Top Ten Ideas for a Cartoon Network Show

Honestly, Cartoon Network needs some new heads for ideas... I'm tired of T.V. shows that are based off of toys or movies...

The Top Ten Ideas for a Cartoon Network Show

1 Total Drama Showdown

This would be a new season of 24 new contestants, and Blaineley as the host. Here's the cast:
On the Unbearable Bears:
Beck- The World Traveler Hopeful
Oscar- The Skater Dude
Bryan- Hot But Smart
Jonny- The Risk Taker
Jeremy- The Wanna-be Ladies-Man
Caleb- The Hypocrite
Kerri- The Spoiled Rich Girl
Yve- The Cross Country Runner
Clare- Courtney's Little, More Tolerable Sister
Allison- The Cumbersome One
Jody- The Perfect Manipulator
Pearl- The Desperate Nerd
On the Pacifist Pandas:
Chuck- The Southern Hillbilly
Marc- The First Openly Gay Contestant
Tramel- The Honest Athlete
Nik- The Phone Obsessed
Avanah- The Unfunny Comedian
Mitchell- The Drummer
Paloma- The Popular Girl
Gina- The Blank Slate
Mandi- The Trailer Park Punk Girl
Christina- The Man Stalker
Olivia- The Jesus Freak
And last but not least, Kathy- The Anti-Democratic

Who will win the $1,000,000 on the low-budget season on reclaimed ...more - Turkeyasylum

It would be a season including Clare (Courtney's sister), Mandi (Punk Loving Girl), Paloma (Popular Girl), Jody (Smart and Manipulative), and Oscar (Dimwitted Skater Boy). In total: 24 Contestants, 26 episodes, and Blaineley as host, - Turkeyasylum

This sounds awesome it needs to be made - simpsondude

2 Stricken Towers
3 Cute Little Truthers

It would be an obvious spoof of Pretty Little Liars. - Turkeyasylum

4 Battle For Dream Island: The Show

These guys COULD have reasonable 20 minute episodes. It would be much better than Annoying Orange. - Turkeyasylum


5 The World According To Heather
6 Courtney and Clare


It would be about the misadventures of Courtney and Clare of Total Drama. (Clare is in TDS) - Turkeyasylum

7 The Topher Show
8 Sarcasm Series: The Show

Maybe not on Cartoon Network... deserves a better channel. - Turkeyasylum

9 Rifting Away
10 The Buttercup Show

A show about the best PPG. Not about Blossom or Bubbles just Buttercup. It will have 1000 episodes.

The Contenders

11 Society Downslides
12 Minions The Show

This shows about Kevin, Bob and Stuart while they work for Gru

13 The Rowdyruff Boys

Oh yesss! Whoever came up with this idea should get a medal. This would be an awesome show.

14 The Emoji Show

Emoji Move SUCKS!

The emoji movie sucked. Why make a cartoon?

15 Outlaw Star (The Reboot)
16 Total Drama Boys vs. Girls

Here are the teams.
Girls Team:
Guys Team:
Those people are left at random places while doing crazy challenges.

But if Feminazis get involved the guys will never win!
No feminazis should work on a T.V. show ever! - Skullkid755

17 Total Drama: Cruise

This show will have 18 contestants, no teams, 1 cruise ship, 4 original contestants, and 1 new host. The competitors will be on S.S. drama to win $1,000,000,000. Here are the competitors.
Lucy (Rebel)
Claire (Obsessed with Winning)
Brooke (Social Media Queen)
Abby (Too Talkative)
Evelyn (Nerdy, Twin Sister of Madelyn)
Madelyn (Actress, Twin Sister of Evelyn)
Winter (Always Thinks it's too Cold)
Jo (Past TD Cast Member)
Dawn (Past TD Cast Member)
Aaron (Wannabe Football QB)
Thomas (Creepy Guy)
Elijah (Nerdy)
Gray (Worry Too Much)
Dustin (Rebel, Brother of Duncan)
Bob (Positive Guy)
Charlie (Bad Luck
DJ (Past TD Cast Member)
Cody (Past TD Cast Member)

Cameos by
Mike (and Mal)

Hosted by Topher (Chris makes a cameo in the finale.

That would be epic.

18 Jerry, Kirby, Sonic and Friends

I got this idea off a YT channel called "Jerry Moogle" Genre: Action/Comedy - 22 minutes approx.

Main characters: Jerry Mouse, Kirby, Sonic The Hedgehog, Tails The Fox, Knuckles The Echidna, Moogle (Final Fantasy) Shadow The Hedgehog, Dr Eggman (main villain)
Supporting characters: Tom Cat (I'm starting to like him now, I only don't like him because sometimes his bullying goes a bit too far), Amy The Hedgehog, Rouge The Bat, Scratcher and Grounder (secondary villains)

First Episode: The main characters find different portals after they show up in their own worlds, Eggman kidnappes the secondary protagonistes, Moogle is his sidekick. Jerry meets Kirby and finds Sonic, Shadow appears to beat Sonic, but gives Jerry powers after getting told that Jerry's the new friend.

