Top 10 Best K-Pop Groups of All Time

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1 Super Junior Super Junior is a South Korean boy band. Formed in 2005 by producer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, the group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak.

I love SUJU from the deepest site of my heart. They are really care to their fans. SUJU and ELF is family. No one can't apart us. We will be together forever. I don't care what people said bad things to SUJU. I love them purely. Because of SUJU my life become more meaningful. They make us smile, laugh, give us pleasure. How bad condition happen, we always face together. When they smile, we will smile. When they cry, we will cry with them. I never betray to SUJU and ELF. I love SUJU

Super Junior is simply amazing! They really are the Kings of Kpop. The many hardships, fights, and arguments they went through and endured, and the many times they made up is simply amazing. They do not disappoint the fans at all. They really are considered one, that is why Super Junior is SuperMAN and not SuperMEN because they consider themselves one. There music is amazing, especially many of the song within their album, their own compositions, acting, voices, drama, variety and looks are all truly amazing. Most important is how they treat their fans. They are one of the only Kpop groups that really pay 110% attention to their fans ELFs. This is why I love Super Junior

Super Junior is not the best singers but they are close to most fans. They care about the fans. They do not care about their image, they only make the fans happy smile. Not only that, they taught me how to care for others. They are not Idol. With our ELF, they are friends, relatives or the first demolished the barrier between fan and idol. They care about us when we stood in the rain waiting for them. They are concerned about our safety when their show takes place. How many Idol can do that? Until finally, out of love for my family that I would never trade love for SJ grab anything valuable in life.

The first kpop group that I really loved was SuJu, but before that I already knew about DBSK & SHINee. It was really difficult to memorize all 15 guys, but because of my deep interest, it was a bit easy for me to memorize them all. For me, my life began when I knew about them. 15 boys that turned my life into a fantasy-like. They've really inspired me a lot especially with hard-work and passion for one's interest. Even though two members (Hankyung & Heechul) decided to pursue their dreams individually, for me they're still part of fifteen amazing guys that I knew. I will never call them as an individual artist, but they still got my support in whatever they are doing now. In short, SuJu doesn't only make us love them but they also make us believe that miracles are not impossible to happen.

2 Big Bang Big Bang is a South Korean boy band formed by YG Entertainment. The group consists of 4 members: G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung.

Big Bang in my opinion is the best kpop boy band. They all are stars in their own way and they just stick out from other groups. They make good music and has international feeling. I'm also a fan of other groups like BTS or EXO; these guys have talent and their own way of making music that made them really popular lately but their not in the Big Bang level. Sure Big Bang started out first but it's been 10 years since they deputed (it's 2016 right now and they debuted in 2006) not a lot of groups can stay together for that long. I don't like Exo Because they keep losing members and if they didn't have their dancing; they wouldn't have gained that much popularity since there known for their amazing dancing. BTS is good overall but Big Bang is a little higher. Sorry I didn't mention any other groups like TVXQ, Super Junior, or SHINEE, I just don't enjoy their music as I do for the three groups I mentioned earlier. I don't know if this is the end for Big Bang since the members are gonna ...more

First of all I have to congratulate Big Bang, I have been listening to them since 2009/2010, in a couple of months I caught up with their previous albums and activities also with their training days in other words, pre-debut. I saw the struggle and it was real.

What I really like in Big Bang is their uniqueness...when I listen to other Korean pop groups songs they sound the same, similar beats, similar vibes, songs written by other people, they don't have a real story to share so they don't connect with me musically...

But when I listen to Big Bang..."yup I love it, this is my sound"...I enjoy the beat I enjoy the lyrics and the songs that have a story in it like haru haru or lies.

I am not a V..I.P I am just a person who enjoys listening to Big Bang.

That's all, thank you for reading.

They are the most unique in the Kpop world because of their personalities they bring on stage, and their willingness to express themselves despite the overflowing criticism that they, and every other idol gets. Each member contributes to their success, and each has their own unique quality that allows this band to be the best. Not only on looks and talent, each character's personality compliments their top rankings. Every fan of Bigbang would agree that they are the best. This group has a different style form any other band due to their desire to be different. They are not held under their company, and they write their own songs and melodies that are top selling all around the world. Bigbang is definitely the top group out there.

They are totally unique, and they always have something new to bring to table. I love their amazing personalities and they are as good in singles as together. It's really made of the most talented people

3 EXO Exo is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted in 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, performing music in Korean and Mandarin, respectively.

This rookie group seriously has some amazing, talented young boys. They can sing and dance very well. Immediately, they have captured my attention, ever since I accidentally clicked their song on YouTube. Though they have not officially debuted yet, they are currently my favorite kpop group.

EXO IS THE BEST! The best rookie band of the year! They are my favorite band ever! They songs are songs... Also the dance steps... Well exo is divided into two... Exo-k (korean) and exo-m (chinese)... Even they are divided into two... They are still one! And I like them both... Sorry for bad english

EXO HWAITING! They are my favorite boy bands group, no matter what. They are like AMAZING really. I like their music and dances, so cool. Also they are so cute and handsome. They have a talent, and looks. I love them. I'm BIG FAN of them. At first I listen to the "Wolf" I was like what the heck with this music? I don't really know but after I listen again and again... I start to love it and they caught my attention. My room is fill of EXO posters and even I have EXO hoodies and phone cover. THEY ARE SO CUTE and CHARMING. I wish I get to see them soon... *sigh*
Well... I'm sorry if my English suck, English is not my first launguage so...

