Best K-pop Artists of 2012

This shows the list of Korean artists that we so love. Whether a group, or solo artists are included. Please vote so that we can see who are the best of 2012.
The Top Ten
1 Super Junior Super Junior is a South Korean boy band. Formed in 2005 by producer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, the group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak.

This group is unique.. They are old but a lot of youngsters still love them because of their youthful attitude and athletic bodies. They also show different sides of them in a lot of variety shows. They are not ashamed to be humiliated in public and they are also not afraid to share some of their secrets. They are multi-talented and they always try to be prank and truthful to the general public. They apologize whenever they are wrong and they appreciate people who recognize them. They are humble, traditional and charismatic. Fighting oppas.

They are the best just because they are awesome. They need nothing else to reach perfection because they are just one of the most perfect groups of k-pop society. Their music is just amazing, their dancing is the bomb and their good charisma and personality is just something to envy by anyone. They have the best choreography, and best singing voices in the world. They appart from having charisma, good music, and awesome dancing, they have the cutest members and the most loving members as well. Because once you get to know SJ, you get to experience real pain and real happiness just by watching at least one of their T.V. shows. And they are not just good singing voices and pretty faces, they as well have amazing followers, who love them and support them in any way they can, named ELFs. We are a family, SJ cares about ELF and ELF cares about SJ. And together there is NOTHING that could bring our family down.

Leeteuk: best leader ever. Heechul: most outrageous personality. Hangeng: everything he does is amazing! Yesung: hidden prince and best voice. Kangin: sweetest buff-man and raccoon ever. Shindong: just plain hilarious! Sungmin: aegyo king! Eunhyuk: the dancing machine! Zhoumi: the tallest person like EVER. Donghae: cute, cute and CUTE! Also my bias! Siwon: HOT. Ryeowook: great voice and also aegyo prince. Kibum: best actor alive and a smile to die for. Kyuhyun: THE EVIL MAKNAE! Henry: cutest chipmunk alive!
Together, they are the 15 Supermen. Nothing more, nothing less. SUPER JUNIOR: The last men standing. Everything they do is purely and simply DDAEBAK. Saranghae SJ and ELF!

This is the best group in the world. They can sing, dance, rap, act... They're is nothing they can't do! They worked so hard to get where they are now. They've been around for a while and have already made six albums. This is something difficult for idols to do. I love them. They act like brothers and are practically family. Even if all 13 of them aren't together now, they are still they're sweet and caring selves. They really are outstanding. From their debut to their Breakout album "Sorry Sorry" until now, they have gained fans from all over the world. SUPER JUNIOR IS NUMBER ONE!

2 BigBang Big Bang is a South Korean boy band formed by YG Entertainment. The group consists of 4 members: G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung.

They totally deserve to perform. Doesn't their success in MTV EMA Worldwide Act tell you something? That they are really deserving of a world stage and that they have an amazing fan base which stretches out from Korea until throughout the entire world. I'm from Malaysia, and the time they came over to perform at Korean Music Wave(only GD, TOP & Seungri) I swear the crowd went crazy! They had the loudest cheers and also the fans sang together with them and the fans knew every single word of their songs! I feel bad for the other artists that performed but truly Big Bang owned the stage. If it's already like that with only 3 members performing in Malaysia, imagine if that happens with 5 members on stage. It would be mind blowing awesome I swear! LET THEM PERFORM!

I have been into kpop for quite a long time and had never found any artist that is as good as BigBang, either as a group or as individuals. They are multi-talented, and unlike any other group, they made their own music and create their own choreography. They are trendsetters, and probably have the most male fans for a boy group.

Their songs are superb. Their albums are amazing. That include solo albums too. Even the maknae and so called, "least talented one", Seungri, made an album that has surpassed everyone's expectations.

Their songs covers for like half of my playlist. No artist, EVER, has succeeded to do that.

Big Bang is a group of amazing artists whose love for music has gotten me to respect them so much. Despite everything that happened last year, after all the painful things they went through, they didn't go and hide. Rather they came forward with FANTASTIC music and loads of courage to give us VIPs the assurance that we haven't lost them yet, that as long as we are there supporting them, they'll work hard to repay us through their heartfelt music.