Jerry's powers: Actually speaking, human size, super speed, homing attack and a super side he can transform into.

They all trap Moogle, who becomes nice after the cute Jerry gets ...more

19 Toddler Titans

You're talking about the Titans as babies right?

20 Shake and Flick Show
21 Scooby Doo Babies
22 Baby Looney Tunes Baby Looney Tunes is an American animated television series taking place in an alternate universe depicting the Looney Tunes characters as toddler and preschool versions of themselves. It was produced by Warner Bros. Animation.

With original Looney Tune slap sticks and gags and anvils

It already existed.How about that Baby Looney Tunes show with more episodesπŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€

23 The Bravo Show

Johnny Bravo returns and brings to Courage the Cowardly Dog

24 Brittle's World
25 Family Beast Boy
26 Total Drama Death Island

All 52 characters.
3 Teams one for each cast
Elimination Device-?
Team names?
Host- still Chris
Cabins- winners sleep in the spa Hotel
Cabins - both losing teams sleep in stinky cabins
Couples- no more Gwuncan! Cody and Sierra r together
Zoke, scottney, Shawn and Jasmine, Sugar and Leonard, aleheather, and other couples I don't added about
Challenges- crazy stuff all over the island.
Music- Probalby not

27 Pets

This is about pets trying to experience the city without getting caught.

28 Mario vs. Sonic
29 Lost in Paris!

Paris Berelc plays herself in this action-packed cartoon featuring evil leopard seals that want to eat penguins, cows who abduct aliens, and elusive cryptids who cause chaos in her home town of Milwaukee. It would have to be created by Craig McCracken, by the way!


Paris Berelc as herself
Jake Short as The Pillow Pet Killer
Fjehdjdjd as the alien abductee from Mfmgmg
Mooseph as evil cow who abducts aliens
Jon Arpfeild as evil leopard seal
Quack Quackington as penguin who's running for his life!

30 Adventures Wherever!

A wolf and a fox that are best friends in this fantasy world. They have several strange friends. And their enemy is Jeff the Frosting Lord.

Rara: A tall gray wolf, very clever and fast, a risk taker, but can be a little short-tempered.

Autumn: A shorter fox, very stubborn, a risk taker, but a good friend.

Jeff the Frosting Lord: A crazy evil wizard guy with frosting powers!

Jerry: A lizard wizard. 'Yer a lizard, Jerry!

Ala the Kitten Queen: Formerly dating Jeff the Frosting Lord, Ala joins forces with Rara and Autumn to defeat Jeff every once in a while.

Pluralz Arhard: A platipus leading a platipua tribe by the river, has lot of trouble deciding whether the plural of 'platipus' is 'platipuses' or 'platipie'. :)

Super Narwhal: Autumn's Comic Hero, Who's Adventures are Real.

Thunder: Autumn's Unicorn

Lightning: Rara's Unicorn

Platikit Queen: A platipus-kitten, currently dating Jeff he Frosting Lord.

What do ...more

31 The Adventures of Chicken and a Bear

There is a Chicken named dylan he is a punk rock chicken who thinks he doesn't need anyone in life because he lost his family and learned to rely on himself but later meets charles the bear that is not so smart because he was attacked by a hunter and Dylan saves Charles. Dylan decides to find his family but knows he can't do it alone he let's Charles tag along as they travel across the land in search of Dylans family, dylan and charles finally succeed on there journey and find Dylan's family but when they get there dylans family doesn't accept charles because he is a bear but when charles leaves, dylan discovers he has found something much nicer than his family, friendship. Refusing to let Charles leave dylan heads with Charles on a new adventure to find there new home. Who knows what adventure are yet to come...

32 The New Chapters Horror Show

A horror comedy about kids finding a book

33 Somniac

A slice-of-life cartoon about an insomniac teenager.

34 Trigun (The Reboot)
35 Cowboy Bebop (The Reboot)
36 The Jetson Kids
37 Frothy Dawg Show
38 The Yucky Duck Show
39 Taz Babies
40 Anime Parody Show
41 Run in a Mill Girls
42 Hero ManChild
43 Mario Kart Double Dash: The Series

It centers on Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Yoshi, Birdo, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Toad, Toadette, Koopa Troopa, Paratroopa, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Wario, Waluigi, Petey Piranha and King Boo. They go on fun racing adventures to get the gold trophy. It is sorta like Wacky races but better

44 Total Drama World Tour 2.0.

The ultimate crossover of TD fairly odd parents Alvin chipmunks jimmy neutron and MARIO

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