Top 10 Best BTS Songs

The Bangtan Boys, also known as the Bulletproof Boy Scouts or BTS, is a South Korean boy group consisting of seven members. They specialize in hip-hop and were formed by Big Hit Entertainment.
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1 I Need U

The scenes they showed in their MV were really heartbreaking once you get to know the story behind each scene. Furthermore, this song is about how they are doing if they break up with their lover in such a regretful way, maybe mainly because the other side is cheating.

But above that, I really, really love this song. Especially Jimin's high note, Jungkook's voice in the beginning, the trio's rap... all of them. It's really catchy and I can't stop myself from listening to this song.

It's too good, almost unbelievably powerful. The lyrics kill me and yet make my heart crave more of such material. Perhaps, it's because this is the only song that has ever made me cry. Never has any song, poem, or movie done that, but "I Need U" totally snagged it.

2 Blood Sweat Tears

It's just one of the best songs ever made. It brought me to BTS. The beat, lyrics, choreography in the music video, everything about this song is so perfect. It makes me dance along with them when I see the music video. Just so captivating and deserves to be in first place.

This is one of the most beautiful songs that I've ever heard. It's so good that I had to listen to it twice.

This is a 10/10 song. It's amazing.

This song is absolutely beautiful and is one of the best songs by BTS that I have ever heard. I had to listen to this song twice because of how good it is. This song is just amazing.

3 Save Me

My first favorite was I Need U until I heard this song. My cousins aren't big fans of BTS, unlike me, and they prefer other groups. The only song they like by BTS is Save Me.

This song is so captivating and smooth, and Jin got lots of lines. JUSTICE FOR JIN - please support my pink princess. Anyway, they all slayed, and the song is so beautiful that I almost cried. The lyrics are nice and heart-warming.

The dancing is impeccable, and it's hard to believe that they filmed it in one shot. We ARMY support BTS for their charm, skill, etc., and this song is one of the reasons I am dedicated to them.

4 Fire

It may be one of their newer songs, but that doesn't change the fact that it is still as good as their old ones. The music is catchy, the lyrics are fun, the dancing's good, and their hair colors are hot. So, all of these combined make Fire one of their best videos and/or songs.

Fire is such an amazing song. It makes me so happy. BTS slayed their comeback, like always. And this song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the year. Thanks, Bangtan.

This song is seriously cool. One of the best BTS songs I've ever heard. The rap, the music, the dance, everything is just perfect. BTS is the best band for me.

5 Spring Day

Spring Day is the Queen for a reason. The music video and lyrics talk about the Sewol Ferry Tragedy and how the survivors suffer and never forget those who passed away. The level of symbolism in this song and its attempt to critique Korean society for not handling the tragedy properly is unreal.

The way Joon came up with it is absolutely adorable. The song itself has a sad, and later slightly hopeful, melody that really makes you feel every emotion possible.

Their vocals and raps are amazing in this song. The vocals being soft, melodic, and emotional, while the raps convey slight anger but also longing. An amazing song, honestly. Not my personal favorite, but it deserves to be higher on the list.

6 Run

It's the kind of song you listen to in the car at midnight while you're speeding, and the street lights plus a few headlights illuminate the roads in the distance. You get that sort of rebellious feeling, a catharsis, and sometimes you just want to cry because it resonates with you so much. This song is for those who want an escape, an adventure. My favourite BTS song.

My third favorite song. Should be rated higher. "Pitiful destiny, go and point your finger at me." Sounds so good. I find myself singing the English lyrics while they sing the Korean because the words can easily be translated into English to match the music.


I don't exactly know why this song is my favorite. It's the first K-pop song my friend introduced me to. It's just a really good song. Plus, the dance in the music video is awesome.

There are so many great BTS songs, but I have to go with DNA. It's really upbeat and fun, and it was also the song my friend used to introduce me to BTS and all of K-pop.

This was the very first BTS song I ever listened to, and it holds a special place in my heart.

8 Fake Love

Overall, this song is one of the best songs from them so far. I love other songs such as Idol or DNA, but this one has its place in my heart. The lyrics are so meaningful and the production is just over the roof.

It fits so well within the storyline and helps connect some puzzles to it too. Also, Fake Love probably has one of the best instrumentals there are.

It's very clear to me that this is their best song. The atmosphere is very different and good, it's like a more emotional version of Blood Sweat and Tears which I love. The chorus is my favorite part (when Jimin sings Love, it's so mad).

I'm always dying at this part. And Suga's rap is also one of their best raps. Jin already had some lines so it's just overall an amazing song.

9 Butterfly

I don't have a favorite BTS song. It's way too hard to pick. But there's something about Butterfly that just really stands out, especially the gorgeous prologue mix.

It's poignant, and I can really feel a sense of yearning from the simple yet so heart-wrenchingly beautiful lyrics. The melody is so delicate and soft, and the vocal line's voices are just so perfect for it.

Sometimes I like to think of this song as the theme of the Bangtan Universe storyline. It's honestly a masterpiece, if you ask me.

The prologue version of this song is something you must listen to if you haven't. Anyway, this song is so beautiful. Both the composing and the lyrics are masterpieces.

I love when their songs have sincere and innocent lyrics that make you cry because they are so sweet. The lyrics in this song are one of them.

10 Boy In Luv

I just love all of their songs, even the unpopular ones. So it is very hard to choose the most favorite one, but since I know the dance the most, I picked Boy In Luv.

