Takanori Matsumoto (Ruki - The GazettE)


Not commenting would eat at me but just the thought of Ruki and all that he has done and means to us makes it difficult to even begin.

We are "Sixth Guns" for a reason.

I am a "Sixth Gun" for a reason.

Expression at its most purest sorrow...
Un-named feelings I never knew how to fill in with words until I heard him...
A light of deep honesty softly comforting and brightening the shadows of my life...

Ruki's voice...
There is a bottomless infinity of admiration for it.

Just the smallest seconds of hearing his voice, feeling and coming to an understanding with the thoughts of his heart, holding on to the call of the song that captivates me still even after it has ended... He's all I need to suddenly smile out of no where like a fool.

And if others do find me a fool for voting for him then I AM a fool.
-but there is no other that I can admire but him.

Matsumoto, Takanori is my #1.

Some people, they voted artists they like first, some people, they like the wide range of voices and some people are just something else but for me, Ruki is somewhat other than that. He is a great singer, a talented song writer, the heart and brain of the GazettE but this is not about it. It's about voices and his voice so far is the only voice which came straight through my soul and touches my heart like an angel that came from Heaven.. Anyways, I am very thankful he existed. People vote for who they think deserves it more, not who they like. But then again, he can gives certain waves in his voice which makes the song much more beautiful and can shout like in Leech, how he raps in the songs. He deserves it. Doesn't matter whether they're new or old in the Jrock industry, if they deserve it, they really do deserve it. Thumbs up for Ruki and the GazettE forever~!

Well, yeah. Maybe Kyo has a better voice. Doesn't matter cause Ruki doesn't use his voice while singing. He uses his heart and that's why he is amazing.

Seeing him as he stood on the stage in Budokan 2006, amazed by the crowd and then there was that little smile and this smile made the song he sang perfect. Last Song, Miseinen.

Same decomp. Beauty. Bathroom, as he helplessly sat on the floor, it was his heart which formed the beautiful words.

And he even knows how to use words. Never seen anyone who can write so wonderful lyrics.

Hey, thanks for showing me how to use my heart. Ruki san

You can't judge all singers in their vocal range. There are some singers that can sing high but don't sound like they're actually singing it with emotions. I knew Dir en Grey was older than the GazettE, but the GazettE worked hard to get this fame. We don't base on how long Kyo has been performing than Ruki. As for me, my friend started playing guitar a year earlier than me, but then I am now better than him. So it's fair for the both of them. Ruki is better.

He has such an incredibly beautiful voice. The way he can make you cry when he sings and just feel every little word with every part of your soul or make you wanna rock it hard with every inch of your body. His words are never empty, always filled with feeling and he's also an amazing songwriter. A total poet. Incredibly talented and gifted, Ruki-san is just the best!

It's true that Kyo form DeG has a wider range of vocals, reaches higher tunes and so on, but that only says he's got a better voice. Being a singer is much more than having a good voice, it is using it properly to sound perfect in every live. Of course there are concerts in which Kyo sounds great, but he has to deal with big throat problems (OPs) for pushing to far his voice. Too many times his voice does not sound live as good as the studio versions. The problem is just that he refuses to get taught or trained in singing (which isn't really bad, it's his style) and therefore he doesn't get to make the most of his unique voice. That's the only point for me to say Ruki is better than Kyo, as for their live performances, both are just incredible and give all they have.

His voice just makes me melt! I love every second listening to him and I will never get bored! The most recent song (Last Heaven) touched my heart and soul! Just from a few english words, the guitars, Ruki's voice and the way the music was laid out I fell in love with it and it's in 1st place with half of their songs! He has inspired me so much that I'm going to learn Japanese and move to Japan! I don't just love his stage character, his voice and his looks... I love him and who he is OFF stage! While typing this I'm listening to Last Heaven and feel like bursting into tears! Thank you Ruki for being in a band and making me fall in love with your band!

Ruki really deserves to be number one, his voice is so deep and full of emotions. He can sing really calm, like in pledge, but also aggressive like in Vortex or Headache man. I don't agree with the ones that say Kyo should be above Ruki, he may have a wider range of vocals, but Ruki's voice goes straight to your soul.

Oh, he is in the top! He deserves it Sometimes people vote for someone just because they love him, but Ruki definitely is one of the best singers out of all singers of the world. No one can be so emotional, sincere, touching like Ruki-san. He sings as if it's about his life, not imaginary characters. He is more than a singer, he is also an actor. First time I saw him on stage I was strongly impressed. I really cannot remember who could compete with him

For a vocalist, he grown into someone so strong and inspiring. He toughed it out, and regardless of everything he's been through, he hasn't looked back. His lyrics reflect society, whether things have happened to him personally, or the band members, or the band's fans. His passion can be heard through his voice, and he even dedicates himself to his fans and his band-mates. Ruki is an inspiration and has touched his fans through his music. Passion and determination like his is something so rare to see in the music industry of this decade. He's one of a kind.

those and these comments was OK, all the singer has great voices, and our ears has a different comfort. I admit to Kyo Diru screams, hyde's irreplaceable voices, Juri DELUHI scream and soft voices. but the best thing of RUKI for me was he's not only sing, but he has a great charism, he create unique atmosphere for the band, live prform, songs, design, PV. what a great things, I listen so many, but finnaly I always back to Ruki voices...

