Top Ten Best Mountains In the World

The world has a ton of mountain peaks. Many are snowy, many are rugged, many are dangerous. But which ones are the best? This list will explain it all.
The Top Ten
1 Mount Everest

If you got to the summit, you could pretend you were Jimmy Cagney and say the immortal line from the end of his movie White Heat - "Made it to the top of the world, Ma". How cool is that? Except, of course, he then got blown up, I think. That would not happen on Everest because there is no big gas/oil tank on top.

Mind you, an oxygen cylinder could explode, I suppose.

Tallest mountain in the world. On a clear day, you could get a great view of it. It would be practically impossible to try to reach the top with all that wind, the cold air, and the elevation.

But if you were able to, you should scream out: "I'm the king (or queen if you are a female) of the world!"

2 Denali

Tallest mountain in North America. The name was changed to Denali, but you can still call it Mount McKinley. This mountain has a rugged landscape, is great for hiking and skiing, and getting great views of Alaska!

If you hike to the top sometime, once you're at the top, you should scream out: "Hellooo, North America!"

3 Mont Blanc

Tallest mountain in the Alps and the European Union. It's a very interesting mountain. It is very rugged, has great skiing areas, and would be interesting to view Europe if you reach the top.

4 K2

Second tallest mountain in the world. This mountain has a very interesting name and is very similar to Mount Everest. Both are impossible to hike, are very high in elevation, and very cold. But the mountain itself is very beautiful.

I heard it was harder to climb than Mount Everest. It's also in Pakistan.

5 Mount Kilimanjaro

Tallest mountain in Africa. This volcano is very interesting. It has a very interesting shape, unlike any other volcano you would normally see.

6 Mount Whitney

Tallest mountain in California and the Contiguous United States. It's a very beautiful and interesting mountain to look at. You get to ski, go on great hikes, and camp near the mountain.

You know what I thought was interesting? California is home to the highest and lowest point in the Lower 48. But I guess most people had known about that already.

7 Mount Rainier

Tallest mountain in Washington. Mount Rainier is a very interesting volcano. It's very tall compared to the very low areas in the rest of the state. When you are in Seattle, the volcano seems very tall since you are close to sea level.

8 Aconcagua

Tallest mountain outside of Asia. This mountain is very dry but has a very interesting landscape. It's very rugged and is a great place for hiking.

9 Mount Logan

This may not be the largest mountain, but it is wilder than all of the other mountains on this list (besides Denali). It is the tallest in Canada and is the number one sight in Yukon. It is a home for grizzlies, black bears, and giant Canadian moose. It is the second tallest in North America after Denali.

Tallest mountain in Canada. It's very beautiful there, and it's always snow-capped and rugged. You can take hikes, ski at many different areas close to Mount Logan, etc.

10 Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is a splendid mountain, hidden in the Italo-Swiss valleys. The mountain's so iconic and beautiful with amazing views of both countries.

The Contenders
11 Mount Olympus
12 Mount Disappointment
13 Mount Elbrus

Tallest mountain in Russia and all of Europe. It's very similar to Mont Blanc. Both have a rugged landscape and have many areas to ski and hike.

14 Machapuchare
15 Andes
16 Mount Shasta
17 Mount Fuji (Japan)
18 King's Peak
19 Mount Snowdon
20 Mount Ruapehu
21 Paektu Mountain
22 Kangchenjunga
23 Mount Taranaki
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