It has an amazing beat and it's very catchy. This is hands down one of the best songs they've ever made, although every song is good.

It's so catchy! I don't want to hop on the bandwagon, but I love this song.

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11 Dope

I love this song. It's pretty catchy, and the choreography in this song is perfect. I've watched reactions, and there was a thought where it was actually only one person with different wigs and things to make it look like 7 members. Great song all in all, I love it, and I always die when Kookie comes out at the start.

This is the song that got me into K-pop. At first, I had no idea what K-pop was until my friend told me about it. She told me to look up this song, and so I did.

My jaw dropped the entire time. I was so shocked and impressed with how great the song was. Thank you BTS for making music and being your happy selves. I really enjoy everything about this group. Truly one of the best.

12 Not Today

This song is so good. I've had it on repeat, I'm trying to learn the lyrics, and I'm trying to learn the dance. I wasn't that big of a BTS fan before this song, but suddenly I've gone in deep in the past few days after my friend introduced me.

I knew it was going to be a bop just from the teaser. Just when I thought another Fire couldn't be produced, it's a great song to break it down.

It's not only a good song, but the message the song carries is what did it for me. BTS is a unique K-pop group compared to others because most of their lyrics have very meaningful messages that hit you right in the feels. In my opinion, they are the best K-pop group.

13 Danger

I wonder if it's been a single with "War of Hormone" in "Dark and Wild". And I think "Let Me Know" and "Rain" should have been singles too. I love this song. It has a different taste. I love the dance too.

The MV for this song is probably the most well-choreographed MV released by BTS so far. The dance moves are great, and it has a very catchy tune.

I think it's very strange though when Jungkook says, You're cute and I'm pathetic? because it's literally the opposite. I enjoyed the MV and the song. You should watch it. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

14 Boy With Luv

I love this song. When I first heard their new song on Map of the Soul: PERSONA, I felt joy and dance it anywhere I go, but not in public, only at home.

I love this song! The song that solidified my stance as an ARMY!

Boy With Love is the first Korean BTS song I listened to. I really love the music video. This is such an awesome collaboration with Halsey.

15 Dynamite

Dynamite is my favorite song. It is one of the songs that brought me into BTS, and I have good memories of first hearing it. I love the happy and colorful disco vibe. The boys also looked so hot, and I enjoy the music video.

16 Idol

This song, for me and I hope for other people too, is very uplifting in every way possible. They're basically saying that they will be themselves no matter what you call them, and to love yourself. Truly an amazing song.

A great song, the music video was very bright and colorful. This song also has some great raps, in my opinion.

I love the chorus and the dance.

17 Just One Day

This song is honestly so cute and adorable, and the rhythm and beat to the music just make it 1000% better. I have no idea why it isn't higher.

A very beautiful song. This is my only favorite song of BTS. Very nice tune and harmony.

I know them by this song, and I can't stop listening! I love this song very much.

18 Mic Drop

The grungy beat and catchy hook make this song one of their best. I love it even though Hip-Hop isn't my thing. You know a band is good when they can make you love a song that is not even your favorite genre. Love BTS.

Oh my God, this is so catchy, and I just really like the mood overall. It's actually kind of hard to pull off this type successfully, but this song does an amazing job. Besides, have you seen the music video? This should be number 1.

Superb lyrics. I learned the full song by listening only 5 times, sort of for only rock and roll personalities. Excellent.

19 We are Bulletproof: The Eternal

This song summarizes the difficult journey that BTS had to go through to achieve success. It is absolutely beautiful, and I suggest listening to this. Amazing vocals and emotional raps make me emotional every single time.

This song really shows how big BTS has gotten and shares their journey.

One of the best songs I have ever heard.

20 War of Hormone

In my opinion, the best song of BTS is Mic Drop, but I couldn't find Mic Drop in this list, so I'm voting for their second-best song for me, which is War of Hormone. War of Hormone is obviously quite sexy because it talks about attraction, and it is a very fun song to listen to.

This song gives off a different vibe from the others (obviously we know why), but besides that, the song makes me want to sing along and dance as well as swoon. The kind of rock genre music is what I like more, and this song is the closest BTS song to that. Hello Hello What Hello Hello What Tell me what you want right now.

21 Dimple

Why are there no votes for this song? Hey guys, you've got to listen to this song. It's an amazing song by the vocal line of BTS (Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, V). Honestly, I had no intention to vote. I just visited to know the top ten songs. But seeing this song having no votes... Really so sad.

Do listen to this one. It's really awesome. I got hurt that it's so underrated.

Love this song. I've been listening to it since it came out and I would never go back. Also, I love the dance from the 5th muster. Beautiful moves and body rolls.

22 Permission to Dance
23 Butter

Butter is probably my second favorite BTS song because it's one of the first ones I listened to. I started off just listening to Dynamite, Butter, and Permission to Dance, but eventually I started listening to their Korean songs and became an ARMY. I love the vibe of this song and I have the album, I really love it. The photoshoot is also one of my favorites.

24 Baepsae

I feel that especially the lyrics of this song are so purely BTS. When I listen to this song, I can imagine the struggles they went through and feel their pushback against the critics. This song is everything that got me hooked: an amazing beat and even more amazing, personal, and real lyrics.

Not only does the entire song sound incredibly catchy, but the lyrics are also filled with salt and a great inspiration to keep striving to fulfill your aspirations. In the end, you're the only one who can make your goals possible!

25 Mikrokosmos
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