I am proud to be a VIP and I'm glad I got introduced to this fantastic group of 5!

So Big Bang! Keep working hard! We are here to lift you up when you fall!

I love Big Bang... They are the best, amazing performers ever. They know how to have fun and they really love and respect those peoples around them. Very humble despite of their success worldwide. They make their own songs, choreography, and even the production of everything they commit their tome and energy. They love what they are doing and always do their best to pay their VIP's who loves them a lot.
Their songs are really fantastic (baby)! And their voice are really unique in every way...

3 Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun-Joong is a South Korean entertainer, actor, singer, dancer, and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501.

He deserved to be the one of the guest, because he's the singer, dancer, all around Performer and very Popular in the whole Asia! He is the best and "The Only ONE". His album break all records as a solo artist. He even topped the other group idol in terms of sales and Period of time in just 2 weeks, he was able to be number one, not only in Korea, but other countries, like Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, even in Peru.

I just fell in love with him when I saw "Boys over Flowers" "Playfull Kiss" and I'm waiting to watch "City Conquest".
And he is awesome because he always gives the best from hisellf and he works harder than anyone, he can sing and dance at the same time too.
You must watch mv like: Breaking Down ( that is an amazing song with an amaing coreography! ), Please Be Nice To Me, Save Today, and Be My Girl also.
I don't really know how to explain about him, but hi is just amazing man.
To me, he is to the most spectecular singer and dancer, even the greatest human being!

With more projects lined up, commercials offer, upcoming drama, concert tours among others, he'll definitely conquer K-Pop this coming 2012. His success last year is the best proof that he'll become another history in KPop this year. Not only with his talents and all but his love for his millions of fans and his good heart as well, he'll surely rise to fame no other solo KPop artist would ever imagine.

Kim Hyun Joong is a great singer with amazing voice, multi talented having great personality, a true gentleman with so many good qualities like humbleness, concerned/respect towards his Fans, colleague, friends and family. His life reflects in his works. He is very serious about his works and take full responsibility of it.

4 SNSD Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD, was formed in South Korea, in 2007. The current members are Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun. Jessica left in 2014. They are known as the second best selling girl group of all time, Korea’s National Girl Group, and one of the best girl groups of all time.

SNSD is the FIRST female band that I ever was interested in and it is THEM who introduced me to Kpop. I was hooked from the first minute of the first video that I watched of theirs. These girls are the biggest contribution to kpop's current international fame, as most people I know who got into kpop got into it because of SNSD, and they introduce most of the international fans of kpop to kpop. SOrry jealous haters, it's just been like that and it always will be, it's all over the internet how these girls are the reason most western people get into kpop. After the legendary BoA, SNSD is the second biggest contributor to kpop's international fame (although I think BoA is more notable and active in jpop)

They're the ARTISTS, they are promoting Korea in other countries, because of them, a lot of people became interested in listening to KPOP, because of them, Korea became famous to other countries, because of THEM, I want to go to Korea, SNSD are not just beauties, they are both Talented and Amazing.. They have the SKILLS... They have this extreme CONNECTION with their FANS (sones including me) I've been with them from the start, their hardworks are worth paying for... And SM knows about this... That's why he never stop giving projects to SNSD, because what markets demand? SNSD!

5 Shinee Shinee is a South Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. The group is composed of four members: Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Originally a five-piece group, vocalist Jonghyun died in December 2017.

SHINee is amazing. They perform extraordinarily well live. They each have a distinctive voice, voices that are enough to win the hearts of new fans. They have the most complex and flowing dances the world has ever known. And although Kpop really is just another genre in music, SHINee introduced it and have been my favorite group even as discovering other groups that I admire and adore. They are extremely hard workers in everything they do, and I really believe they deserve to be #1!

What can I say about them...
They are the best in every thing.
They have wonderful voices, looks, dancing skills &...
They are just so talented.
And of course they have a wonderful personality. They really love
Other members & they take care of each other like their own family.
I really enjoy seeing their love toward each other.
I hope they can have a beautiful & happy life.
I know that SHINee will always shine. Fighting.

Shining Shinee really influence the world with their fashion, dance moves and lovely super awesome songs. I really had fall in love with by the time I hear their 'SHERLOCK CLUE+ NOTE' song because of their harmony voices singing together as an awesome group. I really hope that they will success and influence everyone with their songs... Love SHINee FOREVER!

