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141 Orange

No, bananas!


142 Hokey Pokey

So good I love this flavor so much I've had it a billion times and am officially hooked. The flavors blend really well and my and my friends eat it at every slumber party! I love hokey pokey!

I think hokey pokey is the best flavor because it has delicious honeycomb and caramel mixed with vanilla! I think this should definitely be number 1! Come on hokey pokey!

WHY IS THIS 71th?!?! It deserves to be at the top ten! I once ate a bit of it at a New Zealand Ice Cream shop and it tasted heavenly! - PokemonFanForever

N.Z. tip Top Hokey Pokey is the best

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143 Tutti Frutti

Why can't you get this in the UK anymore. Loads of other flavours, but this one? Nothing. None of the major supermarkets stock it. The closest I have come to it is Cassata in an Italian restaurant, but its really not the same.

I had it as a kid and I absolutely loved it. It's a shame that they do not sell it any more. - Scoobymad4

There's a place on reading high street that they sell this with other cool flavors

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144 Melon V 1 Comment
145 Spumoni

This is my favorite seasonal ice cream. It is a bit old fashion but maybe the youngsters would try it with this vote.

WOW! An ice cream that delivers chocolate, cherry and pistachios. How can you beat that?

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146 Smurf Flavour V 1 Comment
147 Chocolate Malted Crunch

I remember this flavor from Thrifty's, in the Mira Mesa community, in San Diego. Back then, the single scoop cost, I believe, was 15 cents. I haven't seen that flavor, nor that price again. =(

I love this flavor because I feel so happy whenever I have some I keep it in my freezer because I like to keep it really cold I don't just eat the whole thing straight away.

Written by samantha ilic

Are you kidding me it's the best!

It is the best flavor ever an you can get it at Rite aid in San Dimas or Martha's candy in downtown Glendora.

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148 Fizzy Pop
149 Pineapple

Eating it makes me feel like I'm surfing on a tropical beach with cool breeze blowing on my face. Tropical heaven for sure!

So bad yuck! This is how much bad you no so why it is on 100th no. It may be 1000no.

Okay its not very popular but trust me it's amazing

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150 Wild Berry

Is a tastey treat it has got all dirfffent types of berries in it!

151 Peanut Butter Parfait V 3 Comments
152 Durian
153 Honey

Honey ice cream is lush. Made by Brynderi Honey Farm in South Wales

Honey is disgusting if you want to get the case
I just take care honey bottle in the freezer it's basically the same thing and seismology waste your Byam buying honey ice cream when you can just buy vanilla ice cream and put like a lot of Huniande├╣

154 Ginger
155 Lemon Chocolate

Pretty good, if your in the mood.

156 Chocolate Seduction
157 Dark Chocolate Raspberry

This is so awesome. The taste of dark chocolate and raspberry combined in your mouth is sensational.

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158 Popcorn
159 Apple

It's a flavour! And don't say it isn't because iv'e had it before actually. It was at an icecream parlor with really good icecream! It's the perfect combination of apple, (not chunks)and cinnimon swirls. And believe me, I was suprised it was a flavour too.

160 Mascarpone Cheese V 2 Comments
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