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81 Taro
82 Half Baked

It's the best of everything! Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookie Dough, and Brownie, all perfectly mixed into one, god tier ice cream. It can't be beat!

Ben and Jerry's Half Baked is so delicious! It is a swirl of chocolate and vanilla icecream with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate fudge in it. It's so good! This should be number 1!

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83 Roasted Marshmallow

This sounds so good and should be number 1!

The best better than the campfire kind

84 Triple Chocolate Fudge

Best flavour ever

85 Cherry Chocolate Chip
86 Chocolate Brownie V 1 Comment
87 Mint Chocolate Chunk

Yum! Mint ice cream with brownie bits, chocolate chips, and fudge inside!

88 Donut V 1 Comment
89 Salted Caramel Chunk

This my mom's favorite.

90 Jamoca Almond Fudge

I remember the first time I tried this at BR - in 1977. Then they discontinued the flavour for a few years if memory serves. If I use exclamation marks I'll get a "Good" rating! Watch!

Get this flavor when you go to BR it is a ice cream parlor that is getting rarer and rarer

It should be the top one! I love this icecream... Especially in baskin robins and London dairy! Amazing! Yummy!

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91 Sherbert

Sherbet is the most delicious flavor. Invented. WhO could top an amazing flavor of swirly ice in my mouth?

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92 Cinnamon

I always liked cinnamon, whether it was the actual powder, wood, or just a flavor. Obviously, that would mean I like cinnamon ice cream as well. - ORIGAMIMASTER1414

Cinnamon isn't wood


I tried yesterday and it was delish

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93 Raspberry Sorbet

Heard of this flavour? It is absolutely amazing. If you love Sherbert like me, this will be delicious for you.

Only one that needs more aprecation

94 Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Have you ever heard of anything more delicious strawberries and CHOCOLATE!

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95 Reese's Pieces

Its buttery and has that chocolate and peanut butter taste of deliciouseness

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96 Smarties

Who doesn't like Smarties in ice cream

Like M^^M's this amazing ice cream flavour has a mix of different coloured Smarties and Vanilla Ice Cream. I totally recommend it. As soon as I tried it I was blown away!

97 Pink Lemonade

Sweet and tangy it is my ice cream shop and it is the most purchased yum

Cool and refreshing just like a cold glass of lemonade.

98 Almond Chocolate
99 Banana Split

I love this flavor it has just about every flavor. There is vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and banana

100 Chocolate Cake Batter

This is totally my fave ice cream, it's the best ever - hollyleafforever

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