SHINee are really talented and love what they do. They are 5 boys and each one of them is different in their own way (not to mention that they are super good looking). Together, they perform amazingly, have fun and form a strong friendship. They help each other out, listen to what they have to say and their song are amazing. They can really sing!

6 TVXQ TVXQ, also known as Dong Bang Shin Ki, is a South Korean pop duo that originally debuted as a five-member group in 2003. They are one of the leading figures in the Hallyu wave and have immense popularity both domestically and internationally. TVXQ's musical style is diverse, spanning genres like pop, R&B, and electronic dance music. They have broken several sales records and received numerous awards, solidifying their status as icons in the industry.

DBSK deserves to win it. They are so talented, with incredible vocals and powerful dance. Forever and ever they are the kings of kpop, no matter what others say that their bias band are the kings, we know in our heats cassies, that DBSK will forever and truly be the king. They are not people who merely depended on looks, but through sheer hard work, developing their skills to the max and giving us a breathtaking performance time and again. I'm sure that even people who aren't cassies have to admit that DBSK is indeed very talented! Nobody could deny that! Always keep the faith cassies! 8 more days to august 10th!

Always keep the faith! I believe Cassiopeia still support them just like before. I believe even their did not win this voting but for me their still number 1 and the BEST among all Korean group. They good in singing, dancing, tall, good looking and humble and in order word, they have full package...

They are the best! No doubt about it! Awesome stage, fantastic performance. No one can match their superb quality as singers and dancers. With all their talents, they never forget to be modest, and are always sincere to us fans. Bigeast will always thank and support TVXQ for their wonderful music and stage. We love you, Yunho and Changmin.

I think TVXQ the best K-pop Boyband I've ever known. The members are have great quality not only in for their voices but also their looks, dance, personality and many more. No matter how the separated like now I belive that there heart, mind and sould are unity So I think TVXQ deserve to win. I will always Keep The Faith and hope to the end. I support the 5 of them.

7 2NE1 2NE1 was a South Korean girl group consisting of Bom, Dara, CL, and formerly Minzy. The group was formed by YG Entertainment in 2009.

2NE1 fighting! I haven't really loved them in the past because for the past 2-3 years, their songs were inspirational, yet with too much autotune making them a sound the same. But lately, they expanded their horizon and have rarely used any autotune. They have a unique style all their own and don't pretend to be cute in front of the camera. Not to mention that aside from being beautiful, yes CL haters, I think that CL is gorgeous without makeup- that they are all sweet and totally hilarious! So I hope that they keep making these awesome songs and never change for anyone!

They have a truly international flavor in their music, their fashion and their performances. They don't follow trends, they create them! They are the most likely to cross borders with their music also because all four members are multi-lingual and three have lived overseas. This gives them more confidence and a better feel of what other cultures want in the entertainment biz without losing their Korean identity.


JYJ are perhaps 3 of the most talented artists I have ever come across. Not only can they sing but they do something that is unheard of in South Korea, they write their own music! They are amazing singers, actors and muscial performers who are very kind. They are able to sing live and without auto-tone. They are wonderful dancers and they show us these skills every time they perform. They are loved by fans all across the world. They have toured in North America, Europe, played in China, Japan, Thailand and many more! They will also be the very first Korean artists to hold a concert in South America! They are also getting love calls from many other places in the world. Fans go out of their way for JYJ and JYJ do the same.

JYJ is the best because they are true artists. They can really sing well, dance well and they just simply own the stage. I really admire them for being brave and determined enough to face the challenges and unfairness, and are able to be strong to fight for their dreams. As a JYJ fan, I will continue to support Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, because they are the one who show me the real spirit and passion for music. I am pleased to be one of the million JYJ'fans to witness JYJ's success. JYJ you are the best!

JYJ are 3 talented male idols... They are in showbiz for 8 years now. They fought for justice and even though they can't perform on their own country, they are very famous in Asia and not only in Asia, they held concerts in North America, Europe and now soon to conquer and be the first idol to have a concert in South America.

They are not only idols who can sing and dance but also great actors, musical actors and trusted Cf endorsers. They are unstoppable.