Exo is the best, they showed unity in two worlds.
They say that their band is the best, sorry no bad feeling I'd choose exo. The exo team showed more effort in all their songs and musi video because every time they make one, they have to translate it either Korean or mandarin. I have a class mat that is also an exo holic, and they are also fond of anime, so when I first heard that name I thought it was an anime. That is what I really thought until our teacher tried to ask us who is exo's youngest member. "Member? " I asked myself. Until the name Sehun Came out. Then I saw the music video Mama. I liked them instantly. Then I searched all the music videos I can gather but exo was really the best and only shine almost beat them. Sorry for anyone who doesn't like my comment, this is only my opinion

4 SHINee Shinee is a South Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. The group is composed of four members: Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Originally a five-piece group, vocalist Jonghyun died in December 2017.

SHINee is a group that will get you laughing if you are having a bad day. They all have many individual talent and when they combine them then its just amazing. Each and every character (Onew, Minho, Jonghyun, Taemin, and Key) have inspired me in a way. Their songs are also amazing and Lucifer was the first song I watched from them and they are also the first kpop group I knew when I started watching kpop. I also recommend you watch SHINee's Hello as it just cheers me up. They have been through so much together and literally grew up together, and I will continue to support them. P.S Give them lots of love and SHINee FIGHTING!

There's a reason why SHINee is DBSK 2.0. They're voices while singing are insanely perfect. They have the skill and attitude like DBSK did. Jonghyun's voice is a perfect roll, he can go high or low, whichever the song prefers. He suits it to the song and there's not many people who can do that. Minho with his rapping, and now singer voice, is actually amazing considering he didn't come from a rapper background like others.
Onew's perfect ballad shaped voice is perfect for that soothing tone, there's no wonder why many people love to hear it a lot.
Key's rapping, much like Minho's, is perfection. Also, it is very possible for him to sing, and when he does, it's just as beautiful as anyone's. But when it comes to his dancing, watch out, because those moves and those hips can kill. He brings his diva side into his dancing, all the better in my opinion.
Taemin is THE dancer of the group. He cannot stop dancing, said it himself. His heart and passion goes into each move he makes. ...more

Every member from SHINee is well talented and have their own colors. They all know how to sing (well, Minho is a bit weaker than other members, but I think he still sings really good as a strong rapper), dance very well. Despite how awesome they are as individuals, when they are SHINee, their teamwork just make them amazing! They somehow show their own characteristics when they are SHINee, but everything just fits perfectly as Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin and as SHINee! They do lots of live-singing (really live singing). Their voices are really strong and charming even with difficult but fantastic group dances. They are also funny, smart, and good-looking! In my opinion, they are also one of the most talented idol groups in the K-pop history, and they deserve the name of SHINee (the people who shines)

Shines is amazing. They are talented singers and dancers. Their performances are always perfect with their great live singing and their intense choreography. They each have a place in the group and they stand out individually. Our leader onew has a sweet and melodious voice. Jonghyun has one of the best voices in kpop, his singing is fantastic. Key is super talented since he can sing, rap, and dance amazingly. Charismatic Minho is a great rapper and finally our maknae, Taemin is a dancing machine and a wonderful singer who has improved so much since his debut. I love shinee so much and for me they are the best kpop group. They are cute, funny, and very hardworking.

5 Girls' Generation Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD, was formed in South Korea, in 2007. The current members are Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun. Jessica left in 2014. They are known as the second best selling girl group of all time, Korea’s National Girl Group, and one of the best girl groups of all time.

These girls are the reason I fell in love with Kpop in the first place. I like how their pull off different images, especially how they managed to have so many hit songs based on different concepts. They are also an all rounded group, showing the some of the best idol singers and dancers in the Kpop industry. They do not act fake in shows and this is another thing I like as they do not try to create a fake image to gain fans. I am proud to call myself a Sone and I hope people realize how much popularity they have brought to Kpop internationally and continue supporting them SNSD Fighting!

I love the girls! They were my first taste of K-pop! & I can't say I have a favorite member, but I would have to say I love LOVE Hyoyeon! Her raps and dancing is so amazing and fill me with so much energy! I love all of SNSDs songs, they are absolutely inspirational SNSD fighting!

SNSD has a lot of awesome songs. Maybe you only pay attention to their title tracks but they have ballad songs too. Number one reason why I love SNSD. Is because many kpop groups broke up and lost members. SNSD suffered many hardships and challenges more than any kpop group, but despite all these, they are still together. Performing and reaching their goals together. We do not see them as perfect girls, but the hardworking, dorky and kindhearted ladies that make mistakes. The ladies that dedicated their lives to fulfill their goals and to bring joy to people through their music. We love them for who they are

Hese girls are the reason I fell in love with Kpop in the first place. I like how their pull off different images, especially how they managed to have so many hit songs based on different concepts. They are also an all rounded group, showing the some of the best idol singers and dancers in the Kpop industry. They do not act fake in shows and this is another thing I like as they do not try to create a fake image to gain fans. I am proud to call myself a Sone and I hope people realize how much popularity they have brought to Kpop internationally and continue supporting them SNSD Fighting!

6 BTS (Bangtan Boys) BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed in Seoul in 2013. RM is the leader and the other members are V, Jimin, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and Jungkook

I love a lot of groups but BTS will always be my number 1.
I think I'm speaking for all of ARMY by saying this, they have brought me so much joy in inspiration. I will love and support these 7 normal boys from Korea till the day I die.
They have so many songs, with so many styles.
Are you happy? Listen to Dynamite
Are you sad? Listen to the truth untold
Are you angry at a hater? Mic Drop
Crushing? Boy in love

They have a song for every bit of my life, which has ben so much better thanks to them!

Highly active (albums, mini albums, special merchandise, Rookie King, American Hustle Life, rare/limited merchandise, BangtanTV, Twitter, intro performances, Japanese albums, etc. ), multi-talented, involvement of all members, great vocals, great raps, great dancing, great everything. Involvement in the lyric production<3 Overall, they're top. One of the most influential people in my life. Major impact on all those around them. They constantly remind us to follow our dreams. Don't abide by the standards of others. Set your own goals in life. Be proud of who you are and what you can do. Acknowledge what you cannot do and improve. Be true, be you.

