Top 10 Most Annoying Things People Do on Social Media

This list is about things that people do on social media that are not necessarily harmful, but still has some people annoyed or disgusted.
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The Top Ten
1 Being overly political

This normally only occurs with people that are not kids

This is why I DON'T follow politics at all!

for once I'd love to get away from the impending elections

Yeah this is essentially what everyone does nowadays and it’s honestly really toxic like you’re not changing my opinions stop shoving your damn viewpoints down my throat thinking you’re going to get anything accomplished

2 Overexposing their wealth

Especially now. Just think about the people who are struggling through this whole pandemic and don't have jobs or live in poverty.

This is dangerous. They will be the victims of robbery and burglary. Thief may steal some of their wealth.

Yeah they say like there parents are rich

We get it you’re rich no reason to flex everything

3 Showing all of their possessions

They will destroy their privacy. It will cause robbery.

Nobody cares if you own a Ferrari SF90 or a cup with the McDonalds logo on it.

They think they sound so cool doing this

Honestly I really don’t care

4 Using too many hashtags

And the breed of people which use pronouns "she/they" "him/he" for gender in their bios...*wince*
I'm glad I'm not friends with people who blindly accept and follow trends to contribute to their pseudo problems because they don't have real problems.

Yeah, I never got why so many people do this other than to make other people pay attention to your posts. I say it's only important in emergency situations like if you want to bring awareness as fast as you can to someone who's been kidnapped.

They think they ar so cool using hashtags

I use most hash tags but not all the time.

5 People asking you to like a page

Ummm... no thanks!

Honestly saying that makes me LESS likely to like that page

I would like it if I want which is 90% of the time

6 Always posting pictures of their pet(s)

Pets are cute but wouldn't it be better if you created an account dedicated to them?

I think that is fine by me I mean whats not to love?

There’s no reason to post your pets every 5 seconds they probably don’t like you constantly recording them

Cute though!

7 Posting embarrassing/regrettable pictures or videos of someone for his/her birthday

If you're gonna do that to me, do it via DM but don't post it on the gram because anyone can see this and not everyone needs to see this.

I see it a lot on social media, imagine how that person feels

Yeah that’s mean

8 "My ____ > (is better than) yours"

I don't know why people do this


9 Romantic relationship overexposure

Sure it's cute to show other people you love your significant other, but it gets tired real quick and I'd rather have a girlfriend who tells me she loves me in front of me rather than on social media. Also, relationship posts can be misleading because it doesn't always reflect the perfect kind of relationship a couple wants to show. It can also make people feel insecure about their own relationships or, for those who are single, make them feel lonely.

I know someone who does this but man, nobody gives a damn…

Honestly there’s a balance between showing you love your significant other and going overboard like we get the message you don’t have to reinforce that for every single person

10 Constantly whining

If your gonna be a grown up don't act like a newborn

You can not get the 100 robux, Jimmy.

Honestly if you complain I don’t care shut up because the rest of the world doesn’t care either

The Contenders
11 Posting too many selfies

Just why would you post your selfies

Some are hideously ugly!

12 Drunken pictures

To the college kids out there: I know life is short, but stop posting pictures of yourselves getting drunk because when you try to get a job, your recruiter might find out about these pictures and automatically put you on the no-list.

This is a problem for them as often future employers will look at these pictures and not hire them.

Something that nobody will ever regret in the history of ever

This is a major problem

13 Giving the finger for no apparent reason

Louis Tomlinson needs to stop now, he should stop smoking too

go to a therapist

14 Filming themselves at a nightclub

Yeah you definitely won’t regret posting that at all. Nope definitely not

15 Cheesy catchphrases

Slangs nowadays 👎🏼