They are very talented in many aspects - singing, lyrics-writing, composing, acting & the variety of genres their vocals can do amazes me. I will never stop supporting them for such amazing talents are very rare to come by. To be able to come this far without the access to local & Japanese media due to unfair discriminations, is testimonial to their achievements. You will never regret listening to them.

9 B1A4

They're the cutest and adorable boyband ever! Every member has their own funny characteristics. They don't need powerful dance to become Hallyu Star.

I love B1A4. I hope they can be the winner

I will hope B1A4 is the winner forever...

They are hot. Enough said.

10 EXO Exo is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted in 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, performing music in Korean and Mandarin, respectively.

EXO... I would always wonder how can they be so perfect. Not only are their voices great and unique. I'd say their looks are also perfect. I just got to believe that there are some people who are born with EVERYTHING. Exotic, is a word that can describe them but that one word doesn't seem to fit. If I were to describe them, I'd say they are MUSIC itself. PERFECT in every way, and I like that and adore that from them. It would be nice to also be like them. Or be with them that is... Since they are like angels from above as I'd like to describe them, and maybe being with them will feel like an earlier heaven.

The fact that they are 2 sub units working as 1 makes them special in every aspect. I am an EXOtic and they have it all: Looks, talent and inspiration. They worked really hard to get to where they are, and they will work harder to keep going up the scale for us EXOtics. All of their songs are fantastic! Mama, History, Angel, Two Moons ft Key from SHINee, Don't Cry, What is Love and Machine. They are the best new group! [for example, Suho (leader of the Korean sub unit) trained 7 years before debuting, they deserve to be well known and admired for their perseverance and hard work. ]

Their song is unique from the past group and they show great potentials as a group K and M, and they also show great talents for each individuals. Their songs identify their group as one that has never been born before in KPop. I am sure that they will not disappoint any fans or listener with their songs.

Even though they just debuted last April I felt that they are pro. Every member of the group has unique and outstanding talent that can really attract fans (And I am one of them! ) I LOVE them, their music, their style and their personality... And when you already know each of them it is true that you can't easily choose your bias... All of them are my BIAS! GO EXO! WE ARE ONE! We, your fans, are always here to support! I LOVE YOU EXO! EXOtics FOREVER!

The Contenders
11 U Kiss

They deserve to be in the top 5 since they work harder than anyone in the kpop indutry. Their songs give this effect where we will like it instantly like Neverland and 0330. They are very talented and have the best singers like Hoon and Kevin. They also have the best rappers like Dongho, Eli and AJ. They are global idols. To be honest, they are better than BigBang in terms of singing and talents. If U-KISS was promoted more worldwide, they would be better than BigBang already. The group consists of a variety of nationalities which is good to have in the K-pop industry. They are awesome and deserve to be in the top 3!

U-Kiss is the most UNDERRATED k-pop artist of all time. They are just amazing. If you don't know who they are, go look them up. NOW! They are so talented and their songs are amazing! Especially, their new songs. They work so hard, and have gone through a lot individually and as a group. Each member has something in them that make them wonderful, and it's impossible to like just one member. They make ballads, pop songs, r&b and so much variety. To be honest I wanted them to be on this list, but after all they are underrated, probably because of the company they are in. All us KissMe's can do is wait for the day they get recognized worldwide, and be famous ALL AROUND THE WORLD, and since I'm from America, if this were to happen my dreams of seeing them would FINALLY come true


>_< Ah! Awesome band! I have been watching you kiss for 4 years and I m still not tired of it! What makes this band special is the members are social and care about their fans more than other bands. Looking their songs anyone can say they try the hardest to give their fans the best of the best! Although I miss Alexander but he's studying and making his improvement... But Kevin, Eli, Dongho and others are still that funny, smart, handsome and awesome! They will go a long way! You KISS FIGHTING! SARANGHE you KIS!

U-Kiss is the best group in Korea. They always make me smile and happy. I really love them. They really do their best to achieve their dream although at first they not as famous as know in Korea. Although they change their member I still love them.. U-Kiss I will always love you no matter what happen. Saranghae. Thank for always make happy and smile.