In my opinion, they are by far the best kpop group and I've listened to all these other groups on the list. The meaningful lyrics they write and the amount of input they have in producing and writing their songs. They put the most energy into their performances and I've never seen any other group dance like they do. I have so much love for this group and they deserve all the recognition they are getting at the moment. They really stand out in this genre and they are extremely brave for singing and rapping about controversial topics. Coming from a small company and climbing to the top like they have proves that they rely on no one and stay true to their music.

The first MV I ever listened to? Boy in love. And this is cheesy, I know, but I fell in love with their music instantly. And I've been an ARMY ever since, because they never disappoint. Great music--perfect balance between hip hop, pop, R&B, and sometimes even ballad-like styles; every single song is a masterpiece. The music videos and dances leave little room for criticism, yet they still manage to find ways to improve every day. Unlike many other artists, they are excellent live and don't rely on editing to make themselves sound good. They even write their songs themselves. Not to mention, their sense of style and fashion is on point. Plus, they're very nice to their fans and keep connected through Twitter, the V-app, YouTube, and so much more. Their personalities are absolutely adorable and they're simply overflowing with raw talent.

7 2NE1 2NE1 was a South Korean girl group consisting of Bom, Dara, CL, and formerly Minzy. The group was formed by YG Entertainment in 2009.

I like that they have a different style. They have this rock, R&B and they are really good rappers. I also like how it's so hard to chose your bias I mean really how can you? CL is an amazing leader and she can rap really good. Bom is a great singer and beautiful. Dara is gorgeous and has a good personality and then Minzy is a dancing machine. I love these girls.

I like SNSD too, but some of the girls annoy they are sometimes so stuck up when 2NE1 are natural and don't act fake. I hate half of SNSD!

2NE1 is a very talented group. Not just in singing and dancing but other skills as well. They give their all when they perform. Even before debut this group was very well known and up until now. Even though they don't attend variety shows (like other groups who do variety shows to promote themselves) they are good without. They're songs' lyrics show lots of personality and the choreography is amazing! I would love to see more of them!

Perhaps the most impressive kpop girl group there is. 2ne1 doesn't bank on their looks or aegyo like the other kpop girl group does. They are fierce and they totally changed the game for the girl groups in S. Korea. Crowned as the Best New Band by MTV Iggy in 2011, were the representative speaker of Kpop at the Cannes International Festival, worked with and recognized by fashion mavens around the world like the renowned designer Jeremy Scott, 2ne1 delivers amazing and edgy music like no Kpop girl group does.

2ne1 is unique. This group is the one who introduced me into kpop. They just can nail every concept, from reggae to hip-hop. 2ne1 knows how to be sexy without being cheat unlike some other girl groups with their cheap porn.
They (2ne1) are just themselves and their songs are meaningful, emotional or just reflect on our lifestyle ( that's why I love them) unlike other girly kpop Songs ( I don't dislike them or anything but some songs are just really annoying) where they basically talk about how beautiful or cute they are or where they just try to seduce guys.

8 f(x)

They definitely stand out from the rest... They don't try to show more skin to be better... They represent individuality and really unique songs yet that are also catchy at the same time. All of their songs rock... Not only one of them that stands out... All of them are great. Each member has a beautiful soul and literally has their own sole personalities that I admire so much. Definitely most beautiful, unique and awesome kpop band out there... A proud aff(x)tion right here. Standing true to these amazing girls, you rock!

All of the members are beautiful, because all of them were in the top 15 most beautiful kpop member in other surveys, with sulli as the prettiest among the members, then followed by krystal, then victoria, amber and luna. Three members are in the top ten; sulli, krystal and victoria. Each one of them is unique, and can actually pursue an individual career since each one of them is popular with their respective talent and charisma.

Oh come on their dance and music style is really unique, why so overshadowed by snsd? Plus luna's amazing vocal. Hope sulli try harder on the dance and singing so she's not useless. I hate her cute expression while dance when f (x) should have fierce expressions that fit their dance instead and nothing special with her voice, just smooth. Is there a kpop dancer that can does types of dance like victoria?

F (x) is special. In a world filled with bright, bubbly, blindly feminine girl groups and female K-POP artists, who compose masses of nauseatingly similar, conformist music, f (x) serves as a cool, levelheaded alternative with five distinct, varied members, each with their own special talents and wonderful character. f (x) has made its own unique style clear, and has continued with that style since its debut in 2009, maturing with each new song without deviating from their singular themes. Each member has an integral part in each piece: Luna with her beautiful voice, Amber as the rapper, Sulli as the adorable visual and sub-rapper, Victoria as the lead dancer, and Krystal as the maknae. In real life, the girls are wonderful: they're so close, they're a family, and they clearly love each other just as much as they love their fans. I used to not like K-POP. Now, thanks to f (x), I am a K-POP fan, and f (x) is, and will always be, my group.

Saranghae f (x)~! Hwaiting~!

9 GOT7 Got7 is a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment. The group is composed of seven members: JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom.

I believe that GOT7 should be in the top 10, not top... 50! The guys in this group are very talented with very catchy songs. Their videos has reached a high amount of views. Of course, they have international fans. The reason they have international fans is because they have talent... great songs (sometimes, fans.. they go for looks). They know how to dance, sing, rap, get along, AND they know how to attract fans with their funny or cute actions. So, that is just my belief, and I hope others agree with me.

