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1 Spanish

I live in the US and learned spanish in school. I can totally see how useful it is to some people, although it has been nearly useless to me personally, since the majority of the people I interact with are actually Chinese or Indian language speaking. Learning Chinese would have been a better choice in my situation, but given the amount of Spanish speakers in the US and in the world, I can see how useful it is. - UncleDolan

It's a amazingly useful language to learn. Especially if you live in the U.S. there language is also very fun to speak.

I like to learn Spanish

Easy to learn since my parents speak it. - Pegasister12

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2 French

For the beauty of the language and it's utility. After all it's the most influential language after English since English replaced French as the lingua franca. In fact French is not harder, it's more a stereotype, and learn French is always impressive. - lili117

Another Romantic language, this one is a little hard in the beginning but you will get used to it. You will master this language. - Pony

What do you mean language of love? French-speaking people sound like they have a cold!

Come on every girl (Other than me) Wants to go to Paris. So why not learn the language of love?

3 Mandarin

One of the many different Chinese languages, this is the most famous. - Pony

4 Estonian

Believe it or not, this isn't a hard language to learn. - Pony

5 Georgian

It's hard but satisfying to master. - Pony

6 Russian

I can't help it. I am American that loves Russia. The language is awesome and so is their food! It's a fun language and it would also be useful to learn.

Mandatory if you want to work at NASA

A great language to learn if you know Cyrillic. - Pony

7 German

It is again a useful language. Especially if you want to go to Europe. You could be in a Italian speaking country and the next thing you know... BOOM! Doitsu is here!

8 Lao

This is very hard to learn, but give it a shot and go for it. You might even master this one. - Pony

9 English

Most people in the world already know this language. But for those who don't, you'll have to master English in order to talk with a lot of people ( don't worry; English is pretty easy to master). - Pony

Its obviously gonna be in the top 3

I speak English. Always have and always will, and yes I know its fairly hard for people to learn but it's a good language. It's a useful language, a powerful language, and the(Or similar) letters are used in multiple different languages including Russian.

Duh most the world speaks this

Almost Evertonyone knows English. But if you don't, it's not very hard to speak. Like I am, say these words. Sun,board magazine,seat. And lots of other things. If you have a library,and there is a country section, try to find a English language book and you'll find lots of words. I think there is lots of words. Maybe over a million words!

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10 Italian

It is a very good language to learn, and I enjoy learning and speaking it. - PositronWildhawk

One of the Romantic languages, this one is a decent challenge to master. - Pony

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11 Hindi

Over a billion people can speak and understand this language - jimmy12lee

12 Chinese

China has one of the best economies in the world. They have a ton of people, amazing culture and their language is amazing! It would be a useful language to learn and the words are also fun to say!

13 Korean

I personally think this language would be fun to learn. KPOP that is all.

14 Arabic

This needs to be higher. Although it is difficult, it is spoken in most of the Middle East and North Africa. Extremely useful language.

Arabic is spoken pretty all over the Middle East therefore a really good language to learn.

15 Dutch

Not a lot of people around the world speak it (25-30 million? ), but when you try to speak it in Holland, people really appreciate it. Plus, Dutch people (or people with Dutch backgrounds) are all over the world!

16 Latin

Latin is a dead language, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't learn it. Very easy to master, as many English words comes from Latin. - Pony

Think about what the Romance languages and Spanish is derived from

17 Japanese

I just love Japanese. From the voices to the fun words, to the songs just everything about it is amazing!

And admit, the country of Japan is just amazing.

The best Asian language than others.

18 Persian

I just love it and I think anyone interested in Literature and Poem,should learn Persian

This is spoken in a few countries. It is not just Iran, but variations of it are spoken in Afghanistan (Dari) and Tajikstan (Tajik).

19 Finnish

One of the hardest languages to learn.

20 Greek
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