Beast may not be the most popular group in the world, but they're going to make it there eventually. Doojoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kikwang, and Dongwoon have all great talents and they got so far in only less than three years and people thought they wouldn't make it since they were a "recycled group", and yeah they might've been in other companies before they joined Beast but making it this far, you even forget that they were kicked out. Those who don't know them shouldn't say anything to offend their fans, especially with any group. War and Peace will come out soon and I can't wait til it will.

Beast is the Best! They always work hard for their fans.

DooJoon oppa, JunHyung oppa, Yoseob oppa, HyunSeung oppa, GiKwang oppa and DongWoon oppa... Thank you for working hard for us! We really appreciate it&

Beast is the Best! They're not scared to show who they really are! They're all Cute, Handsome, Good-Looking and all of them have talents!

I will be a B2uty forever~

Beast Hwaiting!

Their personalities never bore me. They seem like nice people. Easy to idenitfy unlike other boy band members--confusing. Yo Seob and Hyun Seung really stand out. 'Trouble Maker' made audiences take notice. They will be huge in the U.S. very soon. You can't ignore charisma and talent. They "it".

At first I only stayed for yang yoseob but then after "stalking" him in videos I grew to love the rest of BEAST so much that I think ill love them to death. There's just that chemistry and charm in this group that sets them apart from the rest.

13 G-dragon

Ji Yong oppa should be at number 1-3, he is a great leader I've ever seen.

You kidding me? Why jiyong oppa stuck in 46?

Love you the way you are jiyong oppa

14 NU'EST NU'EST is a South Korean boy group formed by Pledis Entertainment consisting of JR, Aron, Baekho, Ren, and Minhyun.

Accidentally opened iTV (1 kpop music channel of Vietnam) I saw "Face" of NU'EST. It's amazing how! From dancing to the song, their music and they style it's so amazing.. I never ​​impression on so, I never interested in any one kpop group. And immediately I was look for information in the Internet about Nu'est, Nu'est is wonderful. The most impressive to me is Ren, when watching the mv "Face", I was wondering "weird, kpop group have 1 single female member! ". Now I think it so funny. Ren owns of great beauty, which is why I was attracted. I hope Nu'est will come to Vietnam!. We will always support NU'EST in everywhere! NU'EST fighting! ♥

I am and will always be a L.O./.E, Nu'est is my hero, and I relate to them very much, I'm always proud when I watch them grow, and they will forever hold a special place in my heart---sadly I am not Korean, nor am I wealthy, but someday, I want to meet one of them, whether it'd be concert, fan-signing, or in person( too good to be true) I want to express how much they and their music help me everyday

NU'EST is my hero, my love. I love them. They have talent, beauty and energy. Although they come from a small company, but what they achieve is really undeniable!

Nu'est fighting! I will keep watching and supporting you guys as much as I can! From your fan from Vietnam!

15 B.A.P

B.A.P is an incredible group with amazing songs and impressive dances. They should definitely be higher up on this list. They are different than the normal kpop boy band. "Warrior", "Power", "No Mercy", "Rain Sound", "Stop It", "One Shot" and "Badman" are incredible songs. The rappers are so talented and the vocals are definitely ahead of many idols. Daehyun's voice is one of those rare voices that every note he sings is just ear candy. I hope B.A.P can go far and receive the fame and love they deserve.

Bap is one of the best groups in kpop. All of them are talented and hard working. Zelo: Cute, amazing rapper and dancer, nice personality. Daehyun: Strong vocals-he can really sing, hot. Jongup: Adorable, innocent, great voice and dance moves. Himchan: Nice,handsome, sexy voice. Yongguk: Love his rap, really nice. Youngjae: Goodlooking, also has a very great voice. I love them!

B.A. P is the best because even before they just rookies they have a strength to do better. They have a powerful dance, voice and so many talent and I like B.A. P because they have charm and uniqueness.. I Love B.A. P I love being BABYZ...

B.A. P really 'man'. I mean, genre their songs are really "rough" and their dances are so fierce...
They could beat suju - sexy free and single in mandarin chart although they're rookie
And then daehyun, he has high pitch more the IU. It's strange because he's boy and usually boys' pivth are lower than girls'

16 2PM

I love how they transform from the early days and now with a different image. I like how strong they are despite the bashing and controversy that happened. No matter what rumors speculating about them I still love them.