I think regardless of their looks, which are very appealing, they are very talented and hard working as well! They definitely deserve to be higher upon the list, for they work more than a lot of these bands do combined! I really appreciate the messages in their songs as well, and I believe that they should collaborate with BTS more because they are already friends, and are both splendid. :) Their songs are very catchy as well, and they have improved so much since debut, even though they are still kind of new-! Got7 Fighting!

THey should be top 10! Got7 is the best! It's mixed race! They are not all Korean! They are also very talented and cute, each one is special with and awesome talent. I am so shocked at this ranking! Love them! GOT7 FIGHTING!

What are they doing so low down in the list?! Their music and dancing is amazing and they have adorable personalities. Love each and every one of them. Their bond is so real. Fight your way up guys, I will support you

10 NU'EST NU'EST is a South Korean boy group formed by Pledis Entertainment consisting of JR, Aron, Baekho, Ren, and Minhyun.

I fell in love with K-pop the first time I ever saw this band! They really are the absolute BEST, and I wish others could see that as well. :o) They aren't afraid to take chances with their music, and (to me) nothing they've done sounds exactly like the other. Too many artists try to find success when their first song charts at the top, so they make the same kind of song over and over again. Nu'est doesn't do this, which makes them so much higher in my esteem. So, keep going Nu'est, you really are AWESOME!

I just love them! Every one of their songs is a song that I really like! When I'm listening to their albums I don't skip any songs. And I also love how they are really close to each other! And they don't seem so idol-like. We fans can really relate to them. Some bigger artists feel so distant but NU'EST feels like they are right next to you. They have this family-like feel to them which I love! NU'EST is just a K-pop band, they are a family!

I absolutely love them! I think Aron is so cool, JR rapping is awesome, Baekho has an amazing voice and I also like Minhyun but Ren is my favourite, He can dance, sing and he is GORGEOUS! I love FACE and Sleep Talking, I even practice the dances to their music videos. I just love them to bits and can't stop listening to their songs. But Ren... Fangirling over the thought! They are awesome, I love them, hope they continue to make brilliant songs and keep up they shockingly good looks!

NU'EST is the best. NU'EST number 1♥ We are L.O. /. E and we love NU'EST. NU'EST fighting! Accidentally opened iTV (1 kpop music channel of Vietnam) I saw "Face" of NU'EST. It's amazing how! From dancing to the song, their music and they style it's so amazing.. I never ​​impression on so, I never interested in any one kpop group. And immediately I was look for information in the Internet about Nu'est, Nu'est is wonderful. The most impressive to me is Ren, when watching the mv "Face", I was wondering "weird, kpop group have 1 single female member! ". Now I think it so funny. Ren owns of great beauty, which is why I was attracted. I hope Nu'est will come to Vietnam!. We will always support NU'EST in everywhere! NU'EST fighting!

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11 Infinite

Whether you like them for their music, dancing, variety, acting, or everything about them overall, Infinite is a solid Korean group full of strengths. They've been active for quite a number of years now, and they are still going strong, thanks to their loyal fanbase and strong bonds between the members. To me, their music is unique and always enjoyable; their songs follow a different sound than those that are mainstream now, and I really enjoy how different that sound is. Infinite has done a great job being consistent with that sound. Their concerts and performances will always satisfy and it's great how they pride themselves so much on giving a great performance to their fans. They have their own passions and pursue them as well. Infinite's fan service and genuine love for their fans is also very apparent and strong. Every two years since their debut, they've been having their That Summer Concerts and INFINITE Rallies to spend time with their fans, and each year, their appreciation ...more

INFINITE members all have different talents. Woohyun has a powerful vocals and he knows how to control it. Sunggyu has a great voice. Both Dongwoo and Hoya can rap, sing, and dance. And they can do all three amazingly. Sungyeol has a good voice, although he's not given that much lines. Myungsoo has a unique voice that'll melt U.Sungjong has a good voice and can dance girl group dances better than you, probably. As a group, they're super duper mega ultra amazing. They also have great personalities that'll make you fall for them even more.

I do not know Korean music before, and do not know any idol. When I first heard the Infinite song and Woohyun's voice, I immediately decided that this was good music and beautiful sound. Until now I've never listened to other boygroup music, I think it's not necessary for me. Because I've been listening to the best boygroup music ever, yes they're Infinite. I spend time searching and listening to their songs, I'm getting addicted. I'm not making it up, their songs are actually songs and have a regular rhythm and are enjoyed with certainty. I'm not a person who can compare this and that, I enjoy it and I love it, and I've found the best kpop music is in Infinite. Their vocals and dances are unquestionable, and I'm not wrong choosing idols. Their personality is very realistic, complete, and sincere. I'm proud to be Inspirit, because I'm proud of Infinite. They really work hard, love each other and support, and most importantly they are seven nice men who love peace. As Infinite, that's ...more

Their music is awesome and unique! You'll never find another k-pop group with such a style of music! :) singing along as well as dancing to their songs require so much skill! I believe infinite deserve so much more credit for their actions! :( They work hard for us inspirits, putting up with all the stress and struggles but remain optimistic and brighter than any other k-pop group I've ever seen! I hope people will take notice of infinite more! I've been fans of shinee, bigbang, suju, ss501, beast, b1a4, boyfriend, exo, tvxq.. You name it! But infinite will always, always be my favourite. I love each of them so, so much and I hope for the best for them!


