Top 10 Best K-Pop Songs of All Time

Our new Hallyu wave has begun. Many Korean groups are appearing, and a lot of catchy music is being created.

Which songs do you think catch your attention the most?
The Top Ten
1 Sorry Sorry - Super Junior

This is the song that introduced me to K-pop and it's also the song that even non-K-pop fans know about. Along with the splendid dance quality, Sorry Sorry has to be one of a kind, created just for the 13 members of Super Junior. With this song, Sorry Sorry, Super Junior reaches the world as they spread the pearl sapphire blue balloons across continents.

Sorry Sorry is, without a doubt, the best song in K-pop.

Not my favorite song of Super Junior's, but if you're looking for a song that defines K-pop, this is probably that song. From the dancing to the beat to the lyrics, it has everything that represents K-pop in its best form.

Plus, you can almost guarantee that anyone who knows about K-pop has either heard this song or knows of it. This song was the world's Gangnam Style before there was a Gangnam Style.

2 Haru Haru - BigBang

The video and song are so touching. If the song and video didn't change your life, well, you're lying. I'd heard the song before because one of my friends covered it. I had no idea it was by Big Bang, so I fell in love with it all over again when I found that out.

The music video makes me cry each time. It's just so powerful.

BIGBANG's Haru Haru is one of the sweetest songs you will ever hear, featuring touching lyrics with amazing vocals from all five members. It's hard to find such a great song like this. Once you hear the song, you'll cry, even if you didn't understand the lyrics.

3 Fantastic Baby - Bigbang

Big Bang is one of the best K-Pop groups out there, and this song proves how amazing they are. G-Dragon can not only write amazing songs, but he is probably the best leader any K-Pop group could have. His voice and rapping talents blow me away, as do TOP's. Taeyang's dance moves and Daesung's strong, angelic voice are other reasons why Big Bang is so popular today. And Seungri isn't just another regular maknae--he's extremely hilarious and entertaining, although I feel as if he doesn't get enough lines.

Every member of Big Bang has their own unique voice that can be heard clearly in every single one of their songs. Unlike some groups, where you mistake one member's voice for another's. Fantastic Baby is an extremely addictive, energetic, and fun-loving song that anyone can dance to. If you haven't heard it yet, then I recommend that you get on YouTube right now and listen.

4 Gee - SNSD

The best girl group in K-pop and in the world, Billboard even approves that Girls' Generation is the best girl group globally. They have one of the largest fanbases in K-pop. They are the only girl group that can compete with boy bands such as Big Bang, Suju, and DBSK. They are part of the big four along with Big Bang, Suju, and DBSK.

They have more than 118,000,000 views on YouTube and spent nine weeks at #1 on the charts with their Gee song. Unlike T-ara, they are naturally beautiful, without plastic surgery. Many girl groups copy and plagiarize their style and songs, such as Cherrybelle and 9 Muses, out of envy and a desire to be like them. But they fail 100% because they can never be replaced by these imitators. Girls' Generation are the legends and the queens of K-pop.

Everyone agrees because there are no other girl groups that can replace them as legends and queens of K-pop. Not even 2NE1, T-ara, Kara, Sistar, or even the Wonder Girls. They are the best girl group ever, and Billboard even declared that SNSD is the best girl group in the world. What I wrote here is only fact, not lies.

5 Mr. Simple - Super Junior

I love Mr. Simple! It's my favorite song ever! I really like the meaning of the lyrics, which is about thinking more simply and not stressing too much over things. The vocals are amazing. I love listening to each of the members' unique and sexy voices.

The instrumental of the song is really cool too. I love listening to even that on its own! The music video is amazing as well. The dancing is awesome, and the boys look mega sexy.

Mr. Simple was my first Super Junior song and my first K-pop song! It's hugely popular, and that's why I discovered it. It was the fourth most discussed video worldwide, baby!

6 Ring Ding Dong - Shinee

This song was the one that introduced me to K-pop, and I listened to it for hours straight for so many days before I even dared to listen to another song. This song is by far the best in K-pop history! You can't hate SHINee. I mean, you just can't, given all their adorable faces!

