Reasons Why GT-R Fanboys are the Worst

Sometimes there is something wrong with the car community. And it is the fanboys. One of them are GT-R fanboys. They ruin the car community so much that some even bash the GT-R to make them cry. And I'll explain to you guys why they are the worst fanboys in the car community.

P.S. To true GT-R fans and if your dream car is a GT-R, don't be offended because this is about the fanboys who are stupid. And yes the GT-R is a great car and I'm not being a hater.
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1 They think GT-R is the fastest car in the whole wide world.

This is incredibly annoying, especially since other people's dream cars may not be a GT-R. Fans of the GT-R often make remarks like "GT-R won!" or "Take that, Bugatti!" (or any other more expensive supercars or hypercars). It becomes especially irritating when they claim that your dream car, if it's not a GT-R, is trash. We should appreciate each other's opinions and avoid spreading hate.

I like this car, but I also appreciate other cars. I'm well aware that it isn't even the fastest car. When the Nissan GT-R loses, I just brush it off because no car can win every race.

2 They trash talk other cars.

They even talk badly about cars that lose to the GT-R. For example, they say things like, "That Jaguar is trash compared to the superior GT-R," or "Your Ferrari sucks. The GT-R is the best." This behavior needs to be stopped to make the car community great again.

3 They make stupid excuses when their beloved GT-R loses.

When their beloved GT-R loses, they make excuses like, "The driver sucks," or "Well, for the money, I'll still buy a GT-R instead of that crappy R8." This is kind of offensive, especially when your dream car is an R8, because they treat the GT-R as superior to other cars. We should accept that the GT-R loses races and appreciate everyone's dream cars and opinions.

4 They overhype the car like it's their God.

They overhype the car so much that some people start to hate it, which is why the car community is becoming a war zone. This is absurd. They worship it like some sort of deity. Because of the hype, some fanboys even bash other cars like Ferraris or Lamborghinis.

5 They don't even know some facts about their beloved car.

I included this because in a WatchMojo video about the best new cars under $100k, people in the comments always complain about the GT-R not being on the list. You know why? Because they're thinking of the older GT-R models that cost $70k. The 2017 GT-R actually costs about $107k, which makes it ineligible for the list. Before defending your car, always make sure to do your research.

6 They compare GT-Rs to hypercars like a Mclaren P1.

When they see a modded GT-R win against fast hypercars like the McLaren P1, they say things like, "GT-R wins," or "You have to admit that GT-Rs are the fastest cars ever." They also like to claim that their AMS Alpha GT-R could beat a Ferrari LaFerrari. This behavior needs to be stopped.

7 They bully people and sometimes make death threats.

To prove this point, I've even seen comments on forums or YouTube videos saying inappropriate things about people's families or wishing harm upon those who disagree with them. This kind of toxic mentality needs to be stopped.

8 Most are 12 year olds who doesn't have a license to drive one or even own one.

Most of these fanboys are likely people who have only watched Fast & Furious or played Need for Speed. They proclaim the GT-R's dominance over other cars, yet most of them don't even own one. It's best to defend the car you actually own and rely on verified facts.

9 They are very immature.

These fanboys often misspell words in their comments, leading people to assume they are immature 12-year-olds. This is a common stereotype in the car community, as most people think GT-R fanboys are immature kids who don't know anything about their beloved GT-R.

10 They want to be opinionated.

Much like other fanboys, they want everyone on the internet to share their opinions. When they find out someone has a differing view, they resort to bullying or making inappropriate threats. This behavior is similar to a dictatorship and needs to be stopped. We should respect everyone's opinions, okay?

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11 They say drag races are rigged when the GT-R loses.
12 They think that the GT-R is the only car that truly matters to everyone.
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