DBSK is the BEST! They should be #1. Sure, other groups might sometimes bring some stiff competition, but DBSK can never lose, and they WILL NEVER lose! They work so hard, and sing so well, how can any other team compare?! They are the best KPOP Boy Band I've ever known. And I too have other boy bands that I like, but they seriously are NO MATCH compared to DBSK (TVXQ, Tohoshinki, JYJ, etc. ) because DBSK is Authentic, You can't find another group like them again! Even other groups try to be like them (No offense) Creativity, Looks, Voice, They have 'em ALL! They always keep the faith, they really do. When they cry, our hearts hurt. Seeing them split up makes me wanna cry! The 5 of them were so Great! Hopefully, one day they can reunite, together as one again. As a DBSK & JYJ-Lover, I can never stand to see them apart. Kim Jaejoong, you-know Yunho, Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Max Changmin, they belong together! Because, when they combine, their music is INCOMPARABLE! No other band ...more

Best kpop boy band that EVER. Existed. Trust me I know a LOT of Kpop bands, but they are incredible. Just so talented. Did you see Yunho dance? Asia's dance machine. Just like that. They are the group that tries their BEST. Absolute BEST. They started Kpop in Japan by singing on the streets/stairs. Changmin couldn't dance at ALL at first. He practiced alone at midnight without anyone knowing. They practice singing while running on running machines so they can sing better at live. Look at their choreography. It's amazing. Seriously hard. They don't even pant a lot when they sing while dancing. Idol groups don't last that long. They had their debut at 2003. Yunho's family members didn't let him be a singer, so he had part-time jobs and did his best. They all started from the bottom of the seas, and now they're stars in the sky.

Best and #1 in my heart. I LOVE them. No other groups can replace them in my heart. Best boy band ever. Not only looks but their presence, and voice adds up to perfection. Each and every member is talented and have their own personalities. They are unforgettable. They are the only group that can SING with all the dancing and still sound good, better than the studio version. Cassiopeia will always be with you guys and be at your side, supporting you guys forever. Even with all the new groups that are debuting nowadays, you'll still and forever shine the brightest among them all. They cannot be compared. Always Keep The Faith.

TVXQ is the best, in terms of looks talent, the whole package and basically everything. TVXQ debuted when technology wasn't so advanced yet and they still did so well! They literally paved the way for the groups after them like Super Junior, SHINee, and EXO. Without TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee especially paving the way for them in Japan, and EXO probably wouldn't even be able to perform in Japan! Plus they harmonize so well! Each member has a role, there are no useless members, no offense to some other groups. They were legendary when they were 5 and still are, They will be legendary forever.

13 CN Blue

I love CNBLUE! They were hit with heavy criticism when they just debut but they pulled through it together as a group. The members are extremely talented not only in singing, playing instruments but also acting. However the thing I enjoy about the group most is the music they create. I love the fact that almost all their songs are self composed and written. Jonghyun's voice melts my heart, Yonghwa's voice is catchy and perfect for the rock sound. I love the fact that all 4 members have distinct looks and personalities but if you watch their interviews you can tell they really care about each other. CNBlue will be together for a very long time to come!

Jung Yong Hwa is one heck of a talented singer, musician and composer... He is a lead vocal that exudes charisma which is what is needed in a front man of a band... CNBLUE is a force to reckon with once Koreans stop stereotyping and just accept these good looking people are good musicians too.. They are young and yet accomplish a lot.. Just go first to their live stages and you will be convince immediately.. They have an interesting fandom too which is consist of not just crazy teenagers but one who actually appreciates their music... They are like the hidden card of kpop once fans gets bored with repeated overuse concept and start appreciating what real talent is...

I love them because they behave like the way all entertainer should. On variety show they are really funny, humble, and respond to everything naturally, not too much, so it's lovely to see. On stage they are very energetic and full of passion. I can't find a reason to not liking them, they have their own charm. YongHwa is the leader, he is the soul of the band, accompanied by the funniest JungShin. JongHyun is cool and manly, and MinHyuk is the cutest of all (he's my favorite because of his awkwardness). I love the ambience they create and the way they talk & joke around with each other. I wish I can always see them and their great bonding. CNBLUE, FIGHTING!

Seriously I don't know why the other groups can be the top than CNBLUE because the title we are discussing now is about the "band" but not the "group". So CNBLUE surely is the best band in South Korea, there is an amazing leader with awesome voice in their band, they are 3 younger brothers who are listening and giving effort and cooperation to their eldest brother who is also their leader, their music is amazing and they are the first band who is launching the world tour now. So, I don't think other "group" can fight with CNBLUE as a "band" in this discussion.

14 SS501

I love SS501 and I always will. They were the band that actually got me to fall in love with kpop. I have not found one song by them that I don't like which is not as much as I can say for other bands. I mean I do like other bands like Super Junior, Big Bang, 2NE1, Shinee and etc. But they will always be #1 in my heart. I think if they were to come back now once Kyu Jong comes back from the army then they would be at the top of the list. I am sad that they are not in the top 10 where they should be but the fact that they are in the top 20 proves to me that Triple S fans have not given up or forgotten them. They have proven how caring and talented they R. I think they are one of the closest groups I know. They will always be in our hearts and they will never be forgotten as long as people like Triple S exist!

SS501 is everything a group should be. Great vocals with a balanced blend of tones with a wide diversity. These guys are great to their fans and always try to evolve them in all their performances. They have also shown how down to earth and kind hearted they are by being involved in charity work which I admire the most about them. As a group or as individual singers they have proven time and again that they are powerful forces in K-Pop. SS501 is an all around world-class group.

I like everything in their performance - they deliver the songs (even if I don't understand the meaning but I feel the message) very well. Best of all is their brotherly and friendly relationship - supporting each other. They are very entertaining and humble. It's fun to watch the playfulness of Park Jung Min and his smile. I love the sweet and high pitch of Hoe Young Saeng. Kyu Jong has an angelic face and smile. Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Hyun Joong are both adorable and lovely. All of them have amazing and great voice. The credit of course goes to the Leader Kim Hyun Joong - he is the hub of the group. I just came to know them when they're no longer together but I support what they are doing now as they also need to have that individual identity but just like a family they are still the ss501 - forever.

