Top 10 Most Handsome K-Pop Band Members

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1 Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun-Joong is a South Korean entertainer, actor, singer, dancer, and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501.

Kim Hyun Joong has the beautiful spirit of being supportive yet stern in achieving wonderful goals as a team. He really leads and supports the band whether he is with them or away. Got to give him his props.

Kim Hyun Joong is a very talented person. He is an all-rounder. He is a very talented singer, rapper, dancer, actor, model as well as a good band leader (SS501).

Wish you success in future activities...

His enthusiasm and love for music delight us, his fans. Kim Hyun Joong is the only one I have ever met who is as talented and hard-working as a singer and dancer. My love for him and fidelity to him does not dry out.

2 Donghae Lee Dong-hae, referred to as Donghae, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, composer and actor. He was trainee at SM Entertainment after winning a prize at SM's Youth Best Contest in 2001. After four years of training, Donghae debuted as a member of boy group Super Junior in November 2005.

Donghae is everyone's soulmate. He has it all, and yet he didn't use any effort to get all the women and even men's attention. What makes him even more special is that he is so down to earth, just like he doesn't realize the impact he brings on people. I vote for him especially for his personality! Handsome guys are everywhere, but a handsome guy with a pretty personality is HIM!

After all, no one hates him, and that happened for a reason!

Donghae is not amazingly handsome, but he has very beautiful eyes that always seem shining. His eyes can make other people who see them feel warm. He has a breathtaking smile as well. Every time he smiles, I feel like I'm falling in love with him again. Donghae just has a manly figure that most women like, including me.

3 Jaejoong Kim Jae-joong, also known as Jaejoong is a Korean singer, actor, songwriter, actor, designer and director.

There are millions of handsome guys in this world, so to be number 1, you have to stand out. And this guy did. Not only because of his visual shock appearance, but also his talents and personality. Jaejoong achieves the balance of being handsome and beautiful at the same time. He sings extremely well, pouring out his most sincere emotions. His voice suits all kinds of music genres (ballad, dance, rock, trot). He is able to compose many great songs and direct concerts. He gains recognition for his acting as well.

And here comes his personality. Everyone thinks he's cold based on his appearance. But he's the warmest and kindest person I've seen, and also weird and funny at times. He always puts his loved ones before himself. He loves and takes care of his members, family, and fans.

4 G-Dragon

In real life, this man is very humble and appreciates the people around him. He will grow to be a wonderful father and continue to improve himself in music beyond what he has already achieved. He might not be drop-dead gorgeous, but his aura is very cool, and that's the reason I love him. He is himself 100% of the time. He just changes the mode he is in.

G-Dragon is a very peculiar case for me because he presents both feminine beauty and also tough, badass looks. He is very handsome and very stylish (already mentioned I'm sure) and he has incredible charisma. He can be the center of attention even in a room full of manly men with muscular bodies and pretty faces.

5 T.O.P

38?! Are you kidding me?! TOP is a LADY KILLER! He kills me with those beautiful eyes and that killer smile! Oh my! And then he has charming looks, a charismatic & heavy voice, and also a high sense of fashion too.

Even without showing much skin, T.O.P's handsomely good looks are known throughout the K-pop industry. His stare will have you staring back. The only thing better than his classy looks is his voice.

Most people would think T.O.P is sexy and handsome. I also think that, but overall, I think he is the most adorable being to ever exist.

6 Jung Yong-hwa

To me, Yonghwa oppa is the most handsome, yet has a caring heart, is humorous, cute, friendly, yet sometimes cool, and he always does Yong choding. He is also a person you can be comfortable with. So, he has a perfect personality, and everything he does is exceptional. Though he doesn't have a perfect smile, this is his unique trait that makes him stand out among others!

He is just perfection. Maybe he isn't as tall as, I don't know, Jung Shin, but with those adorable eyes, he wins everything. He has a beautiful smile with cute teeth, good body proportion, and, of course, big talent. With this, he is even more handsome.

7 Yesung Kim Jong-hoon better known by his stage name Yesung, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior and its subgroups Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-H and S.M. The Ballad.

The total package guy. Always places first in vocal rankings. Sometimes he's a little bit weird, like with the Octopus dance and his major failures in some dances and challenges.