In addition, they have covered a song that was originally sung in Spanish and made it into Korean. I don't know any other group that has done that, a song that isn't of any Asian pop, e.g., J-pop, etc., and made the song even more spectacular!

Hands down, Ring Ding Dong by SHINee is the best song ever.

7 Lies - Big Bang

This song represents K-pop in every way. The song really has a sense to it, and it's not just a stupid dance with English lines like "Oh Baby come on come on." I mean, Big Bang is really the best, and you can't compare them with others because they are REAL artists.

This is the best song out of everything in K-pop. Big Bang became popular with this song, and there's no doubt that they deserved it. All VIPs love those five so much, and most of them began loving them because of this song.

This song is awesome. GD, the handsome, cute, cool boy, made this. The raps are wonderful. Big Bang's members' voices make the song even more amazing.

I will love them forever.

8 Hello - Shinee

When SHINee released this song, I was like, Woah! As expected from SHINee: perfect singing, dancing, and everything else. Please vote for SHINee because they deserve it! If you haven't checked out this song, please do and explore their other songs as well. They truly are amazing!

I was happy to see three SHINee songs in the top 10, but I was surprised when Sherlock wasn't in the top 10. I know it's hard because all of SHINee's songs are too good. Hello is a beautiful song, with their voices being obviously perfect and their dance moves as cool as always.

This song puts a smile on my face every time. I don't know why. Onew's voice gives you a feeling like honey flowing through your throat. Taemin's dance is so cool!

9 I Am the Best - 2NE1

This is the best song! This song, along with other songs by 2NE1, should be in the top 5 because they bring me happiness when I hear them. I especially like I Am the Best because it is so beautiful, fabulous, and amazing, especially the official video.

The editing was beautiful. It's just so amazing!

Why is this just in the top 10? It should at least be in the top 5! This song sounds like a woman's version of Fantastic Baby. It has a catchy beat and a cool music video! Yeah! Proud to be a Blackjack and VIP!

I Am the Best,

Do I have to explain? This is literally my favorite song ever! I play it nearly every day. In my opinion, it should be at least in the top 5.

10 Fiction - Beast

Fiction was really an epic song at the time of its release. No doubt, SUJU's Sorry Sorry and SNSD's Gee are miles ahead in terms of their contribution to the Hallyu wave. However, for me, Fiction is one of the few songs that rode the Hallyu wave and kept it going even after the hype for Sorry Sorry and Gee died down.

KBS Song of the Year 2011, besting Infinite's Be Mine, IU's Good Day, and SNSD's The Boys by a long shot. MAMA Best Dance Performance 2011. Nothing more needs to be said.

This song is just amazing. It stands out among all the other pop songs. When I was living in Seoul, it was more like an anthem than a song.

It perfectly conveys the feeling you have after a breakup, like the whole relationship was fake, a fairy tale that is now over. Fiction.

The Contenders
11 Bad Boy - Bigbang

This is the greatest song in the world. None of the songs on this list can compare. This has a deep, complex, smooth melody, unlike most of the songs listed here that cheesily repeat one word.

This was the song that ultimately got me hooked on K-Pop! Their voices are showcased beautifully in this song.

BigBang is number one! Who are Super what Juniors?

12 Gangnam Style - PSY

It may be a so-called "outdated" song, but this song caught the world by storm. Almost everybody has heard it. This is seriously the most legendary K-pop song ever, not only for K-pop but for the world.

It is so catchy and cool that you can't help but sing along. PSY is a legend. This song is my anthem.

This is the one song that got everyone who had never even heard of K-pop before listening to K-pop. The music video for the song has made history. It is officially the most-liked YouTube video of all time, so hey, shouldn't this be number one on the list?

13 Growl - Exo

The members of EXO trained hard for the dance of Growl, and the result was mind-blowing. The music video was amazing, and the dance practice I watched was incredible. The way their voices join in Growl is very beautiful.

Best of the best. They're the most successful rookie group. Congratulations, SM Entertainment. You've trained the boys really well.