SS501 for me is not your ordinary boy group. They have the talent and charisma, they bring great music, and they really have this dedication when it comes to their fans. I have this regret of knowing them just now but after watching all their past T.V. guestings and performances, I feel that I'm already a Triple S since their debut. I'll support them even when they're on individual activities right now.. But I really hope that they will come back again as one. I'll wait together with all the Triple S!


You KISS has been around for quite some time, but were overshadowed by their more more famous, popular counterparts-SHINEE, 2PM, etc...But they are a hidden gem among their other glittery music rivals. Their songs have improved greatly over the years, and they only get better. While their early MVs showed that they were still new, they had the charisma and the personalities that won over the hearts of many KissMes all over the world. Their upbeat pop tunes show off their slick dance skills, booming beats and charisma, but their ballads are to die for, showing off Soohyun and Hoon's vocal abilities. The group's rappers also make it a point to lend their singing voices, making it a beautiful team effort. They impressed me with their songs, which also have great meaning, and I will forever look back on that day when I first stumbled into the world of Kpop with their Japanese single Tick Tack. Forever a KissMe!

U-Kiss are hard-working, probably one of the most hardworking groups in all of K-Pop. Not only can they sing, dance, rap and act, but they can also speak various languages. That is why they are called, "Ubiquitous Korean International Super Stars". Their blood, sweat and tears go into every album they release. They are big internationally, but not as big in Korea, unfortunately. I'm a Kiss-me because I love their personalities and respect their talent and hard work.

For me U-kiss is the best, number one because, I know all of kpop groups are very hard-working, and talented, this group also had these kind of qualifications as being a kpop idols but two things I've seen to them that any kpop groups doesn't have this kind of personality.number one. They like one big family, they treat each other like brothers from one mother. And number two, the very important: they had very strong faith and fear to God our savior.

U-KISS is the reason why I start to listen to KPop.
Every member is important to me not just because I like there vocals and songs, but also because I like their personality. They truly love and support each other and also their fans.
They are always so energetic and do their best to make their fans happy. Because of U-KISS I also want to do my best -everywhere and every time.

16 Red Velvet

I love red velvet a lot! My favorite members are
1. Wendy, she have very unique vocals and has a high pitch part in every mv.
2. Seulgi, I didn't like 28 reasons but I love her vocals in every other song
3. Yeri, for most people she is their 5th favorite but I really think she deserves better.
4. Joy, She reminds me of ChickenJoy, She loves chicken and she is named Joy.
5. Irene, I don't really know much about her.

Yes! I was really hoping red velvet would be on this list. They are the best Km pop group ever. (In my opinion) Seulgi and Wendy are the best vocals and Irene is great at rapping. Joy and yeri are the best dancers too! And they still have to 2010's weird core concept! Its very hard to find that in K-pop now.

Red Velvet is the best!

Wendy our main vocal will dominate someday the music charts with her soulful singing.

Seulgi will be known for her dancing skills and singing skills all round Kpop.

Irene will star in the latest dramas. Her face will blow you away.

Joy will be leading the next generation's maknaes. She's very talented!

Red Velvet is the best! Clearly very talented!

Red Velvet should be number 1. Its just 2ne1 and SNSD that get a lot of attention, they are good, but red velvet is better because their songs are relatable and catchy, and better vocals.

17 T-ara

I love their style! I love how they act in their music videos and on stage. When they're dancing, they act like they're the best and I can feel their confidence from behind a screen. I mean a lot of groups preform confidently like that, but T-ara does it the best by far. All I can think when I watch them preform is "THEY'RE SO COOL! "

I think T-ara has the best songs. Everybody's saying they only like Roly Poly or Cry Cry or Lovey Dovey, but those are their most popular songs. Some of their best songs are the ones with less than a million views or are the ones that are really good.
In my opinion, I think T-ara has the best rappers in the korea. They're all so fast! And they rap with a style, It has a nice melody to it and a lot of girl rappers rap without emotion.
D their dances are so cool! Have you seen the dance for Lovey-Dovey? All the shuffling and moon-walking and Running man..

And T-ara works REALLY hard. They've had like 4 comebacks in one year and they ...more

T-ara has been a sensation. They have shown a lot with their different personalities and abilities. As a group I believe that they have grown to become one of the leading representatives of Korea's music industry.

What makes them special is their ability to change their concept any time but would always keep their quality of music at the top. This is why they are called by some people as chameleons of the entertainment industry

Boram, Soyeon, Qri, Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hwayoung and the newcomers Ahreum and Dani will surely continue to grab everyone's attention in the future with their synchronized dances and uplifting songs that will be remembered forever by the people.

Queens and everybody else will come to see a miracle that is T-ara.

Love their songs and choreography. They are unique and different. They are always beautiful, hardworking and the best.
I will always believe their ability!
T-ara Fighting! Queens will always stand beside you!

I love T-ara so much. They are my angels Jiyeon is my bias and my ultimate bias. I love everything about them: their personality, their songs, their dances. They were the ones who introduced me to kpop and still my favorite band. I still remember when they cried in bodakhan concert, because QUEEN'S stoop by them and supported them. My angels I love you so much.


Whenever I think of BEAST, millions of words run through my head. But one word definitely fits them, perfection. I know that nobody's perfect, and I know they may not be the best around the world, but for me and my fellow B2uties, they are the only one. I love how they strived hard to reach their dreams, I love how they are so passionate about music, I love how they are so humble whenever they are complimented, I love how they try so hard to get better when, for me, their already the best, to put it simply I love them. I may not be Korean, and I sometimes wonder what they're singing but just hearing the sound of their voices, no matter what the song is about, I feel happy and calm and I forget all the problems I have. Thank you, BEAST. Hwaiting!