The most handsome face in the world! His eyes are fiery and fierce! Not just looks, but an amazing voice!

Yesung is so handsome, and he's really cute and handsome when he performs in Super Show 3 and 4.

8 Nichkhun Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul, known mononymously as Nichkhun, is a Thai rapper, singer, songwriter, model and actor.

I love Nichkhun because he is very cute and handsome. He has a natural face, and he's never had plastic surgery.

He is adorable. There is no doubt that he is attractive, especially since he has big eyes.

Kind-hearted, a man with manners, an idea bank, lovely voice, a smarty - in short, he's a complete item. Simply JJANG!

9 Kyuhyun Cho Kyu-hyun (born February 3, 1988) is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior, its sub-groups, Super Junior-M and Super Junior-K.R.Y., and a former member of the South Korean ballad group S.M. The Ballad. He is one of the first four Korean artists... read more

Kyuhyun doesn't deserve to be in 8th place. He's so cute and good-looking. He should be in the top 3, if not number one. He can be so cute/hot/sexy/handsome at the same time without even trying!

Magnae Kyuhyun is the greatest in the world. He is very handsome, and has a very beautiful voice. Sometimes, I always fall asleep because of your voice, Oppa. Kyuppa, please do not forget your SparKyu this! I'm a fan of your drama. I will continue to support you, Kyuppa! I love you! Kiss!

He's evil but funny. His voice is amazing. He's good-looking, funny, handsome... an angel without wings. The best maknae in the world!

10 Seungri

He is the cutest panda in the world. Nothing and no one can beat him.

He is so cute! I know you can do it. But I still like GD the most in BIGBANG.

The best singer, dancer, host, and maknae I've ever known. Fighting, VI!

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11 Taeyang

What the... why is he here? He must be in the top 5.

12 L (Myung-soo)

He is the best of the best. He has great skill in acting, singing, playing the guitar, and speaking Japanese, and he can melt girls' hearts with just a smile. He is the visual of Infinite and definitely has the prettiest eyes and can be cute and hot at the same time. Not many people can pull that off, but he manages to.

L is PERFECT! He is good in acting. He melts girls' hearts with his talent in singing. He is a powerful and graceful dancer. His face is charming and adorable. He has good characteristics and attitude. Everyone loves him, everyone adores him. Fighting!

13 Siwon

I think Siwon is the funniest and the cutest guy. His hand gestures are funny, and he plays the drums really well. His acting skill is so good. I've watched Oh My Lady movie like 15 times already, and I never get bored. Love you, Siwon!

Siwon is the most handsome and cutest guy in the world. He is the best among others. He is a perfect guy. I like his songs, his acting, and his dance also. He is full of talents. He is a gift from God. Take care, Siwon.

Siwon is the best of the best among all other K-pop band members. If you're looking for the most handsome, it's definitely him. Have you ever heard... Nobody is perfect? The words nobody refer to Siwon.

14 Choi Min-ho

When I first saw him on television in his drama TTBY, I started to admire him because of his character. I love Minho because he is a very talented person. He's the cutest member of Shinee. I like him because he brings so much joy and happiness to those people watching his performance on stage or on television.

Minho, I hope you will continue inspiring people to pursue their dreams. Minho is a heaven's gift to us. I love Minho forever. I hope we meet in person, even though a million miles separate us. I'm just kidding. I'm happy that I can see you on television.

I always track everything you do. I will support you until the end. Thank you for inspiring me. It's me, Ella.

15 Leeteuk

I love Teukie because of all the things he has done! I can describe him as a cute, cool, sensitive, and even hot-hearted, cool-minded person! I believe ELFs agree with me and vote for our oppa!

16 Sungmin

He's pretty, especially when he's doing aegyo. I can't get over how cute he is. His favorite color is pink, even though SJ says he's probably one of the most manly out of them!

Definitely the one who looks the most like a girl in SJ when they dress like one. I swear I did a double take a couple of times because I was confused. Heechul and Kyuhyun are really pretty too, but Sungmin's cuteness makes him #1.

Sungmin is amazing. Super talented artist. Really love him. Really like his personality, not only pretty but also kind. Makes me happy every time I see him. Has a lovely voice that always makes me calm.

