Reasons Headphones are Better Than Earbuds

To be honest, I’ve always failed to understand why people like earbuds so much. I personally think headphones are so much better and here are the reasons why.
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1 Headphones are easier to get on

Again, if they aren't hard plastic, there's not a big difference in how easy they are to put on.

Headphones are a simple slip-on while you have to fight with earbuds to stay in your ears.

2 Headphones are more comfortable

I agree with you. I am tired of my headphone wires worsening in sound quality, even after a month when I got new headphones, and all I have are two earbuds. I wish I had wireless headphones. Earbuds can fall out of your ears and collect disgusting earwax.

I agree, earbuds do hurt a little bit, and headphones are soft and cushiony.

Earbuds kind of hurt while headphones are actually pretty comfortable.

3 Earbuds fall out of your ears

This is why I avoid hard plastic ones like the plague. Ones with soft rubber covers over the earbuds and those 'sport' ones that fit over your ears are fine for me though.

Headphones are much better for activities such as running, working out or even walking because they will always stay on.

The ones with the rubber covers aren't too bad, but the plastic ones are the worst.

This is true, but sometimes, my headphones also fall out of my ears.

4 Headphones usually last longer

The longest I've had a pair of earbuds last was about 2 months while I've had headphones last twice as long.

I have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones which are older than I am. They still work like a charm.

Mainly if the cord is thicker and stronger. But yeah, most earbuds are seriously not built to last.

Agreed. My earbuds don't ever last and I hate how I always have to spend more money to buy new ones.

5 Headphones aren’t as easy to lose

So true, though I've only ever had one pair of earbuds never turn up again. Again, it's still annoying when they take an unplanned holiday until you check under every piece of furniture in your house.

They're bigger, so you're less likely to lose them than you would earbuds.

6 Headphones don’t break as easily

It seems like headphones can take a lot more damage than earbuds.

7 Headphones actually save your phone from falling while earbuds are most likely to fall with it

Your phone falling will probably rip your earbuds out while although it could still happen with headphones, it's less likely to.

Indeed, but that's if they are not wireless bluetooth.

8 It’s easier to sleep with headphones on

If you're like me and you like sleeping with music on, (Is that weird? ) then earbuds aren't really the best for that as they will most likely eventually slip out.

9 Headphones have better sound quality

When you have headphones on, it feels like you're in a room with the musicican(s), but with earbuds you don't think that much of it because the sound isn't as good.

I agree. Headphones have better sound atmospheres.

At least for high-end ones, this is definitely true.

10 Headphones are easier to use when gaming

For example, if your earbuds fall out and you're in the middle of a game you can't pause, you'd have to drop everything and keep putting them back in. Headphones don't fall out so you wouldn't have to worry about that.

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11 Headphones are better for your ears
12 Headphones don't collect earwax

Yeah, that's why I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing earbuds compared to headphones.

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