They can sing and dance such a variety of songs...They all have distinct voices, always sing live, can all dance...Sincerely, I don't think they have the pressure to look a certain way, as the members voluntarily seem to want to have a specific body type or/are comfortable with their own. They are so sweet to fans, and they have worked so so much to get to where they are. Junhyung writes most of the songs and raps smoothly, yoseob has a great sweet voice, hyunseung has a powerful voice and dance moves, kikwang also has a distinct voice that seems to perfectly in his parts of the songs and can also dance greatly...doojoon can sing and also rap, and dogwoon, has a unique powerful voice too. They are very humble, and seem very down to earth. They don't try to be someone who they aren't on camera and are very passionate in what they do.

I like beast so much not only because they look good and stuff like that etc. But because they are very hard working and very talented. Also each member has a very unique personality and the best part is they don't pretend to be someone their not, they just show their real personality to everyone, be it being goofy or how emotional they could be at times even being childish. That's the cute side of them. And more importantly they are very kind to their fans. And I am very touched on how much they give importance and appreciation to the support they get from their fans. Although I have just become a fan recently for about a month ago, It all started when I watched their MV "Beautiful Night" I was so amazed on their performance plus the song was really nice so in an instant I became their fan. Right now I could say that I am officially a B2UTY and I am proud to be one... So BEAST! For me BEAST is the BEST kpop group ever! :))

B2st is the best group to me. There are a lot of groups composed by several members but only few of them are talented. This isn't the case of B2ST. All of the 6 members can dance and sing well. Their songs are beautiful and approach different genres: from rocktronic, to dance, to ballads. They can do everything. Their choreographies are amazing, catchy, not banal or ordinary. Obviously each member has his own quality: DooJoon, is a great leader, committed, serious when working, but always funny :). He can sing, dance and rap. - HyunSeung sings very well and he's a great dancer! - JunHyung, is the rapper, a great rapper who can sing and dance as well! - Yoseob, his voice is amazing I think there's nothing else to say. He has talent in dancing too. - Kikwang, good dancer and good singer - DongWoon, I think he has a beautiful voice! As all members he can dance. They are all intelligent, funny but at the same time concentrate in their work!

19 B.A.P

B.A. P is so talented and hardworking! A lot of their songs are NOT about love. I mean, love is great but that's all songs are about, these days. a lot of idols/celebrities donate money, but B.A. P actually donated money in the name of their fandom (babys)! Even though they're incredibly sweet, their songs are what make me like them even more. Some of their songs are about standing up for what you believe in and getting up when you fall down. You may think I'm pathetic for standing up for people I don't personally know, but... I am pathetic. Haha.

B.A. P is an amazing group! They create such amazing powerful music that make you want to dance and also have really sad meaningful songs that will bring out so much emotion in you. They are a golden group! Daehyun and Youngjae are one of the best singers in the industry and have amazing rappers that you won't be able to find in any other band. Don't forget they are also really strong dancers! They are obviously one of the best dance groups out there.

I absolutely adore BAP and I really respect their passion for music. They have a variety of songs of all different genres and it shows their versatility as artists. They are very talented and a lot of their songs are actually composed by them- and I love the fact that they have creative freedom as artists and how their songs are always so deep and meaningful. They are truly an amazing group in all aspects.

BAP has completely altered my "Favorite List". I'm a fan of all kpop groups... After all, kpop changed my life. Since kpop, my life has really shaped up and I can honestly see clearer now. To say that I have an actual "Ultimate Favorite" is something. When BAP entered my life, I was ecstatic. Such a group... I swear! They're so diverse and beyond talented! I was completely entranced by their songs, too. They were strong. You could FEEL the emotion. Not only that, but their voices were amazing. And then I saw them on "TA-DAH! It's BAP! " Haha! & Their personalities were so cute! I couldn't help but fall even more in love with them! Not only do these boys have talent, but they have such pure and warm personalities. That's the other thing: I love how we are able to see all these different sides to BAP. They are a lot of things. And a BABY, I will always support them no matter what. I have the utmost respect for BAP and I hope to one day be able to actually see and talk to them, but I'm ...more


Hongki has one of the best voices in KPOP, if not the best, and the fact that he's in a band with four more sexy, amazingly talented members makes FTISLAND forever one of my favourite bands. As they're the band that brought me into KPOP I may sound a little bias when I say I see the most potential in them to create absolutely breathtakingly beautiful tracks. The fact that they remain unknown compared to other bands due to lack of publicity their company gives them irritates me to no end, as such an amazing band shouldn't be kept in the dark. It's almost sad for everyone who hasn't listened to their music, for it has so much beauty to offer. They are all so so talented, and not to mention downright hot, and their personalities make them all the more loveable. They are the most down to earth KPOP idols I've come across, they're almost so blunt and human like compared to the other gods of KPOP that calling them idols is weird for me. Jonghoon and Hongki will forever be my biases but ...more

The are not just amazing in making records the are just as amazing at preforming live. It will blow your mind how good the are, Hongki's voice are the clearest most powerful I ever heard live. And the are all gorgeous good looking have great charms, and you can't help to fall for them. The are amazing and I wish them a good future.

Ft island is the best. They inspire me through all their song. Talent, enthusiasm, passion... They have all. I love them, love the way they cheer me up and make my heart melting. Ft island fighting! They deserve all the best things because of their dedication for the music of the world in general and kpop in particular...

FT Island is a really good band. They have true personality, dorky behaviour and really supreme voice plus looks. Each and every member is unique and have their own talent. What matter most is that they are a band that plays instruments. I love Seunghyun.