The dance is great, and the song is really catchy. Their dance is in sync, and their voices are great. You won't regret listening to this song.

14 Warrior - B.A.P.

This has to be the best on the list! Not because it beats the other groups, but because they are a rookie group with a different boy concept instead of the common 'cute guy' concept. Their concept is mostly about justice, which makes their group so much more effective and beautiful.

Are people serious? This song has a CRAZY beat to it (listen to the instrumental for clear audio of the music), deep lyrics with a social message, and it's extremely unique. One Shot too. B.A.P., fighting!

They're really unique compared to others in that they're powerful and masculine. They also have a huge variety of songs, very flexible and open to many kinds of musical tastes.

15 Bonamana - Super Junior

This is probably one of the best Super Junior songs. It has a great beat and can easily get you dancing.

Amazing song! I love this song! Of course, it's Super Junior, so it's an amazing song like them.

This is a badass song. Listen to it. I can't live without Super Junior. It's good that four of their songs are in the top 10.

16 Bang Bang Bang - Bigbang

"This song is the reason why I don't have a life. The intensity, the choreography - everything just comes together perfectly. Bigbang's presence is undeniable."

17 Lucifer - SHINee

What can I say about Lucifer? Just watch the music video. The boys are PERFECT in every possible way. The song is addicting, and you never get tired of it. I wonder how many fanboys passed out while trying to dance to this song.

Taemin is the best dancer of the era, in the whole world. The dance moves are very complex, and they execute them with so much style. And their voices in this song are amazing. Onew's voice stands out, as usual. He has the most beautiful voice on the planet.

I was hoping to see the song in the top five though. Keep voting, guys! SHINee is the best!

18 Wedding Dress - Taeyang

I am so deeply in love with Taeyang. I just can't spend a single day without listening to one of his solo songs.

I love him. He is the best vocalist ever!

Taeyang has such a beautiful voice.

19 Replay - Shinee

No matter that it was released five years ago, this song is still SHINee's masterpiece for me. When everyone had moved on to "Lucifer" or maybe "Dream Girl," I'm still in love with this debut song, and nobody can change that. It's so cute and catchy that I "Replay" it 77 times every day!

Replay will never ever get old! It's the absolute best song in K-pop for me! I'm always coming back to it because it's so catchy and awesome. This is their debut song and possibly the best song ever by them!

Replay is amazing in every way! It soothes you and makes you feel really good inside. If it includes some violin, it may possibly be the best song ever by SHINee! So vote for this song. Go Onew Oppa! I will always support you.

20 Shock - Beast
21 No Other - Super Junior

Oh my God, this song gives me a warm feeling. It's so catchy that even though I don't know Korean, I can already sing it anytime! This song deserves a higher position!

Even if you don't know Korean, you will fall for this song.

Favorite song of theirs! Made me fall in love with them all!

22 Good Day - IU

It perfectly depicts a young girl in love. This song is really adorable, and IU does a splendid job representing the hearts of many teenage girls.

IU is really a young diva. Her voice is very beautiful, and her singing skill is awesome.

IU is the best! This is my favorite song ever. I got addicted to this song because of her three high notes in it.

Also, the music video is awesome, both the Japanese and Korean versions.

23 Love Ya - SS501

They are the best among the best! The song perfectly matches their personality and style. From the props and background to their handsome faces and beautiful voices, everything is on point. Their songs don't need much effort to wow the fans.

They are simply multi-talented and can stand out in the crowd. DeoBeulEhSeu OhGongIL, SS501, fighting! Go, SS501! Proud to be a Triple S!

This song brings memories back to every Triple S whenever they hear it. This was the last song from them before they separated for solo careers, and it's also the best SS501 song. Composed by Steven Lee, Love Ya, in my opinion, is one of the best songs in the world that you should have listened to at least once.

24 Sherlock - Shinee

They always sing well. Their dance moves are great as always. I love SHINee. They are my forever idols.

I'm so curious, yeah. It's still a hit with their iconic dance movements.

25 Call Me Baby - EXO
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