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161 Black Sesame

It's sweet, aromatic and super healthy!

I always have it if I see it - awesome and sophisticated!

162 Coconut Cream Pie

It is the best desert ever

163 Berry Twist V 1 Comment
164 Strawberry Shortcake Bar
165 Almond
166 Cassata
167 German Mint
168 White Truffle White Truffle Truffles are the most expensive food item in the world. They come from the underground ascomycetes family or tubers. The white truffles are the most expensive, particularly the Italian White Alba which was once sold for more than $160,000 for 1.51 kilograms. Truffles are expensive because their cultivation more. V 1 Comment
169 Halo-halo

Yes, I'm going to fire off a list of tropical flavors, typically found in Asian markets. Try it and enjoy!

Flavored after the filipino dessert of the same name. A complex combination of tropical goodies on shaved ice and evaporated milk. Usually topped with a scoop of ice cream of choice.

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170 Dublin Mudslide
171 Toasted Almond
172 Double Dunker

Mocha flavored ice cream with Oreos and Cookie Dough Oh Yeah Baby!

It is by Turkey Hill and it is SOOO GOOD! It is coffee ice cream with cookie dough in it! It is amazing!

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173 Maple

Maple is the second best seller after Vanilla, combine with walnut or maple sugar it even tops chocolat

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174 Pineapple Coconut

Tastes just like a Pina Colada

Tastes like a pina colada - Orlemley


175 Cherry Garcia

The best ever combination of all ice cream purveyors.

Always loved the Cherry Gacia ice cream, and Cherry Garcia lower fat yogurt. Both are the best. Sadly, I can't always find it.

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176 Tiger Tail

Best ever hard to find though

177 Secret Yellow Ice Cream

It's the third color of the rainbow. Usually man-made. Very delish.

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178 Madagascar Vanilla
179 Teaberry

Well, this flavor is ok. But but worthy of top 10. Still, it is pretty good. Try it sometime.

It TASTED fine it SHOULD AT least be 3! Gosh!

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180 Creme De Menthe
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