17 Lee Tae-min

Taemin is not just pretty or cute, but he is exceptionally hot! His legs are so sexy that they give you so many dirty thoughts. He makes all girls feel perverted! His dance is like no other. No one can dance like him. He is so young, and he can sing and dance like a pro! He looks so hot with those long hair extensions in the Lucifer MV! His hip thrusts are the best, and you just can't stop looking at him! He has that charm of putting girls under his spell just by simply staring. Such a hottie he is!

Taemin has a bright beam and sparkling eyes. It also makes you smile whenever you see him. If anyone remembers their 2nd world concert VCR, there appeared a story of two lovers, with Minho as the man and Taemin as the girl! SHINee hyungs always thought of Taemin as really pretty. I also envy him though...

18 Kim Hyeong Joong

Love all his videos and his series, like Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss. He is amazing. No words can describe him.

His nickname is "Pretty Boy". He IS handsome! And the most important thing about him is that it's his face!

The sexiest guy ever! My future husband! I've been in love with him since "Boys Before Flowers."

19 Suho (Exo) Kim Jun-myeon was born on May 22, 1991. Known professionally as Suho, he is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member and the leader of the South Korean boy group EXO and its sub-unit group called EXO-K.

When I first saw him, I was wondering who this handsome man is. Later, I found out he's the leader and second oldest member of EXO. Most men in K-pop give off a pretty or beautiful vibe for me, but this man is definitely handsome.

He is the most handsome man to me.
Fighting, my angel Kim Joon Myun.
Always supporting you.

Most handsome boy in the world.

20 Lee Hongki

How in the world could Hongki be all the way down here? He is absolutely and outlandishly adorable. He is one of God's most perfect creations!

This guy has everything: he is talented, funny, good-looking, fun, and has an incredibly powerful voice! You can't help but like him!

Hongstar is really a star! With his smiling eyes, powerful voice, and even mischievousness, no one can reject his charms. That's why we, Primadonnas, love this guy. He's really amazing. (Jonghoon-biased)

21 Jungkook (BTS) Jeon Jung kook was born in Busan, September 1 1997. His nationality is South Korean. HIs favorite number is 1. He is known as a South Korean idol singer, singer-songwriter, dancer, composer and producer. JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He think express color of Hip Hop is Black and Red... read more

Jungkook is the maknae of the group. He's cute when he smiles. It makes your heartbeat speed up when he sings. It makes you laugh out loud when you see him sleeping. I like him, so please support him.

I choose Jungkook because he is very cute, very talented, and good in English. I love the way he dances and sings, especially. I don't know why, but every time I see him, I'm blushing, haha.

He is literally strong! He is so cute with his smile, though, and his voice is so precious! I can't say more because I have tons to say. I love you, JUNGKOOK! #A.R.M.Y

22 Kim Jonghyun

He is more handsome than Yesung. He is very hot and sexy.
I love you!

23 Nickhun

He has the most refreshing, handsome looks on and off camera. Besides his perfect face, he has a sexy body curled up, beastly under... And most all-around skills, be it as a 2PM member, but also in sports, arts, culture, etc.

24 Heechul

I mean, have you seen him? 16 years since his debut, and everyone still thinks he's attractive. His Instagram photos get turned into articles instantly, and not to mention, he's 38 years old already, which you probably can't tell just by looking at him.

Heechul was kicked out of a men's toilet back when he was just a teenager after the guys mistook him for a girl. When he headed to the women's toilet, the girls just thought he was tall for a female and praised him about it. Heechul, hwaiting!

It's truly unfair that he has the face of an angel and the tongue of a little devil. Just kidding, I love his witty comments! He's such a great entertainer, and his stage performances still blow me away because I can't get over how good he looks no matter what he wears.

25 Suga Min Yoon-gi, better known by his stage names Suga and Agust D, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer.

He looks like a porcelain doll, seriously so pretty. I'm jealous...

This boy is honestly so beautiful, he almost looks ethereal!

He is cute and cold at the same time. Not just by face, he is even handsome and pretty in his character. That's why he is the best in my ranking. Again, we have the same birthday (not the year actually). I do even find similarities between us. He is actually the one who made me enter the K-pop world.

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