21 2PM/2AM

I am a HOTTEST myself and I love them! Almost every album they came out with was very successful getting number 1 on the Asian iTunes Charts or just getting constant wins on Music Bank or Inkigayo! The Japenese albums they came out with almost everyone of them was performed at Tokyo Dome, which only the most successful KPOP idols in Japan can perform at. Other fandom a bash on them and I don't like it. Look how hard they worked to get here and so did the other KPOP idols like SHINee and Big Bang. They train hard and they sometimes stay up all night just to get their singing right or just to practice dancing! I bet no other KPOP idol can speak 6 languages like Taecyeon, 5 languages like Nichkhun, 4 languages like Jun K. , 3 languages like Junho, or 2 languages like Chansung and Wooyoung! Please listen to their songs and keep supporting them till the end and I hope they will never ever disband like other idol groups! I love you 2PM and I will always be a HOTTEST and support you guys ...more

Its been a while since I got into Kpop music but couldn't consider myself a fan yet. But then came 2PM like a breathe of fresh air, and their personalities along with their amazing songs turned me into a HOTTEST in no time. They are not just amazing artists, but beautiful human beings as well. Nichkhun is my favorite though. 2PM is one of the most talented k-pop groups, if not THE MOST. So, its your loss if you're not aware of them or their songs. Go check them out, you won't regret it.

Yes, I think what makes them so amazing is that not only are they amazing dancers, singers and performers, but they have amazing chemistry with each other, closer than brothers, which makes them the 2 most entertaining groups on k-pop. This is obviously true, because 2pm have their own show - "the 2pm show" to show their hilarity.

2pm might not be as popular as exo or some other bands nowadays. maybe its because they haven't had some big events going on or things like that. as a 2pm fan I might be biased, but I believe that they are the best. my love faded for them quite a bit after exo and bap debuted but after a while I went to watch all their music videos again before they released "grown" and I fell in love with them all over again. can't you see their passion in their eyes? I'm not saying exo or suju don't have it, it's just that if you listen to their music you know yourself that they always try their best, and that music is their life. 2pm, if you ever see this, my friends nowadays are saying that you guys are getting out of the "good kpop band" zone, and I need to prove them wrong. please come back soon with a great album, better than all the previous one, something that will blow their minds

22 Twice Twice is a South Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment through the 2015 reality show Sixteen.

My favorite kpop bands are Blackpink and Twice! I love Twice so so much, and their song One In A Million is my favorite song by them! I also find them really funny, and so amazing to their fans and other people. My biases are Jihyo and Sana! LOVE YOU TWICE!

"Cheer up baby! Cheer up baby! " I love twice so much I almost got down all the choeography of their song ohh ahh, I love that song so much and Sana I so prety she kind of reminds me of Jungkook from BTS! And Momo is so good at dancing I look up to her so much!

What the heck they should be top 10 and besides their new song cheer up is the beat of all.

I love Twice
they made me realize that my opinion about kpop before is wrong. I used to think kpop suck but after I listen to twice I start to love them


They are really hard working and super cute and super funny. Their choreography and songs are truly on of a kind. All five of them has this amazing and special talent that makes them who they are but all together they're the most talented, cutest, funniest, hottest, hard working, sexiest and most honest group I've ever seen. They're not afraid to show who they truly are and they always never forget to smile and show their love to their fans even though they're tired, sleepy or just want to faint. They're strong!

MBLAQ is the best and they are WAYY underrated, they all are passionate about music and do their best! And they all have different personalities, Joon-Muscle bimbo, Mir- Mischief maker, Cheondung (thunder)- Dara's younger brother and is the octopus prince, G.O fur hyung (had a mustache, used to be in a trio called Tykeys with amazing voices, and Seungho- leader, competitive, has dark circles (called panda because of that) They also are HILARIOUS! How? To find out watch MBLAQ's Sesame Player (hilarious! ), Hello Baby (cute and hilarious! ), and some of their songs are This is war, Smoky girl, and No love. And their CEO is Rain Bi, Enjoy! These are the reasons why MBLAQ is unique, and the best!

MBLAQ is the best! They are kindhearted, they love their fans, they are HILARIOUS! All of their songs are different for example, this is war is a song that is filled with emotion and anger while their new song smoky girl is upbeat, and has a club feeling to it! They all have different personalities too, Seungho is the leader and is responsible, GO is a clean freak and has an awesome laugh, Cheondung acts cute, Joonie is known as the muscle bimbo because he is well. A bimbo haha and Mir acts all hyper then becomes quiet he's known as the mischief maker. Either way they are all DAEBAK! A+ fighting! ^_^

THEY are really GREAT!

If I'm going to describe them in one word, then it'll be PERFECT.

It's not the 'perfect word' that only did good things but a 'perfect word' that for sure EVERYONE will loves. Once you get to them you can't ever leave again. That's what they are. Once you love them, you'll love them and fall deeper and deeper as you knows a lot about them, how dorky they are etc. And how HONEST they are about everything.

These guys, MBLAQ, I really really (to the infinite times) LOVE THEM and they'll be my #1 group, MY ONE and ONLY Biased group. I'll love them FOREVER and EVER, I'll be there FOREVER fan.

Especially Joon oppa! I love this man ♥_♥

MBLAQ Hwaiting! Saranghae ♥

24 Exo-M

I'm not Asian so I don't understand the language, but I still love them so much! Their songs are really, really, catchy (check out 'MAMA'! ) and the members all have a lot of personalities and good looks, especially Tao and Chen!

I love exo m especially lay and luhan.. Exo m an exo k is the best ever..

I love this band, my third favorite. Especially Kris oppa. So sad he left. I also like Lulu and Lay.

I vote Luhan because he is very cute and handsome.
He was very amazing to dance, too.

25 Dreamcatcher

Multitalented members with great personalities, unique concept of rock style music, amazing side tracks of all genres, beautiful music videos with storyline, great bond with their fans; a group on the rise to the top!

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