However busy 2pm may be, it does not forget service to fan.
And doing one's best in 2pm is always being continued.
Their singing ability and a dance are wonderful.
I aid 2pm forever.

I've been in love with them ever since I heard their songs... I'm quite addicted to them... They know hw to balance everything in their lives be it entertaining fans or stickin together as family... They are just simply AMAZING!... I love all of em!..

Love them all. They're the first group that catch my attention. Love beast 2PM, love dorky 2PM, love cute 2PM, love their great brotherhood.

17 Boyfriend

BOYFRIEND is group of many refreshing charms that other groups doesn't have.
They are young and energetic plus their pure and innocent concepts are most likely to be the reason why so many fans waver over these male Idols.

Boyfriend is a rookie group in 2011 and showed so much potential to succeed in the Korean Entertainment industry. That's why their fanclub Bestfriend also works hard hand in hand with their Idols to make them the best well-known boy-band internationally.

Boyfriend is the cutest group that I observe... And there music video is not common than the other... And they are not arrogant... They do there best to perform perfectly on stage... For me boyfriend is the best... And I love boyfriend specially they perform on stage...

All of member boyfriend are handsome, have good voice, good at dancing, friendly with their fans. The leader, Kim Donghyun is so funny. I like DongWoo couple, jo twins, the mysterious man jeongmin and the best voice hyunseong. Their songs are easy listening. I like it.

Boyfriend is the best kpop boy group! Each 6 of them has their own charms.
Kim Donghyun- The playful and caring leader.
Shin Hyunseong- The most shy member with a wonderful angelic voice.
Lee Jeongmin- The joker and 'Bad Hand' of the group.
Jo Youngmin- The cute and easy-going guy.
Jo Kwangmin- The so called Pikamin that loves Pikachu.
No Minwoo- The cute maknae of the group and the dancing machine of Boyfriend.
When you combine these six charms it makes a really good group.
My six Boyfriends Hwaiting! Saranghae! ^. ^
Remember to make Bestfriends from all over the world happy!

18 Huh Gak
19 f(x)

Hey~why is f(x) not in the top 10? They are one of the most unique girl group ever! Their music are amazing and I'm pretty sure that I never heard such unique and artistic music besides f(x).Maybe they are underistimated by their new junior REd Velvet and in SM but they deserved more than this! SM,f(x) is still standing strong so be nice to them before something goes wrong with it stability and status of the group.You don't want f(x) to ended up like Girls Generation(who lost Jessica)and EXO who lost obviously two of their best Chinese rappers and one beautiful and warm vocal deer? So act fast! GO F(X)

The girls of f(x) work their butts off almost every album that comes out and it shows 100% they deserve more recognition in my opinion! Each group members voice and style is so unique and different, that it isn't hard not to become a fan of the beautiful and talented f(x). I voted for f(x)!

They are just AWESOME! They are simply unique. Even though SMtown does not pay that much of attention to them, they still tried very hard for their songs. They impress me every time with their new songs. They are not like the typical Kpop band girls - cute, pretty, wearing the same outfit or costume, etc They wear different outfits and they each have different personality <3 sry no offense to other kpop bands

I'm a big fan of f (x) forever so I will support them no matter what happen! This group is so perfect super love and like them I'm so happy that I met them <3 and I totally love them and I'm dying to see them... I hope I will see the, I love f (x? Forever also SHINee too... Please keep on supporting on f (x) they are a perfect group! I LOVE F (X) forever!

20 Cho Kyuhyun

We love kyuhyun. We love his beautiful voice.. I hope cho kyuhyun his name it will be in the list of top ten..

The has the best voice, and also the best personality!

He is the perfect husband! Of course, my husband

21 Infinite

Infinite are my all time favourite k-pop group. They are all unique in their abilities and together form a perfect group. Infinite are definitely underrated and deserve more credit. They make excellent music without selling out to auto-tune and give their all for every performance. All their dances require extreme concentration and coordination and together with singing, only highly trained and skilled people could pull it off. They are also filled with cute, funny, adorable and charismatic personalities. I love infinite and I love being an inspirit because they notice us and appreciate us! INFINITE AND INSPIRIT FOREVER!

