bubble gum ice cream is the best! Even after your finished you still can blow a bubble while you dump your cup in trash.

Should be in the top three I love it

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33 Peppermint

I had this in chicago once. it was amazing! - tropicaljay

It lasts in your mouth and it tastes so good. In general, I love anything that's minty. It's so yummilicious, you know what I mean?

Should be available year round for those of us who love the mint flavor without the chocolate. I love it

The BEST. All year round. Hard to find one with just the right amount of mint and not too creamy.

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34 Peach

Homemade peach ice cream... yum

Peach is amazing. You have to try Peach Bellini though.

This sounds so good

35 Mint Fudge Oreo

MINT ice cream is amazing but then you add 2 other godly ingredients... and suddenly it is to die for. this should be number 1.

Mint is awesome!
Fudge is awesome!
Oreos are awesome!
Combined is very very very awesome!

When I think of mint fudge oreo, I think of an amazing oreo chip, green volcano that just oozes out the deliciousness.

Best ice cream flavor ever why isn't it in the top ten

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36 Pistachio

Pistachio nuts are so good anyways, but with ice cream it is heaven! Why doesn't everyone who thinks that pistachio ice cream is good, rate it good? I suppose people just think "Hmm, I don't want to vote pistachio even though it is the best... " Join me men and girls! Join the revolution to making pistachio number one!

Why isn't this higher on the list? Pistachio has got to be my favourite ice cream flavour. Granted, most of the time it doesn't even taste like pistachio, but the flavour it does have is beyond another level. Way better than any ice cream out there, and I am not just saying that because of nostalgia( by the way,I add u's to flavour because I'm from Canada if anyone was wondering)

It should be #1 and I'm sure Milo Murphy(if you don't know who he is look him up) would agree with me.

I found this one time and thought it sounded interesting so I tried it, and it instantly became my favorite ice cream.

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37 Hazelnut

I don't understand why this is not in the top 10. The taste is so lovely and it reminds me of the gorgeous Nutella. I know it doesn't occur in many ice cream shops but I once tried it in Italy and the flavour was ever so heavenly. If you ever come across this flavour and your not nut allergic you should certainly try it 100%.

This song is the best of these guys. It's even rambo theme song for kicking ass!

There is no better Ice Cream flavor in the entire world, than Hazelnut.

Magnum Ghana - best ice cream ever!

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38 Almond
39 Blueberry

The best flavor, hands down

Definitely my all time favorite! So yummy! The color, the smell, the look of it are the perfect combination together

If there was any ice cream better than blueberry ice cream it would be blueberry cheesecake ice cream

This is not my favourite but it is ever so refreshing after a summers day.

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40 Pralines and Cream

My dad's favorite ice cream is Pralines and Cream and my dad doesn't really like the kinds that I like. This should really be first! - rainbowdashrules

The sweetness of the cream with the crunch of the pralines, only the best felling in the world (and in your mouth)! :)


Yummy yah! One of my favourite ice creams lots of caramel with candy coated pralines

At Laura Secord! Awesome

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41 Pumpkin

Great right after thanksgiving dinner or any time really. Try it its really good but it is only sold around the holidays

I love pumpkin for October/November and then Eggnog for December.

I like pumpkin in the fall.

Wait tell Halloween

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42 Chocolate Vanilla Swirl

It's the best flavor ever

Mm so good!

43 Raspberry

The best for sure

How can you not say this is the best?

Its completely the best flavour I taste in italy in sermione and there is the best ice-cream in the world

44 Orange Sherbet

Extremely underrated! It's disappointing that this delicious flavour is only 41 on this list, it should be so much higher! Some other flavours that are above this are really bland or just plain nasty. Let's get this to at least 30!

I like oranges.

YES - MrZebra24

Orange sherbet is the best ever I love it it should be in the top 10 at least!

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45 Vanilla Bean

Try vanilla bean cupcakes they rule

I think vanilla Bean is best

The best every

Hate it

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46 Butterfinger

it is good

47 Heath Bar Crunch

Amazon best ever


48 Rainbow Sherbet

It's the best


This should be #1 by the way it is the best

Favorite ice cream of all time

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49 Toffee


Only 71!? Only 0.1% of people vote for this!?
The toffe tastes so sweet!

Tofee is the best ever since I ate it, it felt lilke a dream come true

50 Dulce de Leche

Häagen-Dazs version of this, hands down!

! BEST ICE CREAM EVER! I mean, seriously? Chocolate? What could get better than caramel ice cream with caramel swirls? NOTHING! If you haven't had this ice cream yet you HAVE to try it.

Best ice cream flavor

It's amazing! The creamy caramel just oozes in your mouth! Awesome!

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