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1 French

French language is the official language of 29 countries and 57 countries and regions where French is the first ("mother") or customary language, and a total of 84 Member states of the International Organisation of La Francophonie. Approximately 274 million people are speaking the language. According to a demographic projection, total French speakers will number approximately 500 million people in 2025 and between 650 and 700 million people by 2050, 80% of whom will be in Africa.

Beautiful language, very common in not just Framce, but in Quebec, many parts of Africa (Algeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Madagascar, etc) Belgium (Wallonia), western Switzerland, Luxembourg, and other places. It is the language of love and along with English, a business language. I am glad that it is a growing language again. Long live the French! French is more useful than all o you may think

Although they lost a lot of popularity during the past century for the benefit of English, French remains the second most influential language in the world. With it being the official language in 25 countries, it is the most popular language after English and used by many international bodies and organizations

Before English, French was the lingua franca, and even now it remains an important language. A lot of English vacabulary is derived from French so when you learn English you learn a bit of French too.

2 English

No other language except English has connected people across the boundaries to the most possible extent. In that sense, English definitely own the respect of humanity. It would not have happened without colonisation.

About 500 million speakers by Native and nearly two billion people in the world use them on a regular basis and are in addition to the language used in many fields including scientific and commercial.

This is not the most influential language. See the works done in Sanskrit. The Four Vedas, oldest literatures of mankind were made in Sanskrit. Those Vedas are very useful in living life.

If it is influential, it is english indeed... definitely not spanish!

3 Spanish

Despite being not Thoudy considerable influence, but it is evolving more rapidly than the French have nearly 400 million native speakers, language is Aalsmh for nearly twenty countries, and speaks all over the world as a second language. On the other hand, and with the economic progress witnessed by the countries of Latin America,

Best language.

Yo hablo espaƱol!
(en serio, no soy de esos pendejos que usan traductor y se haven los que saben hablar y resulta que no pueden decir ni media palabra sin trabarse, en fin amor y paz, jimi Hendrix es el mejor gitarrista y Patti Smith la mejor cantante)

4 Arabic

I'm Persian and I am saying this. Arabic has influenced many languages.

People say English because a ton of people speak it. But just because people speak it, it does not mean it is influential. It spreader through imperialism.

Arabic almost completely influenced the written part of the Persian language.

They influenced a lot of words from almost EVERY indo-European language, especially Spanish.

Arabic is the most influential.

Take strength from the Arabic as the language of the Koran, which makes the billion and a half Muslims and linked them if they speak sober, and has been in the Arabic language is the language of medieval science and knowledge, and the first language in the world.

Arabic is a miracle!

5 Japanese

It's the Asian version of French! It's really beautiful and romantic! You should learn it if you want to have a deeper understanding towards Japanese culture, technology, or even anime! In addition to that, once you master kanji (Chinese characters) it'll put you on the track to learn Chinese!

Awww...sounds cute!

6 Korean

Korean is spoken by almost 80 milliom people in the world, which is quite a lot. Korean is growing very popular in Asian countries especially. But it has also gained significant popularity in western countries for the last few years too. As Korean culture gets more popular every year, the Korean language is also getting popular. Korean should soon be one of the most influential Asian languages.

While definitely no where near as influential as English, Korean media is surprisingly popular and Korea is a highly technologically advanced country. It is definitely more influential than you think.

7 German

It is the most widely spoken language in Europe.

8 Chinese

Despite the huge number of speakers, the impact does not exceed China, but the rest of it in the way of change, with the development of a missile that China is experiencing, may fluctuate reins of power in favor of the Chinese language at the expense of English in the coming years.

Chinese is more influential than japanese

9 Russian
10 Portuguese

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11 Greek

Greek is the ancestor of all the important languages. Latin alphabet derives from the Ancient Greek, so the rest of the world owes much to Greeks.

Should I remind you that greek language influenced EVERYONE and EVERYTHING around the WORLD?

The most perfect language the man ever made!

Greek language should be at least in top 10.

12 Hebrew

The first language of the world. The first alpha-bet in the world.
Proto-sinaitic (Hebrew's first form) predates all.

In addition to everything else he was, Moses was the first wise man. He taught it (written language) to the Hebrews, who taught it to Phoenicians, who taught it to the Greeks.

The first language in the world spoken by Adam and Eve

13 Persian/Farsi

Well as a neutral here, it deserves more respect in my opinion.

I LOVE Persian. it is really nice

14 Vietnamese

Nho anh rat nhieu

Anh Yeu Em - I love you
Anh Nho Em - I miss you
Chao Buoi Sang - Good Morning
Chao Buoi Toi - Good Evening
Cam On - Thanks
Tam Biet - Goodbye
Chao - Hello
Keep Moving - Khong Nung Chuyen Dong
Chuc Mung - Congratulations

Yeah! I learned it so much because I watched Vietnam's Next Top Model. I love you Vietnam!

Respect, Love, Support & Peace from The Philippines!

15 Sanskrit

The ancient language which has influenced whole family of Indo-European languages. The oldest text Vedas is written in Sanskrit language.

The mightiest and the most original language ever..

It is the mightest and the most original language ever.

16 Bengali
17 Khmer
18 Norwegian
19 Italian

How is Italy less influential than Sanskrit?

Why is Italy so low on this list

20 Tamil

Tollkapium literature has been written even before 5000 years ago.. world olddest lang

21 Hindi/Urdu

The Linguafranca of South Asia

22 Polish

Spoken by 60 mln.
Understood in Ukraine (50 mln), Czech, Slovakia, Lithuania and partly Russia. Polish influnced Russian in XVII century. Second most important language in UK. Great mathematicians, Many Nobels. Esperanto was invented in Poland. Poland was one of few countries in Europe not collaborating with Nazi Germany during II World War.

23 Latin

Spoken by everyone in Roman empire; used by Catholics for centuries; used in academic world; greatly influenced all Romantic languages including English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

24 Proto-Indo-European
25 Swedish
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