Ruki is a really good vocalist. He can keep control over his voice and has a good range. Not only does he have great vocal skills, but his composing skills are great as well and when he makes a song he uses the troubles he's been through or troubles around him and puts all his heart into it. Listen to A VOICELESS FEAR and listen to the lyrics and you'll see what I mean, or Taion. Ruki is also amazing live, during Taion where he screams as if he was Junko Furuta, in D.L. N where he blindfolds himself. He and the rest of the members know how to send chills down your spine but Ruki's lyrics and voice always get to you.

Absolutely RUKI! He's more than a band vocalist, he already became the heart of the band. A vocalist isn't only singing, but he had to be able bring the heart of the song to their audiences, and he is, Ruki able to bring GazettE songs become more than a song, it become a treasure... (well, ruki did you knew that you've already manage your self as a treasure for so many peoples? )

Ruki's voice is amazing! The depth of emotion and range he showcases are incredible and his music always reaches you where you are at. Recently the nieces of a good friend on mine were both killed by there father they were three years old. In trying to sort through the range of emotions and and trying to find the surface again I thought ah Ruki would understand this, I bet the gazette has music for a moment like this. I was right and it was really amazing how well it helped me sort out my thoughts.

Simply: I love his voice When I showed him to my friend she said:"He can't sing. " I thought "How can dare you?! " If she say it once more time-I'll KILL her. She could say that she doesn't like it. It was because he is a Japanese. I hate so limited people (poor girl). I really like his voice even when he is talking. He has a nice voice. I want to see him live! (Of course I want to see all the GazettE). It's my secret dream
(If there is something wrong: sorry for my poor English)

The only voice that makes me cry. Deep and a breathtaking. Wants to dissolve in it during the song. This feeling I have never felt until I heard Ruki. I am thankful Ruki for his songs and great voice. Tonality of his voice is very different: he can scream or sing softly. This causes a lot of emotions when you listen to Ruki. Emotions in the songs the most important thing for me and Ruki gives me emotions. A lot of emotions! Definitely he is my favorite singer!.. (And I love him so much! (. -_-.

Very few vocalists can ever make me smile out of my own free will and even make me cry out of my own free will. His voice not only hits those notes that many vocalists are able to hit, but he also has that 'talent' to convey the emotions that the song comes with (a bonus I would say). He doesn't need to tell his listeners to cry at a certain part nor to think hard and deeply in a another part; just with the sound, the tone, the tremble filled with emotion makes the listener do just that without needing to think twice. Ruki is the top Japanese Rock singer in my world and in this world as well.

I'm not someone who is typically moved by music, but when I heard Ruki sing, something cut right to my soul, and even when I'm not sure what he's saying, I can feel what he's saying. That's a talent unlike any other, and I think that's what makes art great. Ruki has an amazing voice, and cares about every word he sings like no one I've ever heard before. It's raw emotion that can bend and shape to say exactly what you need to hear. That's why he gets my vote.

Ruki is a truly driven individual... He never gives up. He has worked so hard to reach his goals and he will never stop until he reaches the top! His voice is one of the best I've ever heard and is so full of REAL emotion! He has such a beautiful way of putting so many different thoughts, feelings, fears, and dreams into some of the most moving, passionate lyrics ever written. He is a genuinely inspiring person.

Wow! I really love Ruki *-* I love his voice! The way he sing is wonderful, not all people can sing in the way he do!, when he sing express all his inner feelings also makes you feel each part of the lyrics the rhythm.

You can notice that he loves what he do and this is something really important in a musician *-*

In simply words he's awesome!

Already number one huh. He deserves it. I think there's no word which can describe perfecly his talent. The best thing you should do is listen to him directly. He is able to create his own atmosphere and makes you feel a lot of things when only a few can. I know I will never forget his unique voice and the unique person he is.

Ruki is my favorite vocalist. I know there are lots of great vocalist in japan but for me he stands out among them. He has that gift that makes his listener wanting more... He has the ability to influence people thru his music and those lyrics that he made are really made by such passion that makes us (fan) love him and his band more.
Plus I do agree that its very rare for a vocalist to have a hard and smooth voice at its balance...

He has amazing voice. He can sing ballads in a way that makes you cry and scream and shout to make your heart and whole you go crazy. He has everything to be a top Japanese rock singer: amazing voice, talent, charisma and he is very creative in writing lyrics and songs. What do you need more?

Kyo from Dir En Grey has a good voice as well but personally I think, Ruki's voice conveys a lot of emotion. His Range is good and he works harder than most even though he tries to act cool and aloof.

Even though I'm a BIG Gazette Fan I would never talk trash about another band just because someone else thought they were better than mine. That's immature and ridiculous and really brings a lot of shame to both parties.

Ruki totally deserves this. He is probably one of the most amazing vocalist ever. He not only writes some of the most meaningful and deep lyrics a person can find, but he sings each and every song with his heart and soul. He puts all his emotions and feelings into everyone of his songs. Plus, Ruki has the voice of an angel to go with it