Top Ten Ideas for a Cartoon Network Show

Honestly, Cartoon Network needs some new heads for ideas... I'm tired of T.V. shows that are based off of toys or movies...

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1 Total Drama Showdown

This would be a new season of 24 new contestants, and Blaineley as the host. Here's the cast:
On the Unbearable Bears:
Beck- The World Traveler Hopeful
Oscar- The Skater Dude
Bryan- Hot But Smart
Jonny- The Risk Taker
Jeremy- The Wanna-be Ladies-Man
Caleb- The Hypocrite
Kerri- The Spoiled Rich Girl
Yve- The Cross Country Runner
Clare- Courtney's Little, More Tolerable Sister
Allison- The Cumbersome One
Jody- The Perfect Manipulator
Pearl- The Desperate Nerd
On the Pacifist Pandas:
Chuck- The Southern Hillbilly
Marc- The First Openly Gay Contestant
Tramel- The Honest Athlete
Nik- The Phone Obsessed
Avanah- The Unfunny Comedian
Mitchell- The Drummer
Paloma- The Popular Girl
Gina- The Blank Slate
Mandi- The Trailer Park Punk Girl
Christina- The Man Stalker
Olivia- The Jesus Freak
And last but not least, Kathy- The Anti-Democratic

Who will win the $1,000,000 on the low-budget season on reclaimed ...more - Turkeyasylum

It would be a season including Clare (Courtney's sister), Mandi (Punk Loving Girl), Paloma (Popular Girl), Jody (Smart and Manipulative), and Oscar (Dimwitted Skater Boy). In total: 24 Contestants, 26 episodes, and Blaineley as host, - Turkeyasylum

This sounds awesome it needs to be made - simpsondude

2 Stricken Towers
3 Cute Little Truthers

It would be an obvious spoof of Pretty Little Liars. - Turkeyasylum

4 Battle For Dream Island: The Show

These guys COULD have reasonable 20 minute episodes. It would be much better than Annoying Orange. - Turkeyasylum

5 The World According To Heather
6 Courtney and Clare

It would be about the misadventures of Courtney and Clare of Total Drama. (Clare is in TDS) - Turkeyasylum

7 The Topher Show
8 Sarcasm Series: The Show

Maybe not on Cartoon Network... deserves a better channel. - Turkeyasylum

9 The Buttercup Show

A show about the best PPG. Not about Blossom or Bubbles just Buttercup. It will have 1000 episodes.

10 Rifting Away

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11 Society Downslides
12 Total Drama Boys vs. Girls

Here are the teams.
Girls Team:
Guys Team:
Those people are left at random places while doing crazy challenges.

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13 Minions The Show

This shows about Kevin, Bob and Stuart while they work for Gru

14 The Rowdyruff Boys

Oh yesss! Whoever came up with this idea should get a medal. This would be an awesome show. - AnimeDrawer

15 Toddler Titans

You're talking about the Titans as babies right?

16 Shake and Flick Show
17 The Bravo Show

Johnny Bravo returns and brings to Courage the Cowardly Dog

18 Brittle's World
19 Family Beast Boy
20 Total Drama Death Island
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