Top Ten Instagram Pet Peeves

The Top Ten Instagram Pet Peeves

1 Bae

It means poop in Danish.

Bae is for people who are to lazy to pronounce "babe" - ToptenPizza

Society needs to abolish this word.


2 "Like This Picture" DMS

I never understood the need to have tons of likes on a post... You just look like a desperate attention seeker.

I have gotton 5 of these in the last minute, and once at lunch a girl came to my table and asked if any of us had our phones, I asked why and it turns out she "needed" more likes on her post - ToptenPizza


3 Emo Crap

There is always that one instagramer in your feed who has obviously spent a lot of time doing her hair in a French braid, make up (red lipstick, cats eyes, eyeshadow) in a dressy outfit all like "so ugly. I wish I wasn't here because I look hideous, I wish I had a different face! " There are starving children all over the world, and you are worried about your looks? - ToptenPizza

4 The Same Photo

Yeah, this is so annoying

Ditsy blonde: selfie

takes two steps

Ditsy blonde: let me take one more! - ToptenPizza

5 Whining for Followers

So many morons complain not enough people follow them.
1. Why do you care? Followers do not determine your worth, Hitler had millions, Jesus had 12. Are you saying Hitler is better than jesus?
2. Post good content people want to see - ToptenPizza

I get made fun of for not having tons of followers and I'm like 'I don't care about having tons of followers or not

Followers aren't for pride. What good is a follower when they are basically invisible and never like or comment on your photos - Cindersong

I hate when people do that...get a life worth sharing if that's what you need to do

6 People With More Popular Accounts Think They Are Better Than Everyone Else

There is this one girl in my class who thinks she is somehow superior to everyone because she has 300+ instagram followers, well shes is spoiled rich girl with no talent in anything, ugly, fake friends, and is failing the 6th grade. - ToptenPizza

Yes! And to be honest 300 is not even a lot I've seen people with over 2k in my class but hate when they brag

I can relate lol. This black trashy girl named Amori (not trying to be racist), every time the teacher goes out of the class, she keeps saying, oh my gosh I got 1k Baes on Instagram. She's popular because of it and thinks she's all that.

7 People Think Snapping Pictures On Their Phone Is Photography

Instagram is mainly hipsters who want to seem artsy. Photography is done the hard way, with actual editing and with a camera, it's not easy. - ToptenPizza

Girl: *takes photo of a flower*
Girl: I'm a photographer! 😃😃😃

No, you're an annoying girl on Instagram that thinks she'll be a photographer, get your head out of the gutter! - kaitlynrad11

8 #when #people #use #too #many #hashtags

Especially when they don’t even match the post


My post with hashtags that fit the picture- 6 likes
Another post with billions of irrelevant hashtags- 100+ likes

Like are you kidding me - Limeyy

Once someone took a picture of a sunset and put: #math #homework and 90 more that had nothing to do with the photo - ToptenPizza

That annoys me so much - Cindersong

#this #is #very #annoying

9 People Who Think They Work So Hard On Their Posts

This doesn't go for art accounts, buisness accounts, photography (exported to your computer with an actual camera), etc, but people who just record their daily life, it doesn't take much effort to press a button then a filter - ToptenPizza

10 When people don’t reply to your direct messages

I HATE THIS SO MUCH. - railfan99

The Contenders

11 When people don't accept your follow requests
12 Free follower scams

Stay away from these people. The link in their bio can hack your account.

13 When Accounts Post Too Many Shout Outs

Lol admit it was a good account... Until they just started posting shoutouts. - ToptenPizza

Just about half the photos in my feed are shout outs:( - kaitlynrad11

I do five every month - Cindersong

Just no...don't do it...if you are one of those people, they need to create an instagram school Just for you

14 Kim Kardashian Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian West is an American reality television personality, actress, socialite, businesswoman and model.

Don’t go on her page then. Problem solved. - 3DG20

15 Sexy Teenagers

This sounds creepy ngl.

16 Accidentally liking a person that you know their photo is from 12 weeks ago

Oh hahah, how did I not think this would be on here? I have been there.. and unlike Facebook, if you unlike posts they still get notified for it. lol. - ParasN2000

Gives me a mini heart failure

17 Girls who take half naked selfies in front of a mirror

I'm pretty sure we can all agree that those girls are only seeking attention by posing in front of a mirror in a bikini with their iPhone in their hands.

The only girs I mostly see doing this are the ones with and iPhone and honestly, they are just putting themselves out there jsut for more followers and likes, then have the nerves to go off on someone who comments something like "Dm me" or "Damn what's yo number", and they act like they didn't just post a half naked picture of them self. - TiannaBossChix

18 Double Tap to-----

It's so annoying when people demand you to like their photo. You're supposed to EARN likes, not demand them.


19 People who like their own pictures
20 Comment Section Algorithm
21 People you added and then you deleted consecutively
22 "Couldn't Load Media"

This REALLY gets annoying. - railfan99

23 Fan Accounts
24 Slow Loading
25 People who ask for likes/followers.

You're supposed to EARN likes/followers, not force people to follow you or like your photo.

26 "cropping"
27 People who steal content
28 People that follow you and then unfollow you a few days later because they have "too many followers"

I know right this gets on my nerves - Yoshiandaglover

29 People who record stories in theaters

Just enjoy the movie, and take a picture of the ticket if it really matters!

30 The fade brow
31 Selfies
32 Spam


33 People Who Say Hacked On a Photo But Their Friend Took the Photo
34 "Couldn't Refresh Feed"
35 People that follow you on Instagram and then a few days later unfollow you because the are "following too many people
36 Feminists
37 Thots
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