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1 Kung Fu Panda 2

Please Come Back Lord Shen!

You need to have a spin-off where you found redemption and you live in Japan!

You adopted a child.

Please give Lord Shen a spin off movie where he survives after Kung Fu Panda 2

Love the movie for one reason... LORD SHEN!

Lord shen will you marry me

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2 Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda is the best movie of the three. Tai Lung is by far the best villian and it has the best action scenes

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3 Kung Fu Panda 3

This one was the best in the whole series, it was epic.

This movie was much better than the first two ones! - darthvadern

It's not even out yet!

I don't really know why I love this one so much, but the villian Kai was epic, but Lord Shen was still better, but Kai had the coolest weapons like the green knivies and the jade warriors, and the panda village was just EPIC! This is my second favorite movie of all time. - darthvadern

4 Kung Fu Panda Holiday
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