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241 Mango Nut Crush
242 Triple Chocolate Brownie
243 Baby Ruth

It is the best!

244 Butter Brickle
245 Salmon V 2 Comments
246 Superman

This flavor is barley served but when it is it's really good

A lot of flavors in one - FerrariDude64

I love superman

Wattpad @mattholt_

why is this at 283, this is the best ice cream ever!

V 4 Comments
247 Candy Floss
248 English Toffee
249 Grape Nut
250 Jackfruit
251 Chocolate Banana Swirl
252 Spider

Has little bits of all the spiders: Black widows, wolf spiders, and the most used ingredient: Venom!

What the hell who stupid American would eat that



253 Black Cherry
254 Tofutti Wildberry Supreme
255 Java Chip

Come on, how is this flavor not more popular. It combines coffee ice cream with chunks of chocolate, and its delicious, but very simple.

Java chip is so underrated, it's delicious. Similar is ben and Jerry's coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz, which is even better.

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256 Garlic

Who cares about garlic who even puts garlic in ice cream!

This makes me want to puke

Ward off them vampires

Why is this b4 date and vanilla? Are there no other vampires here? Holla if you a blood sucka! HOLLAA

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257 Triple Cookie Fudge Sundae
258 Sweetened Jack Daniels

Perfectly sweetened vanilla ice cream with a liquorish flavor of Jack Daniels, so perfect where Harley Morenstein would love it!

259 Strawberry Mangolicious

Yummy! Strawberry- sweet! Mango- Exotic!

It's so good. They are my 2 favorite flavors.

260 Hokkaido milk

Hokkaido Milk is the new vanilla!

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