Top Ten Lame Excuses People Make to Not Learn Spanish

This is a list of all the excuses people have told me.

The Top Ten

The accents just confuse me.
I don't understand this whole ''usted'' and ''tú'' thing.

Well learn Spanish and you will understand it...

Isn't tú means you?

In Spain ''coger'' mean to grab but in Mexico it means ''to do the dirty deed.''

Yep, as a Spanish, I know that it will be hard to not make that mistake if I ever go do Mexico - Martinglez

I have never heard of that. - AnonymousChick

I can't thrill my R's.
It's impossible to move on.
I am too tired.
I'll never learn this vocabulary.
The grammar is too hard.
The slang is too confusing.

No manches. It's not that hard. - AnonymousChick

I'll watch Dora to learn Spanish

Tots T.V. 1990s preschool show the American version had Tilly speaking Spanish instead of French I read somewhere.

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Dialects stink!
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