Top Ten Lame Excuses People Make to Not Learn Spanish

This is a list of all the excuses people have told me.

The Top Ten

1 The accents just confuse me.
2 I don't understand this whole ''usted'' and ''tú'' thing.

Isn't tú means you? - BorisRule

Well learn Spanish and you will understand it... - ToptenPizza

3 In Spain ''coger'' mean to grab but in Mexico it means ''to do the dirty deed.''

Yep, as a Spanish, I know that it will be hard to not make that mistake if I ever go do Mexico - Martinglez

I have never heard of that. - AnonymousChick

4 I can't thrill my R's.
5 It's impossible to move on.
6 I am too tired.
7 I'll never learn this vocabulary.
8 The grammar is too hard.
9 The slang is too confusing.

No manches. It's not that hard. - AnonymousChick

10 I'll watch Dora to learn Spanish

Tots T.V. 1990s preschool show the American version had Tilly speaking Spanish instead of French I read somewhere.

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11 Dialects stink!
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