I keep comment how good they are everyone already know how they through till they became a success group.. They already surpass their senior like 2ne1, miss a, mblaq and many more with be mine song%plus infinite raising their name not with their company listed in big-3 company.. Their senior in their company also not well-know.. They really success with their own effort! Good job infinite.. You guys are daebak! Throw heart!

Have people completely forgotten how HARD Infinite worked this year? They're better with each comeback with fresh new choreography that is completely in sync, a refreshingly unique sound and overall just great performance quality. Infinite hwaiting!

Infinite for the win! Hwaiting! Inspirits please vote for them! They are so so amazing and please listen to their songs! They are very nice and their voices are so amazing! Have high expectations for them! They will do very well! So INFINITE HWAITING!

22 C.N. Blue

I like all of their songs. They compose most of their songs, play & sing well, and all of them are so good looking! They also look well mannered. They're just perfect compared to most Kpop groups, who mostly just sing and dance and dress skimpily and act sexy. CN BLue does not have to resort to gimmicks as they sing well and are able to engage their audience. CN Blue rocks!

They worked hard to get where they are now and that's what makes me love them so much. Plus, the create variety of good music. All of them has great and lovable personality. My bias is Yonghwa because of his playful personality even if he's the eldest of the group.

Cnblue rocks... simply the best Korean rock band...
Yong hwa and the rest of the boys sings well...
I watched them here in the Philippines and thru music...
We connect and understand... So handsome specially when they smile... Good looking guys with so much talents...

2012 was a really great year for CNBLUE, they had successful concerts for the first time in USA and UK and also plenty of amazing live performances and concerts! They deserve a much higher position, too bad their fandome is not as bigger as of those from bigger companies...

23 A Pink
24 Kara

There are just so much people who judge Kara's singing skills, at least they have the confidence to go up stage and sing for everyone, I just want to state for those who always say they have no vocal skills to try and sing if they're so good, Kara debuted in 2007 with Kim Sung Hee, when she left they were still strong and welcomed the new members. They're like one of the most friendliest girl groups out there! They've improved so much and because of the news of them disbanding they stayed together as one. KARA FOREVER

The real artist and singers! They really profesional.. Even when they're hurt, sad, etc, they still smile, dance, and sing like they're in a good stamina..
Han Seungyeon, when her hand was used gips, she still dance with the other members, although she fall at stage, she still continue her dance and still sing.. So Nicole Does...

Kara is the best Kpop artist because they representing Korea in other Asian countries but mostly Japan. They worked hard for the success of becoming one of the best Kpop act known everywhere. Their unique personality and perfect bodies makes them one of a kind that's priceless. Kamila supports forever

They're always hardworking in every single day with their best attitude and personalities. KARA is K-POP major Hallyu wave star in Japan they will become one of the best representatives of Korea.
KARA fanclub "Kamilia" will always support these girls no matter what happens in the near future just like how they survive their past difficulties and enjoy life as we live in the current present.

25 Teen Top Teen Top is a South Korean boy group formed in 2010 under TOP Media. Known for their energetic performances and catchy tunes, the group quickly gained popularity in the K-pop scene. Their music primarily consists of pop, R&B, and hip-hop elements. Teen Top has garnered multiple music awards and nominations, making them one of the notable acts in Korean pop music.

I don't think there's a reason why I love them so much. I just do, they're amazing to me and whenever I listen to their music I feel happy, they make me happy. For me they are the best, good looking, good dancers, good singers, funny, interesting etc. I hope they'll gain more recognition.

They are the best singer ever, they need to be in the first place.
I love they songs and they dance, also I love lee chan hee-chanji he the cutest gay in the world.
I love his friend from the bend either.
they songs make me feel special, and changing my moody.
its feel like they sing for me and they giving me the world on there hands.
there is no other band who greatest, coolest, and perfect like them.
they are Inseparable and Statements and its beautiful to see it in they band.
lee chan hee (chanji)- shoaie also fighting.
teen top-saranika also commaou.

It's just how good they improved so much! I really love their songs! I will always support their songs forever! They equal parts for each of their songs!

I think they deserve better place because of there performance, singing and dancing skill. Teen top fighting!

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